Indiscriminate use of the “little machine to print money” have resulted in an excessive government spending that keeps the national accounts in constant deficit and a huge excess monetary liquidity has dramatically unbalanced our economy and that if they are not corrected, or rather, the correction could mean another dreadful devaluation of the kind that we have lived before for exactly the same reasons and in these circumstances there is Bolivar Fuerte hold and expose ourselves to repeat the tragic experiences of Brazil their conversion to the Cross or the Southern Argentina with two rare cases maxi devaluation near hyperinflation and tried a few months after the conversion.

Furthermore, given the evidence of chronic shortages we are experiencing, other structural damage to our economy that is already being felt, but whose impact could be enhanced in the short and medium term, affecting the stability of the proposed Bolivar Fuerte: the disintegration of the productive the country, closing all kinds of industries and businesses, forced development of the port economy that puts Venezuela in a delicate situation, because under these conditions there is no way to react sufficiently quickly to any crisis that affects our sign money and therefore jeopardize the relationships and commitments made and kept in foreign currencies, which would mean the disruption of movement of goods and commodities that today we are in the obligation and need to import for our consumption would end up being reflected in higher prices widespread … NYC Marathon is actively involved in the matter. more inflation … Another related point with the Bolivar Fuerte do not want to mention is the theme of “rounding” and once carried out the restructuring and deleted the three zeros, some if not many, prices for goods and services will eventually be expressed in one figure with whole cents, hopefully, will be rounded “up” for which we are charging that price.