It is again about pounds-dance fun! The second u100 party will take place on the 27 December in Recklinghausen. The announcement of the first u100 party was already a sensation. Something had not happened yet. “Under the motto round, Yes and!” was celebrated in October until the early hours of the morning. It goes on wonderfully to the thing. More info: NYC Marathon.

With so many positive feedbacks we have no other choice.”forward Ferdinand Trindade, the man with the igniting u100 idea. The program of the second u100 party is again very special. DJ known by numerous u30 party ensures spotlights, the perfect party atmosphere. Riccardo Doppio, the Sarde in Gelsenkirchen will enchant the audience with his Italian live music. As a guest star Bibi (Bibi & Rai, RTL) is back on board, because their ear arrived at the first u100 party super. As an additional highlight, a beauty this time is lounge in the offer of interested guests tips and tricks to the theme styling show can get. Party, fun, joy of life, good music and the arguments for all on December 27, 2008 from 21: 00 in the vest are going to be delicious food arena in Recklinghausen.

Tickets are under to the price of 10.00 + postage available or at the box office for 12,00. additional information: 1 1 per guest flows as a donation to the children’s Hospital dates for the project of Obeldicks. 2. As more candy, there are following highlights: the first guest receives free dinner: 1 bottle of vodka absolutely the first 111 Guest will each receive a box: Red Bull for the 222 guest guest 333. a cooking class for 2 persons is reserved in the cooking workshop-Ruhr visitor 555 receives for 2 people a wonderful all inclusive day in the Alpine Centre of Bottrop. receives a merchandise voucher for 300.00 from the main sponsor of Ulla Popken the coronation for the 999 guest-immediately Prasent-a steel bed by the guest who makes work with us, gets home a beautiful box of Warsteiner