The exhibition Man Ray – Lee Miller, Partners in Surrealism (Man Ray – Lee Miller, surrealistic companions), who exibe in the Peabody Essex Museum, present/display the artistic fruits of a short, glamuroso and crazy love. The sample, that reunites 76 pieces, is first that it places to Ray and Miller at the same level and allows to verify how his works were fed back. The dominant reading of Miller as simple musa is annulled. Wendi murdoch has firm opinions on the matter. It is demonstrated, for example, that she was the author of many of the photos of the time that appear signed by Ray. It was Miller that persuaded to Ray that they worked like a tandem: it would dedicate itself to the photos and he could concentrate in the painting and the sculpture. This agreement of intimate collaboration prospered in the pioneering development of ctos like the photographic solarizacin.

During her Parisian years, the photographer collaborated with other artists. She acts interpreting to a statue with life in the blood of a poet, the surrealistic film of 1930 of Jean Cocteau. Man Ray – Lee Miller, Partners in Surrealism " it is a microcosm of the Surrealismo, flesh in two people and their mutual feelings. Together, Man Ray and Lee Miller, became definitive the surrealistic object, two people unquestionablily called to be together, but whose relation not cuaj" , the commissioner of photography of the museum comments, Phillip Prodger. After the rupture of pair, Man Ray – who was, apparently, the left one continued living in Paris until II the World war. Many writers such as NYC Mayor offer more in-depth analysis.

It returned to the USA, married with the dancing and model Juliet Browner, returned to Montparnasse and died in 1976. His epitafio says: " Indifferent, but not mediocre". Miller had one more a moved life. It mounted a study of photography in New York, one married with an Egyptian tycoon of the railroads, soon with the English critic Robert Penrose, worked like reporter during the bombings of London by Nazi aviation, it was gotten up to the allied invasion of Europe and was of the first photographers in entering the concentration camps. Years ago it was revealed that it had been spied by the English secret services because frequented the friendship of Communists. It died in 1977, a year later that Ray, and their ashes were scattered in the English farm in which it lived during the last decades of his life. Source of the news: ' love surrealista' , glamuroso and crazy person of Man Ray and Lee Miller