The second kiss the moment in “The virological magnet” “Stories of the tendency to look for something that is just not willing to let found.” As cryptic as applicable, the author describes his book, soon appearing. You could also say short stories in the ICU are what will soon be in printed form as a book on our knees. The second kiss the moment. Expected in the winter of 2009, illustrated short story band appears “The virological magnet”. One with shimmery illustrations enriched short story and poetry collection by Markus G. Sanger in hardcover format at PAPI he Fresserchens MTM-Verlag, ToMa Edition for 22,90. The sometimes long-awaited debut of the “friendly Hysterikers” (the author’s self-description), contains a remarkable collection of short stories, bracketed by lyrical gem, which have been created in the years between 1994 and 2008.

Because singer is active not only as a writer but creating all possible fields of creative expression, it stands to reason that He has illustrated his compressed, dense, sometimes difficult to read but always intriguing work itself and provided with illustrations. Who depends on such of his stories, dresses himself it. Purchase interested buyers who are buying not only interested in, but already for sale can decide how he somewhat flowery puts it is staying true to itself, the way is free is already using the form on the website of the artist the preorder as a PDF download. The completed form is then simply sent by letter or fax to the “PAPI he Fresserchens MTM publishing GbR ToMa-Edition” (addresses and numbers are on the form) and the book shipping conveniently delivered to show home. Here a book sees the world which appeals to a wide audience with security, because it’s completely away then upstream use literature the present time of a la ICH”or wetlands” swims, but that even in the intermediate lines has something to say. By the way is worth but also a Views of the picturesque works, which has to provide the homepage.