European Commission

The establishment of such a post shows that the climate and environment are top priorities the new European Commission. Recall that at the same time the European Commission retained the post of Commissioner for the Environment, who will take the representative of Slovenia, Janez Potocnik. Bill de Blasio pursues this goal as well. Abnormally warm November the greater part of the European in Russia now that the week is abnormally warm weather for this time of year. For example, the temperature in the suburban town of Kolomna, November 25 rose 7.6 degrees plus values, thereby breaking the record 30 years ago. A week before the onset of the winter calendar in the Moscow region established so warm, even in the woods turned green grass and mushrooms grew. Reflected the abnormally warm weather and the lives of slum Moscow Zoo: Some of them were able to stay longer in open cages, and brown bears and does not yet intend to sleep because of this warm weather. Because of this abnormally warm weather is increasingly remember global warming. theme tops the list of records in the world and Russian blogs, which discuss the atypical weather for November. Enhanced protection of spruce and pine trees began on the eve of New Year Every year the holidays approaching Christmas holidays leads to the fact that many Russians, wishing to put in the house or yard beautiful, festive smell of pine needles green beauties – spruce and pine, not on the go Christmas bazaars, and straight into the woods. To protect the forest from encroachment beauties ‘softwood’ poachers have to strengthen the protection forest area of coniferous trees, to prevent illegal felling trees and fir trees to New Year holidays.

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Find out all the necessary procedures to access the country you wish to visit, prepare visas where necessary, check that you have your Passport in force ah! And don’t forget your credit cards; check that they do not expire you in the middle of the trip. NYC Marathon is likely to agree. Happened to me once, and the experience was not pleasant. Te allows you to save some of the money: is one of the advantages you can get being farsighted. Whether you do your bookings by Internet, as in the traditional agency, you can get significant discounts if you prepare your trip in advance. AND that, at least to me, always interests me.

It prevents risks: If the journey you want to make you some exotic area, it is very important to know whether there were risks of diseases, and vaccines are necessary to travel safely. It is very necessary to ask information about medications more advisable to avoid risks, and also very interesting hire any assistance service, always is not included in the travel package. These are some of the advantages that can bring you the anticipation of your next trip. Believe me if I tell you that follow these small tips won’t get you much time and prevent you sometimes complicated and unpleasant surprises. In my next article I will try to give you more ideas, more tips about different aspects to consider when traveling.

Most fruit of my (bad) personal experience, and I hope you help it to really enjoy from a more than deserved rest. Until then it tries to be as happy as possible. A cordial greeting to Juan Carranza Webmaster Alone and alone.

The Venezuelan

They must restructure their curriculum and take steps to new knowledge according to present reality, emphasis on all matters concerning the new managerial topics that are related to process management, productivity, identify the scope, impact of new technology has brought about and how to integrate the human factor in it so ensure performance, man-machine integration and of course, with everything related to management processes. Should be given a review and give way to new knowledge that have occurred in relation to engineering methods, to provide expertise to ensure a positive impact on productivity pro. A new approach to time and motion related to the binomial based man-machine. The industrial engineer Venezuela needs to be creative, innovative, proactive and capable of achieving the changes necessary in all matters in favor of productivity, efficiency in process management, management should be well integrated with other management systems to ensure administrative achievements . See The Metropolitan Museum of Art for more details and insights.

Should the engineer industrial identify more with the role of philosophy, culture of quality, to use the tools, knowledge that the quality of this required so that once and for all Venezuelan companies to identify with the quality and obtain from them the competitive advantages arising and to promote its growth. The specialty of quality and productivity gives a new opportunity to perform with great significance is their achievements should be trained industrial engineer new topics in managerial, administrative report in order to determine how they will promote in its management and understand its scope, it that is able to generate for the success of the company. The Venezuelan industrial engineer, no doubt, this has great opportunities, taking into account the reality of the current scenario that has large gaps in many companies, where the engineer has not taken advantage of so doing and assess its scope, gives step in strength that encourage exercise, especially given the serious crisis the country’s business sector is facing. Definitely, the Venezuelan industrial engineer intending to, to know their role in interpreting the present and take the measures it is demanding, confident of their knowledge, skills, creativity and innovation is a good field of action which guarantees a well known professional future unfold.. .

Carnegie Mellon University

Expecting to increase the population by 2050, should be expect a larger number of people needing transplants. Require the designers of the ability to design artificial organisms. Gain insight and clarity with New York museums. In addition, as a way to address the shortage of material, possibly growing cloned body parts. Or symbiosis of these areas, the outcome of which will be reared with artificial organs, synthetic elements. May 20, 2010 Craig Venter and his team managed to create – synthetic self-replicating cell. This may bring to obtain new sources of energy, food stuff, medicines and vaccines. Resolve the issues of environmental pollution, the synthesis of pure water and more.

Education: Medical. Various bioengineering programs and seminars. Practice in organizations that are working to create artificial organs and tissues in the laboratory. Specialist interaction robot / man Job: Engage the robot with the people This position is from 2030 specialists with expertise in sociology, psychology and artificial intelligence. Activities are aimed at remaking and adapting to the bots human environment.

The robot could operate freely in our world, we need a savvy workers correcting mechanisms of social behavior. And people will be engaged psychologists))) Education: Schools are strong in artificial intelligence, such as mit, Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford University. The observer of the world work: to see it all together with the satellites. Vacancy is open from 2030 World observer using multispectral satellite and direct observation of our ball from outer space, will be able to keep track of how temperature changes in land cover and population, respectively, thereby preventing the spread of disease.

Environment And Health

West Antarctic ice melting causes the great concern of environmentalists, marking in this region the most significant climatic change than anywhere else on the globe. These changes have led to disruption of the food chain, and relocation of entire populations of penguins … —- New York can go under water for 100 years – a study of New York can go under water within 100 years due to raising the Atlantic Ocean associated with the melting ice in Greenland and Antarctica, scientists believe the University of Florida, issued its report in the journal Nature Geoscience. Metropolis, located on the Islands, is an average of around five meters above sea level, and will be far more vulnerable than London, Tokyo, Sydney, Miami or San Francisco. The coastline of Manhattan, in some places is only 1.5 meters above sea level, which dramatically increase the threat of destruction from storms and hurricanes … Frequently Danny Meyer has said that publicly.

—- The researchers found that radioactive contamination from Chernobyl has affected much more strongly on living creatures than previously thought to this view came to scientists at the University of South Carolina (USA) and the French National Center for Scientific Research, after studying the species diversity of living creatures that live in around the place man-made disaster … —- Ionavsky explosion: 20 years of major technological catastrophe in the CIS 20 years ago there was one of the largest man-made disasters. March 20, 1989 there was a destruction of the isothermal Storage of ammonia in Ionavskom Production Association 'nitrogen' in Lithuania. The accident still has no analogues in world-scale release of chemically hazardous substances … —- Do not kiss pets Pets is almost in every family.

In addition to dogs or cats can often be found in guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles, aquarium fish, parrots. However, many animal lovers and do not assume that contact with pets can not bear joy, but also a serious threat to health. Cats are carriers of toxoplasmosis, often catching them from rodents. This disease affects the muscles, nervous system, lymph nodes. To avoid contamination, care must be taken the purity of kitty litter and personal hygiene … —- The Brits created the engine working on the air specialists Brunel University in London have developed a hybrid power plant, capable of operating compressed air. According to experts, this is a big breakthrough in the production of engines … —- Release Distribution 339 weekly issue of environmental mailing Subscribe: Subscribe to the environmental distribution Source: Announcement 339 Release

Internet Work

In recent years, term papers, dissertations to order, it is truly massive phenomenon. As they say demand creates supply. And now in every city (especially in Moscow and St. Petersburg) has several agencies (and sometimes more), offering their services in the field of education. Not far behind, in turn, and the Internet, permitting its users to request "coursework to order" dozens of companies and agencies. List of services of such agencies is quite broad: monitoring, laboratory work, essays, responses to examination questions, and of course writing projects and dissertations. Many people think that the work of agencies to implement student work is not much difficulty: I wrote two days coursework, took the money and takes the order.

Probably so well for those agencies that do their job is not qualitatively and are responsibility for the outcome. And here I want to say a few words about the work of artists and those who work with customers, taking orders. Artists work student work – work (this applies to those who really makes a responsible and qualified coursework, dissertations, etc.) and work very difficult. Looking for information on the work, going to libraries to find the right literature, but what about when to work to alter what happens in almost every second case. Each teacher their demands for the implementation of coursework, research paper or abstract. I can cite an example, one girl turned into a center for implementation of student work, to do an abstract. Abstract, so abstract.

One of the artists started to work, take into account all the requirements of the teacher, did. The girl was ready abstract. A week later she again came back and said that the teacher wants to see in this and that and design must now be more different from the previous requirement. Altered. But all is not over, she came more times three. And so is very, very often. Is also so that the work of artist did, got paid for it and everything seems ok, but after some time the customer comes and says we should work to change, the teacher does not like. The mediator (someone who receives an order from the customer) refers to this very artist and says that it is necessary to change, and singer – refused. What should I do? Return the money back to the client? Then it struck the image of the agency. We have to look for another artist, to pay extra to him that he remade. In this case, already the agency will spend its money for this procedure. Well, with careless performer, certainly have to part. Those who work directly with customers, too easy. You understand – people are different.

Send a child to the British boarding school – it's a tough decision, because he will be in a foreign country, away from family and friends. However, training in the uk provides an opportunity not only to improve the English language and get an education in Europe's oldest schools, but also provides a real chance to go to the famous universities of Cambridge and Oxford. Moreover, the British education is recognized in other countries, so completing a training course in England, you can aspire to, for example, at Harvard. Of course, the British school diploma does not guarantee that your child will grow out of the new Nobel laureate, but in general education in England is aimed at sided development of personality and helps the child to realize their full potential in art, sport and science. And apart from the oldest educational institutions for centuries bringing the elite of the United Kingdom, there are many other schools, where prices are more affordable and the quality of education remains high. Therefore, training in England enjoys a well-deserved popularity among students from different countries around the world.

However, despite all these advantages, send the child to another country is not easy. Not a bad decision – to start to send him to summer language courses, and only then decide whether to undergo a full training in England. Many boarding schools during the vacations offer such programs for foreigners: anyone can go for a certain fee language teaching in England, learn the culture of the country and immerse yourself in the language. And if the courses are organized that school to which you plan to send the child for further education, he can feel all the pros and cons of their future studies. And, of course, to tighten English – before it enters it's just necessary. I must say that such courses are organized, not all schools, and most of the proposed language programs are held in special training centers. However, among those who still offer such training in England, many respected and prestigious educational institutions. For example, Bradfield College, founded in 1850, organizes every summer courses lasting 2, 3 or 4 weeks. It should be noted that foreigners are willing to take on continuous training in England. Thus, the average British private schools are gaining up to 10% of students from abroad, and Bradfield, this number increased to 15%.

Physical Education

This also does not want to say that the collective sport is left of side, therefore all the pupils charges this content, but its didactics can more be contextualizada being able inseriz them in the lessons with videos, periodical news articles, in the TV, relating the sports played in the school and the professional, the sport and the health and as well as not cited others. The professor must rethink pedagogical practical its so that this reflexiva saddle, with new interventions, evaluations and sistematizaes in a continuous movement. The position of the professor front to new a proposal curricular of physical education. Click NY Museums to learn more. The procedure that must have a professor compromised in first place, is its professional update, followed of planning and quality of the lessons where it will have to occur to the diversification of the activities, to teach, to control, to correct and to follow the evolution of the pupils and the understood frequency as not to lack to the lessons; beyond the methodology and content adopted for the professor who has impact in the formation of the pupils. The study it has for objective to analyze positions of professors of Physical Education, and as these can influence in the development of the pertaining to school environment, and mainly inside of the environment considered and analyzed in the work the cooperative environment. It is important to inside analyze the importance of the paper of the professor of the process education learning, this paper goes beyond the professor to only teach the necessary content, if he makes important that it prepares this pupil for the life in society, paper that left exclusively of being of the family, the professor also must know to analyze which its applied methodologies, to argue as he must be the relationship professor and pupil, what he is of utmost importance. Inside of the cooperative environment, to verify its benefits, mainly in relation to the development of the autonomy, therefore an independent individual has capacity to take its proper decisions, to display its ideas with bigger easiness, without fear to make a mistake, also can inside develop of this environment some slight knowledge of moral values, of mutual respect, to know as to live in society, and above all to show that in this environment in such a way the professor how much the pupil is of utmost importance, both must walk together, in partnership system, but always one respecting the space of the other, we will see that this is not impossible is enough to want to try new proposals.

Russia Work

Or 'learning'. Or 'students'. Further, all the 'because' can be replaced by 'because', 'but' with 'but', 'good' to 'good' and so on. 'Jump-Word' dvadtsatistranichnogo essay will take about an hour or less, or more, depending on the adequacy of the perception of reading and typing speed. Result – 20-25 'extra' interest of originality. The second stage – the restructuring of text. Stage is more difficult, requires skill.

Here I offer 'from a sieve'. Example: 'The management activities are very specific to their subject. " We, by the way has been replaced by the first stage of 'very' to 'very'. Now making restructuring proposals: 'By their subject management activity is very specific. " Tool for this is also very simple – the hyphenation is practically in any editor. The result – approximately plus 30% originality, the elapsed time – six to eight hours.

Or less. Or more. The third stage – 'fresh text. " This is the copy-paste. Each essay is full of definitions, and sometimes – general theoretical. Find in the Internet some new dictionary, or a new book, suitable topics, make the original text to date (check out a couple of tracks on antiplagiat py) and insert in the abstract heaps all sorts of terms as 'explanations'. Outcome – plus 20-30% of the original, time – an hour or two. Well, finally you can run through all the work to replace the xx century. at 20., Moscow on the Russian capital, St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia and so on. Everything. Nobody will say that the essay you've downloaded, and system antiplagiat py confirm the fact of work. Someone might say, they say, such an approach is easier to write the work itself. I agree. At first – easier. But there is such a thing as experience. Sure, the tenth essay, rewriting will take you no more than an hour, and originality of his will no less than 75%. And yet. Continue to use the Internet, but use it correctly. For example, when searching for 'fresh text', looking not just 'a book on social psychology', and 'a unique book on social psychology '. Incidentally, there is no chance to deal with rewriting. Today appeared on the Internet resources on which you will be offered free of even the original work. Learn how to skillfully.

Danish Language

In result is a so-called "urban language", which is a kind of symbiosis of Danish and Norwegian languages. "Language City" in the different layers of the population has varying degrees of "norvegezirovannosti. Some Norwegian writers in their works in the Danish language Norwegian language use. In 1811, after the formation of a national university in the city of Oslo, formerly called Christians, here in Copenhagen shifted the center of Norwegian intellectuals. And in 1814 Norway seceded from Denmark, and began to develop independently literary Norwegian. It appears the deviation from the Danish language in grammar and vocabulary secured a growing number of native Norwegian words. By 20 century, their number is approximately 7000.

As for the speech, the Danish and Dano-Norwegian language, there are significant differences. By the end of 19 century called "Dano-Norwegian" is replaced by the "Norwegian", which is also called "riksmol. Spelling riksmola for a long time, Danish, but attempts are made to its approach to the Norwegian. In 1907 and 1917 Reforms, whose task is to approximate the pronunciation of letters and Norwegian. "Language City" is not a large part of the Norwegian peasantry.

Thus, in the mid-19 century I. Fall, Norwegian philologist, used to study dialects of the peasants, had the idea of revival of native Norwegian literary language based on a "live" dialects, and in the Old Norse language. The language he called "landsmol. AND initially he was given the fall in the form of samples in 1853. Over time, landsmol "became popular among the peasants and the" populist "intellectuals.