LAPP cable will catalogue ‘ best of the best at Inca. With all the hype about digital media, the print catalog has not lost its importance. On the contrary, despite competition from digital to print catalogues in good manufacturing and trading demand remains. However, it is becoming increasingly important to provide the Internet with the same information here. Against this background, it is a great honour to have been rbeteiligt in the creation of a genuine winner catalogue for print and Web Katalogie Wehl man: the LAPP cable catalog. In a tough competition with competitors such as Festool, Wiha, Siemens, Leitz ACO Passavant Katalogie Wehl man prevailed the project and became the best of the best at the catalog Forum Inca”named so as the best comprehensive catalog for print and Web. In the development of the catalogue, the print check was first impulses for changes particularly in the area of product presentation. Danny Meyer: the source for more info.

The scholar Web check caused a greater homogenization both channels. Both analyses were the trigger for a holistic process of change through print and Web publications. A graphical and conceptual revision has accompanied the editorial treatment of the product information. As a result, the Lapp Group brought a catalog in the market, which is full acceptance in the target group. A process of change, which has already paid off for LAPP cable. Find Wehl man Katalogie. Find LAPP cable.

And finds the independent jury of the catalog Forum Inca. Wehl man Katalogie is already since 1999 for strategic marketing and print and online marketing. With services from consulting, advertising agency, and cross-media, the Katalogie combines strategic, creative and technological expertise under one roof. The close link between of these three areas makes it possible to ensure a holistic network of different information to a highly efficient communication.