Authors relationship Advisor bringest views the Russian peculiarities not sufficiently aware of the Internet it has become quite easy in recent years to meet Russian – and Ukrainian women or girls from Eastern Europe looking for a partner. Regardless of whether one is lonely, single or frustrated by the behaviour of women from Germany in the chat and on specialized partner exchanges you will find delightful women to inspiring dates. Some important basic rules you should pay attention this cheaper way always apply for the international partner search: after our experience you should be at the first contact with women from Russia or the Ukraine in a series of “Laws”, which increase the chances of a successful second meeting. Countless books have been written about it, and yet the authors of this book have forgotten mostly, that apply in Russia other habits, allowing Russian & Ukrainian – women not win with the same tricks as the girls in the West. Where are you largest differences between Russian, Ukrainian women and women from Germany? First, Women from Russia prefer solid encountered men with serious intentions. A small online flirt without target is indeed nice, but a real connection occurs only at the meeting in real life. In the course of the preparation of a love affair, the first meeting is an important milestone for Russian women. As inhabitants of a country that is known for his direct manner, she would wait no longer than is necessary on the first meet and a day spent together.

Not more than three months, maximum half a year should pass so that the interested man not as phony and player will be judged. Secondly: In Russia, the male partner are traditionally older than their wives. For women from the East, a difference in age of more than ten years is normal and nothing rare. Who can compete physically, is interesting as man with 15 years age difference as a partner. Thirdly: Equal rights in the partnership are Although highly highly appreciated by the women nevertheless Russians wishing that her husband assumes the function of the budget Board, claimed the lead in the partnership, and makes decisions. Of course this mutual appreciation and respect must not fall for each other behind. In any case, Russian women as a trophy from the friends would be paraded the man, but rather take over the role of housewife and affectionate caring wife. You will find this traditional family image even in modern educated, urban women from educated middle class. Natalya Pastukhova