Money campaign for a disabled child in Nuremberg, June 16, 2008 – the surprise was Petra from Nuremberg in the face, as in the community, a money campaign over 1400,-euro came for her disabled daughter in the roles. “Under the motto a bicycle for Jenny” members want to send a signal of cohesion beyond the virtual world. The virtual Web world is more and more becoming a place of community and commonality. Now, Web 2.0 has the Internet users fully into the handle and enthusiastically regularly with new possibilities for social exchange. But how much of the cohesion of a social network really is, when it comes to the fate of an individual? The community members of thought is, when they learned of the fate of the 13-year-old Jenny. The daughter of a longtime user of the community suffered a severe stroke at the age of 18 months and is dependent on assistance since then.

With limited resources and looking for a disabled bike turned Petra from Nuremberg to their friends in the community. A collective sense of dismay and communality was a short hand. A call in the framework of a money campaign for the community member Petra was started with the help of the team. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Restaurateur. Objective of this initiative is to collect a sum of money of up to 1400,-euros. This is equivalent to the cost of a hightech-bike – adapted to the needs of Jenny. Petra was overwhelmed by the helpfulness and comes for the bike to ride the heart’s desire, her disabled daughter to enable all closer. The large use of numerous demonstrates the importance of the Community idea to a community and exceeds the simple level of networking.

The speedy conclusion of this and similar actions in support of people who are only a mouse click away from us, is a sign of a functioning network. “For network cross-participation in the ongoing action a bicycle for Jenny” and more information is available the editors of at your disposal. Contact for press: what GmbH & co. KG Edda Mammen Pretzfelderstrasse 7-11 90425 Nurnberg phone: + 49 (0) 911 3 07 30 353 fax: + 49 (0) 911 3 07 30 677 E-Mail: Web: everything revolves around you! The modern friends and interests network since 1995 to one of the largest nationwide meeting places for versatile and individual leisure activities developed. “Over 260,000 members in Germany use free according to the motto everything revolves around you”. We met about the common interests, it converses about the life in the city, people meet to experience unique. The ideal case: long-term relationships resulting from the virtual friendships. Each Member revitalizes the community with events and contributions. Communication ways promote the contact and Exchange.