Sibylle Malgiaritta

Once the taste to come. spread further the LEVISTA N also the clients, friends, and acquaintances. As a result, that LEVISTA N initially by car via the old Gotthard pass road in the Ticino was exported and found also the way to the consumer. “” Today, a logistics supplies company with high environmental standards – it is located in the vicinity of the source – daily “through word of mouth advertising clients in the whole Switzerland with our LEVISTA N and LEVISTA + O2, may supply practices, offices, SMEs and private households in the whole Switzerland”, so Jivan M. m Sanchez. A customer brought to Germany”the water even in your own car to well-known and friends, he tells further. Coming back on the small gourmet he tells, that the five-year girl, a longtime customer takes LEVISTA-N in the full-day kindergarten every day.

While the lunch where tap water is filled in jars on the tables is likes of the special water of the companion tasted therefore brings the girls at a few bottles more with and passionate sailors reported that they not want to waive on Lake their LEVISTA N and hence large bottles on board “LEVISTA-N and LEVISTA + O2: the water with added water with added value in particular its subtle details stands out.” In specially for the Acqua salute GmbH manufactured water crystal images are quality statements arose, the interested persons from all directions point to LEVISTA water is a superstar without airs and graces, whose value is unfortunately still too little appreciated or even fails to recognize is: the demands of a high-quality mineral water are enormous: for one it is to quench the thirst, have a pH in the range of the blood””, characterized by a small but balanced mineralisation and also light and easy to digest no belching be so after a meal “or even bloating occur”, so m Sanchez. Jivan M. m Sanchez, during years as a practitioner with NVS, Magnetopath, Radiesthetic and building biologist training successfully working and Sibylle Malgiaritta spared no effort to find the best base support of their branded LEVISTA-N and LEVISTA-O2: pure Swiss mineral water free of nitrates, a hydrogen carbonate for a balanced acid base budget with a pH of 7.3 (Basic) for the cooperation with the license bottler said the excellent water quality, also source one’s rights with a creation of over 400 liters of minute, as well as the favourable transport location iodine and heavy metals, as well as uranium, low in sodium Empire in the first place. The professional bottler and the perfection of the levitation machine guarantee the natural quality of LEVISTA-N and LEVISTA + O2 (with over 50 mg Medizinalsauerstoff share). The special water in 0.5 and 1.5 litre non-returnable bottles and 12.4 and 19.0 liter returnable containers is available. This precious water dispenser in plastic and stainless steel are available.

Of the company Kontaktvoll is Germany’s most famous flirt coach Nina Deissler and working as a professional woman constantly for all major television networks, radio and the press. Dai: “a flirting course or a Flirtcoaching is not only a better flirt but generally one open-minded, make people happy and successful in all areas.” A great experience (not only) for singles.” And exactly these properties are also for the online dating at vlitter advantage, to find his soul mate. Flirt right is probably the most important single “to survive”. So the opinion of j. Schiemann the Managing Director of vlitter. with his new concept relies precisely on this “virtual flirt”.

The new online dating Portal focuses on the roots of the Internet dating. With his mainly practice-oriented but at the same time innovative approach, the portal sets itself apart from all other communities in the industry. The annoying paperwork with questions about the favorite color, hobbies and life wisdom vlitter users can be spared. “ is addressed in particular to people who want to do not like to fill out forms and tests, but just like to get to know someone: after all, eventually no one fills out any questionnaires, if he would like to meet someone in the pub”, explains Maria Klein, co-initiator of But also technically speaking, the new online dating platform goes other way than traditional portals. So in the trial procedure relies on the instrument of an auction and thus accelerated the efforts of its users to a rendezvous. Partner-seekers make profile including photo first without specifications according to your needs. After you imagine then in the context of an auction of the vlitter community.

Users have 30 days long time per bid, which consists of a proposal for the first rendezvous to the favour of the person in question to “compete”. “Above all creativity is needed here. Because a boring we-go get a cup of coffee – ranges definitely not out, impress and finally awarded to another person”, so the partnership expert. The auction model has also many advantages: firstly users need to deal in detail with each other. Mass mailings have no chance. On the other hand, there is no index corpses or so-called fakes. For more advance getting to know at can feel the candidate or tenderer chat with their object of desire”Exchange. This is however only until the auction duration has elapsed. Special feature of the vlitter chat: the history of conversations is logged and which can be read after all this time. Finally the user is awarded the contract, failed to impress the users the most. More information and registration see: Jorg Schiemann Villa Bellevue main road 14 CH-8280 Kreuzlingen E-Mail: Web:

Renata Metz

Suddenly, our conversation was ever broken, probably through what, nobody’d believe me anyway. Dive has my colleague experienced, experienced, working for almost 40 years in Office. The whole thing happened so fast that as soon he as he was in there, again was outside. Cat similar to handsome and at only 2 degrees outside and water temperature are shaking stood in front of us. Yes, well, now whats good advice expensive, or so I thought. But how, an old Hare never gives up. Dry clothes borrowed from the observer, were then turned the heater of our T 4 on full bottle and what then came, it brought me to the throw away. He made himself naked in the car, and there hung up his wet clothes to dry.

Unfortunately the Windows of the car were so quickly that this magnificent sight not long I granted was. And the second, the third, sure, I could not long enjoy this naked truth has. He was always between me and the vehicle and blocked me hence the interesting views. That was so and the coronation of all is still, it should anyone know what happened to him outside. So you could not go back without delivering the complete program.

What do you mean, the measure had to be made yet and the well awaited closing time moved far away. Well and when we were finally on the way home, was me timpani default drummed up, to keep this story for me. The workers promised to tell anyone of the events high and Holy. Yes, he not promised, but I yet and at an evening with my trusted colleague I had to give everything to the best cigarette, every small detail, I have nothing forgotten or left out, and we both laughed to tears. Much like she found on the detailed descriptions of his naked male beauty. Renata Metz

Claudia Jaschke

Third, you have no reason to be nervous, because you know what’s coming and are well prepared. In any case, avoid nervous playing around with the Ballpoint pen, your working documents or your clothes, which irritated and acts unprofessional. Tip 5: talk is gold. Not elegantly hold back in the interview and don’t think that your partner knows everything about you. Show what is in you. Tell enthusiastically about examples, precise facts and figures, achievements, highlights, project details.

Ever more detailed, the better. So: I didn’t do it dispo… “, but I have incorporated the disposition for 120 trucks and 140 drivers with a small team, I am specialized in European traffic, since I have planned thanks to my three foreign language virtually all countries also Benelux and the Northern States, and of course Eastern Europe.” It has been really fun!” That sounds good, or? Tip 6: understate is also a lie. But: You do not bluff, notice the personnel manager. Call not managing director if you have worked in a two-man operation. They call themselves not project manager /, if you not employees have done.

And: you do not adorn themselves with the successes of others. Overdoing it is a lie. But note: Untertreiben is also a lie. Who says not in the interview what he can and important achievements and abilities of false restraint was hiding, the lying as well. It hurt not only themselves, but also the personnel manager, because this can not recognize that he has a competent, experienced employees faced. Do not position your light under a bushel! Logistic people – part 1 media contact tips for applicants: logistic people GmbH wife Claudia Jaschke farm road 118, 64546 Morfelden-Walldorf phone: + 49 (6105) 9767-284 fax: + 49 (6105) 9767-25 E-Mail: Web: logistic people is staffing companies in the logistics sector. We are the right partner for candidates who are looking for a professional perspective. With know-how, contacts, knowledge and a holistic concept of mediation and training advice, support, and we will support you on the Way to the new job. Logistic people is represented in Hamburg, Bremen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Offenburg and Munich.

High Quality Baby Monitor

Guardians or those who still are there, have an enormous choice baby accessories. In addition to the right stroller, the cradle or the appropriate table for wrapping exists still a huge range of accessories for the baby. An important accessory, on which further and further, guardian trust is the well-known baby monitor. Because babies and children spend most of the day with loving Snooze, some parent to buy a baby monitor. Such a monitor is ideal to oversee the small worm during the Nickerchens or to keep more in your ear.

Countless species are also working as radio devices. Cries of babies are exchanged between two or more mobile phones. The value and the benefits of each model vary greatly. The transmission is depending on the quality. A very special model offers to the company Angelcare. The baby monitor by Angelcare delivered namely not only cries of babies but also jarring.

That’s why a sensor pad under the covered Mattress each vibration of the child. The sensor pad is so sensitive that it captured also the breathing of the baby. The breath of the child for more than 20 seconds should be not to hear the baby monitor by Angelcare alarm immediately. Therefore, can parent sleep to the baby in the next room without hesitation. You can set the the baby monitor by Angelcare but also so that only cries of babies or only shocks should be collected. You can specially adapt it needs. Because the baby monitor is completely free of electrical or magnetic fields, you can apply calms it. That’s why it has completed very well among others at the oko-Test school grade. The baby monitor by Angelcare and a few other types are available in baby stores or on the Internet. Before you buy such a phone, one should either extensively consult or read a few reports of tests in advance. You did this, nothing at all is buying a baby more in the way. You have to rethink just yet, how much you want to invest. With these monitors range from inexpensive to very expensive. A baby has more functions, the more expensive it will be usually also. Also the production and the choice of substances play a huge position in the realization of the price eventually. Lena Marie

The Airtrim

Truly a class Performance in this area has come up is really something mares and an I won’t say perfect system. But let us open the door there and us surprise in the future, what the mares still so everything presented to us forge. Only shortcoming in this area is perhaps that the origin Sport AT has Mrs. bags plus any additional Trimblei, what but anyway not bothered me, I had always a super location with the jacket under water. Airtrim system but we now come to the main feature of the mares origin Sport AT.

The AT is ultimately the mares jacket for the Airtrim system. Admittedly, I was skeptical in the beginning when I had the jacket with the Airtrim SystemMares Airtrim system for the first time in the hand. The keys for the loading and venting of the jacket were relatively sluggish. But far from it is a pneumatic system, so let’s bottle it and pressure hunted on the whole story. And see that the keys are perfectly simple and easy to use. But how will be under water, I could hardly wait.

So purely in the clothes and off we go. But what can I say? The oversized control unit was also under water immediately to reach and super easy to use. The upper button leaves air in the jacket inside, and the lower button of the control unit of the origin opens sports AT the shoulder valve and that under air discharge valve at the same time, so that no matter which location I just had the air on each case could escape. How was this keep with inflator to the highest point? Snow yesterday. I had thick gloves on this dive because it was still somewhat colder in the Lake. Also to read the dimensierten really oversized buttons of the Airtrim control unit very easy use. What happens when I get situation which reasons also always in one without air? The Airtrim system works only under pressure? This also have the mares Ibrahim kidney the Airtrim system of origin sports AT MRS plus cleverly solved. For the manual air inlet, a small tube directly from the side pocket is removable, which I then the jacket with the mouth can blow up. In addition I can sport manually by a cord to the right shoulder belt escape the air out of the quick-release valve of course also at the origin for the case that but once something is not working as it should be. Conclusion: It is really a dream with the Airtrim system to diving, but must not remain a dream. Because the mares Airtrim system there really, and it works perfectly. For my case, I will use the Inflatorjacket only for training and demonstration in the future. For my private fun – dives, I’m the mares origin Sport AT MRS plus with Aitrim system no longer take! Try it, you will be convinced of the Airtrim system just like me. Closing times of the inflator, the Airtrim is the present and the future. Once you visit this online article on the Internet at the world of diving on author: Ralf Patzelt

(Online article) – Hamburg composer getting amazing feedback from a woman who has awakened their lullabies CD out of the coma with the help. The composers Nico Bizer and Lars Joseph by Petra k. from Munich got amazing feedback. The Moto educator whose successful lullabies CD dream Kusschen “for your parents-child courses used without suspecting that these songs for her would itself soon get a very special meaning. Early last year Petra was tipped over k and located in a coma for two months.

My girlfriend had the idea to play me the dream Kiss headphones”, Petra reported K. and behold, my levels were now better and the songs have also helped to bring me back. I can remember even individual lyrics and melodies! Since about 2 months I am working again and again successfully put the CD in my courses a.”that was of course a real surprise for us”, says Nico Bizer. Although the CD for children was composed, get We to numerous letters from parents and older people who also listen to our songs, to shed the stress of everyday life. This calming effect seems to actually work in a wide variety of cases. Moreover we are very happy.” Already last year, the two Hamburg-based composers on request two parents had composed a song for their seriously ill child. In the hope that this song may donate also others in similar situations of strength and comfort, they provide it now in consultation with the parents on its website as a free download. Nico Bizer

Contract Negotiations

Good negotiations bring all parties an advantage. Good negotiations bring all parties an advantage. Find compromises but not fight for every penny. The workers should be satisfied with its content and the workers need to know that he paid no exorbitant price for new employees. It is important that you be let across the table, nor are too stubborn in the negotiations. Try to find the middle ground to satisfy the common interests. Stay fair! Try to negotiate bids concept at the Harvard University. This leaves neither winners nor losers, but creates a result from which both sides benefit.

As an example: Two sisters fight over an orange, one wants to squeeze juice, the other a cake Bake from the shell. So, they share the orange in the Middle, because they see only the positions (“I want as much as possible of the orange!”). When looking at the interest both to 100 percent would have can be satisfied: one through the whole orange peel, the others by the entire pulp. Not every negotiation must end with a result. There is no obligation of the consensus.

You will find no common ground, right off the bat is a second round in the game. This to do his homework of course in the meantime. Who wants to successfully negotiate needs to know what he wants! What will be achieved? What are the options? Where are the limits? You must take the interests of the other also seriously and accept other viewpoints. To prepare, you can for example Their interests name and weight. You can check in the market about the average salaries the salary negotiations for job interviews. Listen actively. Accept the opinions of the person. You should do power struggles. You give up too early and his you neither submissive nor arrogant. See more information about the subject of applications application sample letter Daniel Jordi


(Online article) – the button in the ear – latest generation: more life quality hearing AIDS cannot replace a healthy ear. But they are increasingly better able to compensate for an existing hearing loss. Modern hearing systems allow listening experiences, which they dared to dream barely ten years ago. With great dedication, was and is working on the task, to improve speech intelligibility, especially in noise. In addition, perceiving could be improved by warning signals and ambient sounds. Each hearing aid contains a microphone, amplifier, and receiver. The vibrations are converted and returned on the receiver (speaker) as amplified acoustic signal from the microphone.

The big box or handheld devices have become obsolete in the age of miniaturization. Hearing of the latest generation use powerful microchips. Thus, the analog electrical voltage signal from the microphone is digitized. These data will be like in a computer processed. They return via the handset then as audible to the ear.

Simpler models can be manually adjusted, others are digital programmable. There are also fully digital hearing instruments, the man either in the or is behind the ear. The hearing aid’s on strike, so the hearing aid dealer takes over the maintenance and repair. Sometimes, just the battery must be changed. fn/lps

Marathon & More In Cuba Will Be

In November 2009 after the marathon in Havana Havana on November 15, 2009 the MARABANA 23 “is an unforgettable experience special trips in this historic city. In previous years, runners from more than 50 countries with high summer temperatures on the 21 km long circular route have gone. “You on the waterfront seawall on the Atlantic goes along, by the modern” Havana, past the Hotel Nacional and over the course of the revolution, and through the historic “neighborhoods with its beautifully renovated colonial buildings. On the eve of this impressive run, can be played as a half-marathon, participants experience the run feast Maracuba”. In Havana and throughout the country over 1 million people take part in this sports festival.

And of course also visit to Havana is worth a trip to Cuba. The fun-loving metropolis, which can look back on a history of almost 500, offers visitors architectural jewels, art exhibitions and museums, live music in almost all restaurants as well as open minded people who enjoy encounters with tourists. Dance – and music-loving participants find a matching event in all parts of the city for them. And some extend their stay to Cuba in the following week, then at the international Salsafestival Baila en”to take part. The Cuba specialist Dieter Spath offers again in 2009 several special trips to Havana for runners and accompanying persons. The experience can be meet Marathon in Havana from 794 euros.

Tours allow participants to customize the duration of the stay and the travel content. It is possible to tour or the booking of a stay in the Caribbean beaches. The optional offered travel program gives opportunity to experienced accompanied by Cuba with its friendly people, its exciting history and its fascinating everyday life, to explore art and music life in the days before the race. For more information on the Internet