Sunny Beach

What can charm more than a trip to Europe, and the whole world? On this question, each person has his own answer, but we can not agree with one thing: every corner of the world in which you have not been and only plan to visit, draws in the minds till now we will not see paintings and landscapes. As if we live, before buying your ticket and boarding, for example in aircraft, all episodes of our voyage. Fortunately, or maybe not, our ideas and fantasies relatively new country, remain behind the liner, as soon as it rises into the air you walk through the narrow streets of old Prague, or walk into a cozy, small cafe in Krakow, you order a cup of coffee and a glass of ice water into the bargain. It’s believed that NY Museums sees a great future in this idea. Comely waitress, smiling, hands in the wake of coffee, a small donut on the house then go out and you followed all smiles, as if dropped into a cafe is not the first time in life, but simply again after work. Walk and attentively consider the buildings, parks, flower beds with an ever-lush grass and flowers, sidewalks, without a single cigarette butts and debris. Continuing to take pictures and do not notice that sitteth battery in the camera.

Sitting on the balcony at a hotel in Bourgas, behind the back room of this level, which could not even imagine sitting in his apartment. On television, play music and flash videos, which you did not never heard of. Under the balcony, ten meters, a sea, small waves beating on clean beaches. The hotel and its staff are always glad to see you, smiling, joking – do everything only for a person to feel comfortable! Maids, doing cleaning, quickly collect all and leave room for your sudden return. Taking a car, two hours can easily cross the Sunny Beach, Burgas and Varna in the fall. The road, like streamers, winds in mountains. The mountains attract its scenic beauty and unique landscape.

The impression is that there is no direct kilometer road connecting these towns. Ten days of the tour was over, and you fly back. There were only pleasant memories, and thousands of emotions – it all turned out to others, not as pathetic as the outline of our consciousness to travel. Perhaps in this lies the interest of life?

A Gift From The State Of Pelicans

Let's talk with you about the music. After all, without it is impossible to imagine our lives! Music everywhere: we turn on the radio or tape recorder in the morning, going to work, listen to the player in the subway, call our mobile phones – musical themes. Returning home after a hard day to relax and rest you probably also put to music. Others who may share this opinion include Danny Meyer. But what would it be the music – you decide. And certainly among the vast number of music lovers will have plenty connoisseurs of this wonderful musical genre, like jazz. That's been a long time as a jazz marching triumphantly across the planet and it seems, is not going to take their positions.

Fans of this musical style comes in jazz cafe, going to concerts and festivals of jazz music. And the greatest number of famous jazz festivals taking place, of course, in his homeland – in the U.S. state of Louisiana. This staff is rightly called the cradle of jazz. It here, in the largest city of Louisiana, New Orleans, was born a musical direction. The local population was improvising, playing tunes after work, which oddly intertwined in Africa, Spanish, French tunes. Thus a jazz direction, the former first music of the poorest neighborhoods, and later conquer the world. Being in New Orleans – that means to hear jazz around the clock. This is a Mecca for all jazz musicians stripes and ages. To be here and not bring the family and friends musical gift – simply unthinkable.