Introduction: The general objective of this work is to inside verify the importance of the empreendedorismo with maximum efficiency of the organization, associated with the analysis of the characteristics of an entrepreneur and as they improve its enterprising abilities and techniques. The specific objectives to be boarded are: to identify the characteristics of an entrepreneur, to compare and to analyze the importance of being an entrepreneur in the economic present time. The problematic one to be investigated in this project is to identify and to enable an enterprising potential? We can define the empreendedorismo as a market trend, that revolutionized all a society, joining the art to undertake and to innovate with the objective to reach the prosperity and success of the business. The evolution in the administrative theories demonstrates that the paper of the empreendedorismo substitutes and/or improves all the classic economic structures (where they were excellent in the old process of rationalization of the procedural work, human broken up). Thus the empreendedorismo has for objective the generation of wealth, increasing the number of companies and jobs, joining people and processes. The empreendedorismo has as characteristic to little amount of external resources and high to be able of knowledge and dynamism. Determined for new efficient business-oriented models that do not need high investments and yes operating intellectual resources and that predominates in the market.

The entrepreneur has the following domnios: capacity to innovate, always with a strategical planning enough to reach its objectives, ability of remanejar and if adjusting the new technologies and trends in the market, always glimpsing the success of its business. He is a visionary, always one precedes the facts, it has domain of the knowledge and ample capacity to generate profits in the economic market. Chance is highly percipient to the one, always with a strategy of efficient business that produces effect positive.