Snuba in the Mexican Caribbean eco-archaeological park of Xcaret, in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, is the biggest snuba in the world and is a good place to enjoy snuba, as it is situated on the Caribbean coast of Mexico , where is the second largest reef in the world, so it offers visitors the chance to meet a variety of marine species in an environment of great beauty and color. Xcaret has two Snuba tours in the Mexican Caribbean: The snuba Bay, that part of the beach at Xcaret and is performed at Dominica a depth of about seven meters. The Reef Snuba is performed on ‘Barracuda’, one of the reefs close to Xcaret, which has a large variety of tropical fish and turtles. Snuba is also popular because it requires previous experience of diving, you only need to be more than eight years and have some knowledge of swimming. This is perhaps one of the factors of its popularity as a ‘first experience’ under water.