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Key features of this research are the following:? Earthquakes are natural? Can not be predicted but minimize its harmful effects? The effects of an earthquake fall on the poorest population in greater proportion. Clearly are known risk factors against earthquakes? The capital of Colombia is in intermediate seismic risk? The relief agencies are inadequate to meet major emergencies. Educate yourself with thoughts from no-knead bread. The research topic was summarized into five chapters whose titles are as follows: 1 – 2 disasters and their implications – The planning and disaster theory 3 – Urban Earthquake Vulnerability in Bogota 4 – Environment and culture Prevention 5 – Conclusions and Recommendations 3 – RESULTS OF THE RESEARCH In order to comply with the objectives proposed in this research, then lists the most relevant conclusions after analyzing critical reflection on a serious situation in terms of planning socioeconomic involving a large number of Colombian citizens, residents of one of the most important cities in the continental concert. Not surprisingly, while the number of lives lost due to the phenomenon of earthquakes has been reduced substantially over the world, at the same time shows a dramatic increase in the amount of economic losses, including property damage, loss of revenue, infrastructure and facilities and lifelines. For even more analysis, hear from tiny homes. In fact, Colombia has begun to practice procedures aim to reduce threats to human life and personal injury, for example, through significantly improved warning systems, but has not achieved similar benefits terms of economic losses. Preventive action is the most important in any disaster because look at what must be done before the events happen, however, neither the district authorities or civil society are aware of this great responsibility and only when natural or anthropogenic disasters occur are taken measures, often without planning. emailing the administrator.


br the history of the adventure human being in this planet results of what we make. Therefore, not only we make history. We are proper it. Barcelos (2008) .ResumoEm result of the technological development and the consumerism, the environment has passed for intense transformations, induced for the proper man. The first decade of century XXI is being marked for a warm world-wide debate concerning the ambient questions. What it makes to spread out the idea of finitude of the natural resources and the subtilities of the natural mechanism of the planet. Together with the growth of the quarrels on problematic the ambient one, it also grows, the collective concern with the common future of the humanity, thus creating, the necessity of a counterpoint, capable to brake the destruction process. The Ambient Education (EA) appears in virtue of the concern human being with the quality of life, however, its context is very ample and encloses social, economic aspects, politicians, ethical and cultural.

With Conference River 92, had a true globalization of the ambient questions, despertando a concern without precedents in relation to the degradation caused for the technological development/industrial. Such Conference was responsible also, for the propagation of the idea that development and environment constitute a binomial and are sides of one same currency having, therefore, to have values and priorities equivalents, that is, it is essential to develop economically, but it is vital that the natural resources are saved so that not faltem.IntroduoMeus grandmothers were happy and they did not know. It has 50 years, perhaps less, the environment was closely on to the condition existence human being. The waters were abundant and clean, air were pure, the green forests and the ground productive In the region where my grandmothers lived did not have asphalt, electricity and nor canalized water.

New York

The expenses also take in account costs of internment and treatment for illnesses caused or aggravated for the pollution and the reduction of about one year and way of the life expectancy of the economically active population. Beyond the costs right-handers, the losses with the days exist that the interned individuals had left to work, a time that the cases most serious had occurred in the etria band between 15 and 64 years. It has greater incidence of the effect in the months of winter, result of the thermal inversion. The question of urban mobility and the support in the great cities is more serious of what we imagine. The urban train ' ' Metro' ' with all its problems of economic support can be an exit if computed the expenses with the public health. Solutions? I go to give some ideas: Caster of vehicles as it exists in So Paulo Toll electronic as they exist in Tokyo and London, that is, area definitive that cars cannot circulate, and if the drivers to want they pay expensive for access to these areas. To improve the urban transport.

This would stimulate many people to use, as in New York. The meter, exactly with problems of economic support and to need subsidies, can be same the exit. The cost of this pollution and the caused problems of health can weigh definitively against the account favorable the implantation of meters. Conscience of the population for rational use of the vehicles. Efetivao of politics of urban support with programs and concrete actions. Not we can brake the development of the industry nor of the market, but actions in parallel need to be taken to balance the generated problems. The magical word calls urban support. Urban mobility is related it, but the politics that some cities are adopting have more including focus. The great cities in the developed countries have an performance in the question of the urban support of focada and excellent form. Here in Brazil they lack more serious politics efficient. Still we have much to make, meanwhile we spend billions and we suffer upheavals from all nature.

North America

While the collective one of the humanity stops its war without limits against ATWA, our brothers and sisters in harmony with the will of God, in defense and preparation for the future counterattack, if they organize with the weapons provided for the intelligence that said the laws of the survival. The hawk gerifalte is plus an example of the ATWA resistance. Gerifalte is a species of hawk that lives in the Arctic coast and the islands of the North America, Europe and Asia. The species of hawk are the greater of all. Being adapted well to the cold climate, gerifalte has thick plumage and white, characteristic penalties that they guarantee its protection in the Arctic environment. A recent study it very discovered an original characteristic that this species possesss. It is the only bird of robbery (predatory) terrestrial that she makes its home in icebergs floating on the oceans.

The transmitting study gerifaltes tracked the sazonal movement of 48 using saw radio. The researchers had discovered that some of the birds had passed the majority of the winter months on the ocean, using ice marine and icebergs as bases for planning of attacks. One is about an unknown fact with regard to birds predators, that are not adapted to the life in the water. The hawk does not possess adaptations of maritime birds as gulls, gannets, swallows and ducks. Also they do not have feet adapted I swim for it, nor oily covering in its penalty to keep the dry body.

What gerifalte has is strong claws, high speed, and an impressive capacity to capture flying canine tooth. Because it hunts other birds, it is not necessary to dive in the water. The hawk flies above of the waves and, using its speed, it captures sea birds and it takes them to its iceberg for feeding. It has much time that gerifaltes the human beings with its domain of skies have impressed. The bird still is today represented in the blazon of weapons of Iceland. During the medieval time, a real in all was considered the Europe, Asia and even though in Egypt, so distant bird of Arctic lands. One is about one true phenomenon of the adaptation of life.

Mikhail Gorbachev

As the author, the society human being, as he is, is unsustainable. Although the technological advances that the society in some sectors benefits, the humanity this in an increasing fight, not only for ground, but also for water and air, in a hostile environment that it retakes to an age of conflicts. It is foreseen barbarity of the urban and agricultural violence around the natural resources gifts in the planet. However so that these acts do not happen, the sustainable development, based in the current standards of use of the natural resources for the human beings and in the population growth, is not even conceivable. To leave this situation, the promotion of the sustainable development must jump of the utopia to assume the role of strategy for the survival of the species human being, a development of conscientious form through efficient actions that favor the preservation of the environment and the ambient education starts to represent an important component of this strategy, in search of a new paradigm. According to Mikhail Gorbachev (1997, P.

137): The biggest challenge, as much of our time as of the next century, is to save the planet of the destruction. This goes to demand a change in the proper beddings of modern civilization the relationship of the human beings with the nature. In accordance with that it affirms Mikhail Gorbachev the economic development and the quality of life of the human being needs the resources of the Land. The sustainable development is impossible to happen will have been allowed that the ambient degradation continues of the form that comes occurring. The natural resources of the land are enough to take care of to the necessities of all the beings livings creature of the planet will have been usufructed of efficient form and supported. The economic development and the care with the environment are essential, interdependent and necessary.