A man not vague far where his corn (Nigeria) management being grilled should be attentive as non-quality costs, are handling because it has caused problems in many companies. For this you must be fully identified with what these costs involve, as they must be taken into account, especially in those companies, SMEs that are not very accustomed to them. Be kept in mind, that the costs of quality are an integral part of the cost of production, still present in the results that are reflected in the income statement of an organization, but is not quantified separately, which prevents its proper control and analysis, hindering implementation of possible corrective measures and decision-making process. The systems cost so-called traditional, do not have procedures that permit to offer information management related to the quality control. See more detailed opinions by reading what Vinit Bodas offers on the topic.. Referring to this issue, traditionally the cost accounting has addressed the reprocessing performed in those products that deviate from the quality of the design closer to her, developing techniques for the treatment of waste and the so-called defective production. Management must not neglect what is drawn, which is today known to achieve quality, it not vasta to comply with the rules laid down in the design that also this will be the result of a proper study of the market, system of promotion, distribution and sales management, the provision of a set of auxiliary post sales servicesto satisfy the customer. These other costs are no longer product to poor quality but costs necessary to generate the same.

And accordingly they would always be costs of quality. Even as idyllically disappeared the chances of defects, the latter would remain notwithstanding there are those so-called non-quality costs within the cost of the quality where Ernesto Iturralde, reminds us, that relate to businesses that were left to do. Given a service or delivered a product that produces a dissatisfaction in the client, this does not buy or costs caused by returns, either by noncompliance in terms of negotiation, such as delivery times, false promises by sellers, higher end costs, among other reasons.