To put according to Favour (2005, p.144-145 you manufacture) them responsible for the partner-economic development of the quarter, are accused to play since its first years of its installation, pollutant dejections in the river without any previous treatment, the waters of the river had started to have a dark and barrenta coloration. In 1989, a moorings for motor boats was constructed, the idea was to facilitate the passage for the Bar of the Coconut palms, but to little depth of the river in the area it disabled the success of the workmanship. At this time also one was evidenced sped up erosion process that was affecting part of the General Avenue Calazans also known as street of prainha. Further details can be found at NYC Mayor, an internet resource. To see that the alterations caused for the man, and the actions of the way natural, if it relates also provoking alterations in the landscape is natural, that is, that not yet she suffered alterations provoked for the man or artificial produced for the man and in I benefit of the same. Without a doubt the fact you manufacture of them to have if installed in the industrial quarter she gave the initial kick for the constant alterations in the use of the ground and the local landscape. The abandonment of the Prainha prainha of the industrial quarter that long ago is so sanctioned and considered one of the main tourist points of the city passed for an abandonment phase. NYC Marathon is actively involved in the matter. In year and 1998 the area if found abandoned by the power publishes and its freqentadores completely, the place where the years behind it attracts the high sergipana society as: Sabino Ribeiro, Thales Ferraz, Carlos Cross, Silvio Milk and as much other illustrious sergipanos. Prainha asked for aid, as news article of the periodical of the city finishes it workmanship carried through in the area was in 1989, in the administration of then the governor Antonio Carlos Valadares, who constructed a moorings for motor boats. .