6. Make sure necessary medical items are with you rather than in checked baggage. 7. Make sure you have your passport and other identification on your person – not in checked baggage. 8. Lower the stress level "to reach the ship in time" for organizing a pre-packaged cruise land. Consider coming a day before – especially when flying long distances from the crossing. 9.

Expect delays and longer lines than usual – and a pleasant surprise if they are not as ill. 10. Be patient – once on board your cruise, you will have the fantastic time cruising is known for. To be very practical in mind that if you look at the damage on Sept. 11, the total number of deaths on the airlines is 288 including crew and the militants. I guarantee that, since 11 September more than 288 people have lost their lives on U.S.

roads. It is estimated that over 34,000 are killed traveling on the road and if you average per day, 93 people a day will not arrive at their destination by car. Flying is still the safest way to travel. This writer believes we have an obligation to continue the business of life, to live and travel freely whenever and wherever we want within the limits of common sense. For other would suggest that the terrorists have won. Rest assured cruise lines have made significant changes to the itineraries of their ships in the safest possible travel and more enjoyable. East itineraries Middle Porla term can be eliminated, but there are great values on hundreds of other routes. If you are concerned, sit down with a cruise expert and discuss your situation face to face to know why cruising remains a safe and enjoyable holiday and why now is the time to make plans. The good news is that today more people are enjoying a trouble free cruise than ever before – safely! Talk to your agent about the price protection, deposits, or the lack of penalties for cancellation, and all the little details that help ensure a vacation like no other on earth. See you on board! Sid Kaplan Sid Kaplan has extensive experience in the travel business. a l had a great cruise sales agency in Canada and only his wife has 25 years experience working for major cruise lines. Their website is offering advice and tips for those looking to create memorable cruise vacations. Shore excursions and information visit the land is also provided. Cruise, hotel, car rental and vacation reservations online adventures.