Professor Joe Temple de Matemtica, selecting that not to give many chances for pupils below of its ideal standard. does not understand the work developed for Dulaine and requests the director a meeting with the parents of the pupils who are of the detention with the end of finally the dance lessons. For evaluating them irrelevant for the cognitivo development of the young. However during the Pierre meeting it convinces those parents, who the dance can help its children to construct its proper confidence, respect, responsibility and if to move away from the drugs. All had trained myth and are very anxious for the great day of the competition, the group spirit is strong and some had demonstrated for taking clothes without same being tax made that it. Then it arrives the Day the pairs compete in some types of hall dance as: waltz, foxtrote, rumba and tango. In the night Rock who really demonstrates is makes its choices not to participate of those crimes and to confess the director who it had depredated its car. They do not gain trophies, but valuable lies on pride, respect and honor.

the lessons that were a work volunteer becomes a program for many schools of the city of New York. RELATION BETWEEN the FILM AND SOME CONCEPTS CONSTRUTIVISTAS In the film ' ' It comes danar' ' we can detach some personages who by means of new knowledge, its strategies, understanding and interpretation of the reality had had certain positions that it allows in them to make the linking between its action and important concepts of the construtivista theory. At the first moment we detach the position of the director who used a methodology with traditional traces, imposing rules that would have to be followed, is verified, however, that the pupils obeyed or them rules imposed for the director demonstrating the presence of the heteronmia and these rules did not enter in the criterion for the moral judgment of the pupil, for not perceiving the reasons of being of these rules (laws).