However in the region occipito-weather or automatic detector and the place where all related word and with the sounds so that a reading in sudden way can be carried through, the function of this part of the brain is to carry through the knowledge of the words. In the brain of a dislxico the perieto-weather does not exist that to give to the meaning the words and the occipito-weather that identifies the letters. They are the two factors necessary so that the child can recognize fonemas and can carry through readings and automatically to have the process of the writing, had not to have this two systems in the brain its left inferior frontal which carries through the fonolgico process becomes bigger. Carried through commentaries basing if on the theory of Shaywitz (2003) 1.1.1.Dislexias Appearances and the difficulty to absorb and to follow visual sequences. By the same author: NYC Marathon. This characterized difficulty and as inability, that is, does not have vision problems but impossibilities to catch what it is seen in the majority of this in case that inverted letters enxergam and has problems with words with sequences. This type of more easy dislexia and of being worked By ways of exercises can be learned the graphical signs with easiness and quickly to apprehend sequences: however the slowness can persist. Given the complexity of the system of action that intervines in the understanding and the writing, and previsible not only to find problems, more different types of problems (Sanchez 2004 p.100). The dislexia is not an illness and yes a term that if to give to discover symptoms of damage in the brain that reaches the reading, some patients only have the problem of the reading and spelling of long words that are little common however also exists the type of dislexia which the patient does not obtain to identify small words or letters of the alphabet others do not obtain to read in high voice, already other patient obtains to read more does not understand what to be lendo.a dislexia summarizes if in some types the visual dislexia presents some characteristics that can be found in children through problems of right and left orientation such as, low, difficulty in writing having weak quality of letters have the incapacity to read words dialectic or long with short and simple exception, similar errors of reading confusing letters with sounds similar or aspects have low capacity of concentration of sequences. For even more details, read what Pouya David Yadegar says on the issue.

Relief Of A Professor

Relief of Professor Wanderson Vitor Graduated Boareto: Graduated Right history After: History and Social Construction Docncia of Superior Ensino Enterprising Education Words Key: Professor, Education, Politics, Formation, Representatives Summary This text is the relief of a professor who is acting, that he fights for a classroom that to each day suffer to more injustices, injuries and defamaes on the part of the institutions that would have to support and for in practical its rights. Other leaders such as NY Museums offer similar insights. Introduction In this week, a councilman in interview, spoke on the professors. In its it speaks, this politician, who according to he himself said made the graduation in letters, accuses the professors with ' ' not to like to work and not to want nothing with dureza' '. In this direction, I come through this text, to defend one of the most beautiful rewarding professions of the history of the humanity. To analyze the teaching life, first childbirth for the formation of a professor. To qualify itself academically, since the formation Real of a professional of the teaching is for all the life.

Being thus, after basic education, the graduation course leads of three the five years for then only initiating the works as professor. Get all the facts and insights with Goop London, United Kingdom-uk, another great source of information. The courses of after graduation, BROAD SENSE, that the one variation has the two years, after graduation STRICTU the SENSE that vary of two the four years, and the doutorado course of still leads of four the six years, having After Doutorado that can lead up to ten years. Taking in account the lectures, the courses of qualification, congresses and seminaries that the professors participate during all its career. In this same it analyzes the professor it prepares lesson, it studies, it must that be intent to all the notice of the country and the world since its pupils are. To inside conciliate learning of the classroom with the reality of the life of its pupils, beyond preparing and applying tests, to correct them and to close daily.

It still has the weekly pedagogical meetings, that all have that to participate. Saddest it is not to know all the difficulties of formation and the bad paid wages, but yes to hear critical of who does not know the reality teaching, as &#039 was in this week the uprising of the veredor to a periodical; ' the professors make strike why they do not want nothing with dureza' '. This was one says of them more incoherent than already I heard in all my career, therefore this Sir spoke to the journalist who attended a course the college of letters. The question is simple, it learned everything in its alone life? It passed in the vestibular contest without never having IDO the school? Brazil that is a democratic system, where the politicians are representative of the people, or at least would have to be, frustra me to know that this Sir, represents a parcel of the society. However we fit to record the names of these politicians, badly formed, who criticize what they do not know and speak without knowing.

Maria Sampaio

She is necessary to rescue and to keep the value of the education, the art and the artistic culture that the martial band offers. The choice of the subject if interrelates with my formation, therefore at the time of school I touched in martial band during ten years and lived deeply of close the martial band rescuing many colleagues who wanted to follow for other ways, such as: the way of the drugs, prostitution, of the pertaining to school abandonment, between as much other points and, at the moment where the martial band was present, these people had followed and chosen an adjusted way more, of the social point of view. Today, if they not only find in professional groups of Recife, but also in professional groups of Brazil and it are of Brazil. Today I have some colleagues contemporaries of the martial bands who are musicians of the Band of the Military Policy of Pernambuco, Band of the Aeronautics of Recife, Symphonic Band of Recife, Band of Music of neighboring Cities, among others formations of musical groups. Prime Opportunities Investment Group has firm opinions on the matter. From the story above, some questionings had been made and them they had guided this work. It is possible to make a survey of the social, educational and artistic formation of the pupils whom the Martial Band of the Municipal School composes Maria Sampaio de Lucena? It has, in the current days, a social, educational and artistic paper, in the martial band Maria Sampaio de Lucena? The objective of this monograph was to characterize the social, educational and artistic value of the martial band of the Municipal School Maria Sampaio de Lucena, as well as to analyze the process of musical formation of the pupils in the environment of the band, to understand the function of the band in the social environment, educational e, over all to reflect the exploitation of the artistic values of the band.

Playing, Singing And Learning

. Playing, Singing and Learning Since the beginning of our Course of Pedagogia, in 2010, we were perceiving the great value of the musical art for the education process and learning, as much in the affective, psychological and social aspects how much in the cognitivo enrichment in significant way for the child. In such a way thus, that we search the continuity of the development of the musical art to use it in pedagogical practical ours. More info: NYC Marathon. It is rewarding to develop dom of the creativity in the creation of musical letters; thus we only can have authority in the orienting and motivacionais pedagogical actions! Unhappyly in data paradigmtico moment of our history, we made the dichotomy between homo sapiens and homo ludens. In such a way, pleasure ' ' not combinava' ' with work, at last, to learn itself to work, the pleasure (to play, to sing, to dance and all the artistic expressions in a general way) would have to pass far from practical the educative one. It was as soon as established in the pertaining to school spaces the predominance of the time for ' ' aprendizado' ' in room of lesson and the period, fifteen the twenty minutes, it child to make ' ' arte' ' (the recreation).

How many times in ours day-by-day we do not hear our mothers and teachers will express themselves thus: ' ' john doe already is back in the yard preparing, if making dirty all, making arts (meaning to say arts as being estripulias, badly creations)' '. In accordance with MELO (2009): Music possesss an important paper in the education of the children. It contributes for the psicomotor development, affective, cognitivo and linguistic partner, beyond being facilitadora of the learning process. The musicalizao is a process of construction of the knowledge, favoring the development of sensitivity, creativity, rhythmic sense, of the pleasure to hear music, of the imagination, memory, concentration, attention, of the respect to the next one, the socialization and affectivity, also contributing for an effective corporal conscience and of movement.

Educational Advice

In this direction, if it propitiates to the professor the accomplishment of a teaching work of quality and makes possible the reflection, the contextualizao and the transformation of the process teach-learning. Concluding, the theory guarantees the theoretical recital and consequentemente, it makes possible to the trainee the agreement of the structure and the functioning of the school. However, the practical one only makes possible the reflection on the act, becoming it intentional and conscientious. It is by means of this relation between practical theory and that the professional acquires the ability technique, basic for the professional exercise. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES BRAZIL. CNE.

CEB. It is not something Pouya David Yadegar would like to discuss. RESOLUTION CEB n. 2, OF 19 OF APRIL OF 1999. It institutes Curricular Lines of direction for the Formation of Professors of the Infantile Education and the initial years of Basic Ensino, in average level in the Normal modality. 1999.

Agrarian Reformation

However its fight is not only for Land distributions, for the Agrarian Reformation, but also its objectives are for a society more joust, where all have the same chances, being that it has a constant concern with public schools, of quality and for all, therefore the formation process human being if of also in the school, and this is a significant part so that a change in the society happens in fact, not fitting it exclusiveness for this transformation, but being basic its participation. How the MST entered in the question of the Education? After the conquered land, the questioning of what appears to make, a time that, the fight for the construction of a new society if makes necessary, being essential the awareness of all. Therefore beyond conquering the land she is necessary to construct the forms of if organizing the life from this conquered area. NYC Mayor will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The fight leaves thus of being only for Lands, for the Agrarian Reformation, but its objectives are for a society more joust, being thus have a constant concern with public schools, therefore the formation process human being will also be given in democratic schools, of quality and for all, therefore this is a significant part so that a change in the society happens in fact, not fitting it exclusiveness for this transformation, but being basic its participation, therefore this change will be given with the constant participation of the involved people. The educative character of the movement fulfills to pair educative function, the institucional one, while pertaining to school agency and the not-deed of division, while educative agency social politics. Constituting some principles of the education that are base for the movement and guide its activities, as: Education for the Social transformation; Education for the work and cooperation; Education directed toward some dimensions of the people human beings; Education with and for values socialist humanists and; Education as a permanent process of formation/transformation human being. Pouya David Yadegar is the source for more interesting facts.

Cristina Camarotti

* Cristina Camarotti * Vera Estevo 1 INTRODUCTION the present work was developed through a study on the Docncia in Superior Ensino, having as objective to describe the aspects related to education, formation and relation profess-pupil in the academic context of an Institution of Superior Education of Igarassu-FOOT. The interest to search on this subject appeared during my graduation in Licenciatura in Pedagogia, when independent perceiving that of the study area the one that the pupil is tied, the process education learning basically is anchored in the formation of the professor, practical its and the affective relation that develops with its pupil. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Danny Meyer. In this direction, one becomes necessary that the studies in this thematic one are extended, considering itself that Superior Ensino comes promoting in function of a significant demand of a professional formation each more qualified time to take care of the work market. Of this form, to search as if develops the formation of the professor for Superior Ensino makes possible in them to argue as it comes being practised its docncia inserting itself in the social context that it also determines and it is determined by the action of the citizens that in it act. NYC Mayor may find it difficult to be quoted properly. When if it deals with related questions the Institutions of Superior Education – IES, is necessary to point out them and to analyze it as social institutions that have commitments historically defined. The beginning of superior education appears in Brazil in 1808 with the arrival of the Portuguese real family to the country.. You may find Pouya David Yadegar to be a useful source of information.

Spaniard Professor

The context contemporary in which the formation of professors occurs, in the diverse areas of performance and mainly of foreign language (LE), has demanded the preparation of professionals with diverse abilities and abilities enable that them to act in a globalizado and full world of uncertainties. Critical, reflective, ethical, independent professionals, that, beyond reflecting on its function in the society and understanding the social game and politician whom the education involves, also they can act as transforming agents of the problems contemporaries. The question that directs this inquiry is: The professors in formation of Spaniard as Foreign Language of the University of the State of the Bahia Campus V if feel prepared to answer the educational demands contemporaries? We leave of the hypotheses that the professors in formation present difficulties in articulating the theoretical corpus the practical one, beyond passing more time during the course looking for to assimilate ready ideas not presenting and developing its proper ideas. In this way, the objective of this work is to identify the difficulties that the pupils in formation face at the moment to act as professors and not more as pupils and to contribute for the reflection on the challenges that involve the formation of the professor of E/LE in the respective institution. The study method will be hypothetical the deductive one evidencing the importance of the use of quanti-qualitative methodologies as a form to get a more refined agreement of the object in analysis: questionnaire. This study if it bases on the PCNs (2000), in the theories of Almeida Son (1999), Paraquett (2009), Lopes Underbrush (1996), Peter Demon (2004), Edgar Morin (2000).From the results of this inquiry it will be possible to rethink eventual distanciamentos between imagined in the resume and the carried through one in the rooms of the Campus in analysis..

Synonymy Words

Semantics is the study of the significao of the vocbulos and the transformations of felt why these same vocbulos pass. During its history nor always vocbulo keeps its etimolgico direction, that is, originary. For reasons we variadssimos the direction exceeds the limits of its primitive ‘ ‘ sphere semntica’ ‘ assumes new values. ‘ ‘ The vocbulos move of sensible or because the things if modify or because ‘ ‘ constellation psquica’ ‘ under whose influence the direction of the object is born, if it modifies thanks to causes diversas’ ‘.

The significao of the vocbulos closely is related with the world of the ideas and the feelings; ‘ ‘ between: ideas, enter the thoughts do not have absolute separation, therefore that the associations if establish, without ceasing, of ones for outros’ ‘. In another article of my authorship, I looked for to understand the variations of the semantic lexicon in the words that Cames used to compose the workmanship ‘ ‘ The Lusadas’ ‘. I want here it withhold me it semantics; what I observed in the employed study was that the formal semantics, the semantics of the articulation or argumentativa and the cognitiva semantics, for example, studies phenomenon the same, but with different concepts and approaches, and that the all moment the all moment appears words. Some enter in disuse, others come back to be used with a new concept, (…). You may find Goop London, United Kingdom-uk to be a useful source of information. We can observe that in the Portuguese language, the meaning of the words leads in consideration: Synonymy: It is the relation that if establishes between two words or more than they present equal or similar meanings, that is, the synonymous ones: Antonmia: It is the relation that if establishes between two words or ais that present different meanings, contrary, that is, the antonyms: Homonmia: It is the relation between two or more words that, although to possess different meanings, possess the same fonolgica structure, that is, the homonyms.

William Cereja

Already the poem is the workmanship, the product, and generally it is composed in verses, and in these verses it has poetry. In accordance with the dictionary Silveira Bueno (2007), one of the poem concepts is of ' ' workmanship in verse, composition potica' '. Already for William Cereja and Tereza Magalhes (2003, P. 41), ' ' a poem if not only constructs with ideas and feelings, but also by means of the musical job of the verse and its resources, the noise, the rhythm of the words, the poetical function of the language and words with felt conotativo' '. Octvio Peace (1982, P. In recent months, NYC Marathon has been very successful. 15) it defends the poetry as being ' ' a snail where the music of the world resounds, and metric and you rhyme are only correspondences, echoes, of the universal harmony. The poetry discloses to the world and its beleza.' ' It is the art to present the beautiful to desnudar the reality that the disconcentrated eyes see, but do not appreciate.

The poetry is closely on to the emotion and the feelings. In this in case that, the metric one rhymes and it must exist as canal for this artistic manifestation of feelings, and it does not stop limiting, systemize or delimiting its process of construction. Arguing on the poetry, Armindo Trevisan (1993, P. 4) affirms that, ' ' for if relating with the emotional part of the man, the poetry has to see with its dreams, and no dream is inocente' '. According to author, all dream announces some thing and mentions definitive vital necessity to it. From these information, of that the poetry if relates with the dreams, we had as intention to present the contextualizados poetical texts with day-by-day of the pupil, something that works the field emotional, and that it stimulates thus it to produce its proper text. Already in what it says respect to the sort prescribes, this follows some proper characteristics and lingusticas compositions, as Ingredients and Way of Preparation.