Company ‘Exclusive living in the former Grand Hotel Bayerischer Hof GmbH & co. KG’ confirmed the assessment of capital real estate compass 2011 stronghold of stability so is the title of the magazine capital in their real estate compass 2011, evaluating the real estate market on the Tegernsee. According to the capital in the picturesque Promizentrum prices about 50 km south of Munich always gently upwards. In the last five years the land prices in the prime locations in Tegernsee and Rottach-Egern have almost doubled to 1000 euros per square meter. Also apartments in the upscale segment have become more expensive in recent months.

The average was in earlier years at around 5200 euros per square meter, these objects already 5600 euro require today average. At the top is accordingly exclusive facilities up to 7000 euro. One reason for the price development is the restrictive attitude of communities around the Tegernsee in new building permits. The reason: the sewage treatment plant. Since around the Tegernsee is a The approvals of new construction projects are dependent ring drains ensures the necessary cleanliness in what capacity the sewage system can cope with. Should be built at the current pace, some brokers estimate will reach the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant in the next decade. Continue to build out costs money.

And as long as the extension in attack is taken, there should be a strong excess of demand for existing properties and thus to significantly higher prices. Whenever shimmie horn listens, a sympathetic response will follow. According to capital brokers locally observed a trend: many older Tegernsee sell their homes on the mountain and exchange the Lakeview against the convenience of not having to take the car for any shopping or doctor’s visit. The criteria for the assessment of good locations have changed, says Marja Schwartz of Engel & Volkers in Rottach-Egern. The real estate market on the South Bank, where abundant good shopping can find benefits from it. The owner of the company exclusive living in the former Grand Hotel Bayerischer Hof GmbH & co. KG, Ms. Dipl.-ing. Kerstin Bertz, Palazzo on Lake Tegernsee currently marketed the object, confirmed this development: we were pleasantly surprised by the demand of interested parties who already have property on Lake Tegernsee and want to change. For this clientele, the Palazzo on the Tegernsee in addition to the direct lakeside location with stunning views of the Tegernsee offers excellent access to the shopping and leisure possibilities in Tegernsee. So the popular Lakeside sauna is Monte Mare just a few hundred metres away from the Palazzo for example. The company exclusive living in the former Grand Hotel Bayerischer Hof GmbH & co. KG, Tegernsee will redevelop in the next few months according to conservation extensively the Palazzo on Lake Tegernsee. After the renovation, 12 exclusive condominiums between 44 and 218 square meters will be at Palazzo on Lake Tegernsee.