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Hanoverian enjoy evening full beetroot Hamburg, September 4, 2009 yesterday evening the second of a total of six took place in Hanover events in Germany Cook & talk -. The recommendation Portal of the friends GmbH conjured up together with the first-class chef of the hotel group travel charm, Jorg Thiele, in the WMF branch in Hannover, Germany a 4-course menu of a special kind. Best bars in new york may help you with your research. 18 entrepreneur from Hanover and the surrounding region participated in the extraordinary event. On Thursday evening, the guests gathered the Cook & talk event in the WMF branch and met first on a large bowl of beetroot. The participants in the course of the evening learned what had it with this on himself. Each of the four exotic course was prepared with beetroot. You may find that best bars in new york can contribute to your knowledge. The evening began with fresh prawns, which were prepared in an unusual way: the guests learned how to lemon grass sticks impaling the Gambas and so upright can leave her. Rounded the first course showed the fried prawns on beetroot nage, roasted Watermelon and lemon grass, a unique experience for all the senses.

The first course was followed by a beetroot soup with liquid corn salad and poached quail egg. Delightful wines, such as the 2008 provided sufficient refreshments Sauvignon Blanc, the Pinot Gris 2008 Andreas Schaffer from the Palatinate or the 2007 Ceppitaio Rosso, which perfectly rounded out the menu. A third time the guests in the main course of the abilities of the beet were surprised: there was red potatoes Ikarimi Lachs cooked in a vacuum. These were previously cooked with beetroot and received the color due to this extraordinary event. For dessert, the participants of the evening enjoyed a red beet Carpaccio with goat cheese and Balsamicopipetten.

The guests of the cooking event Cook & talk were amazed by the diversity and creativity of the dishes, as well as by the loose coming together and the pleasant atmosphere. “It was a very entertaining and amusing evening. The common cooking, eating and entertaining has made us all a lot of fun and we could meet. “, so Marc Wolter, entrepreneurs of TecCom Arzneimittel Vertriebs GmbH based near Hildesheim. informal way better The Cook & talk series thus offers an ideal opportunity to entertaining cooking inserts and delicious dishes to learn about and to connect a beautiful, common evening with networking. With each other and for each other – are friends! More information about the company:

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Cooking post: No more Fast Food and frozen food as the first recipe and food home delivery service of Switzerland launched the single box kochpost and supplies also singles with refined recipes and the ingredients needed for the Cook at home now. These are most precisely matched on the single household and include three meals and fruit for the whole week. This one not only discarding surplus food of the past, but also tiresome shopping for singles after a strenuous working day. The number of singles is rising slowly but steadily in the Switzerland. About 1.5 million people live in this country alone, and the proportion of one-person households in the cities is partially over 50 percent.

Reason to call enough for kochpost, the single box in life and to provide the recipe and grocery home delivery service for lonely hearts: new come singles enjoy varied recipes and portions suitable pre-packaged food for after cooking, delivered weekly directly to the front door. Ready meals, frozen pizza and tedious planning and shopping after work are disused with all single persons ends it and be replaced with varied menus with fresh and healthy ingredients. In addition, the single box contains also a weekly ration of seasonal fruits, which supplied the single vitamins with an extra portion. Responsible approach to food Marc Pallioppi, founder and CEO of kochpost AG, is pleased about the extension of the offer: just for singles who are employed in most cases and not with a partner can share on the shopping, is the single box optimally. Not like the packaging units from the supermarket, which are often much too large for singles, the amounts we are precisely matched to the needs of a single person.” So, kochpost ensures a responsible handling with food and prevents that they spoiled land in the trash. Incidentally the recipes to cook at home promotes the culinary skills of the singles may’s helps Yes Seduction of a new partner.

Further information and photographs Marc Pallioppi kochpost AG Tel. + 41 43 299 31 60 Jessica free Oppenheim & Partner GmbH (Press Office) Tel. + 41 44 515 65 00 kochpost was founded in 2011 via kochpost by Marc Pallioppi, David Brudo, and Christian Ersing. The concept of the recipe and food home delivery service comes from Sweden and is there successfully for years. Once a week the service supplying households in the German Switzerland with recipes and all its ingredients to cook simple. The recipes are developed by experienced chefs, with much emphasis on seasonal and fresh ingredients, as well as a balanced diet. The menus include meat, poultry, fish, or vegetarian ingredients alternately. kochpost eliminates tedious planning and shopping after work and makes it easy so everyday. The delivery service includes ingredients for three or four meals a week and is available for one, two or four persons. Depending on the delivery area is true the kochpost box a on the Monday or Tuesday evening between 17 and 21: 00 or in the night from Monday to Tuesday. The trial package with three meals for two people there from Sfr. 69.90. kochpost can be subscribed under in the one or two weeks and at any time is paused or cancelled.