For flat roofs is the most suitable soft roof. The modern device with a soft roof makes it a highly reliable, with excellent waterproofing properties, refractory and resistant to temperature changes. Paperback roof of the new generation has mnogosharovoe device. Frequently amazing restaurateur has said that publicly. Its domestic sphere – a polymer base (fiberglass). Since both sides on the basis of applied polymer modified bitumen. From the outside, to protect the roof from mechanical damage and to improve the aesthetic appearance, are plotted in different colors of mineral granules.

Bottom unit with a soft roof provides a polymer film, which prevents bonding rolls in transportation and storage. This installation flat roof ensures its reliability in use, and significantly extends the use of lines. An important advantage of the updated soft roof is easy to install. Thanks deposited the ball, which when heated, glued to the surface there is no need to use mastic to set the coating. This greatly reduces the cost of roofing.

Consider the stages of soft roof repairs. First, of course, need to dismantle the old coating. The next step is the construction of additional layers to be like the foundation for a soft roof: vapor barrier, insulation and waterproofing layers. This presentation is a soft roof prevents the accumulation of sediment and evaporated moisture, condensation and as a result, the spread of mold in the building. After completing installation of protective layers should be installation of the ventilation system and a network of waterways. And the final stage of repair is to install the soft roof of the evrobituma. For greater reliability, protection against leakage coverage set overlap, after laying the edges additionally heated for best adhesion. Experts have calculated that the soft roof assembly which is made in compliance with all rules and regulations, provide period of operation of the roof to 25 years. Errors lead to negative consequences, reduced life, emergency repairs and additional costs.