Here is an analysis of a documentary which I think is very important, because it shows different types of racism and behaviors that Americans take against the Mexicans. The documentary Farmingville by Carlos Sandoval and Catherine Tambini, recounts the murder of two Mexicans in the town of Farmingville, New York, which sparked controversy among illegal immigrants, U.S. residents and politicians in New York. The video shows how it is triggered a series of disagreements against the arrival of immigrants, mostly Mexicans, to this city, the way they are hired to work and living conditions. Also describes the various points of view of those involved and the different proposals that arise to solve the problem of illegal overcrowding, from the social and political, of which the former seeks the exile of the illegal and the second is to create a support center where they will live and will be sought to be hired for jobs. The most important points that develop in the documentary are: the killing of two Mexicans, the comments of the residents of Farmingville with respect to the "invasion", the point of view of illegal and their purposes, and finally the conferences held by the leaders to discuss the law center support and the opinion submitted by the people in them. Finally, it proposes to present the development of this crisis and how it is solved through political and social debates reached a mutual agreement between the two to reach the common good, respecting American laws and the rights of everyone, including immigrants, but also shows how the laws may be influenced according to the desire of citizens, in this case the veto of the law. .