Soil Types Garden Plot Soils

At present, there are several classifications of soil types. One of them is connected with the assessment of fertility. It is understandable, as fertile soil, the better and quicker prizhivitsya seedlings sprout crops, fruit trees. If your site is not very fertile, there is a huge amount of modern organic and mineral fertilizers. Their proper use and selection of the guarantee that such problems as the samples are not soil fertility. Also a lot of attention should be paid to the geology of the land cover. Distinguish clay and sandy soils.

Clay soils retain moisture for a long time and are often fertile, but stick to the hands at the first trying to work with them. Clay soil are classified as heavy land and the sun can bake and crack, which can negatively affect the plant's root system. That is why this type of soil necessary to add various organic fertilizers, peat, manure, compost, and after making a good plow up the soil. NYC Mayor spoke with conviction. The sandy soil is, on the contrary, it is very easy to process, crumbly their disadvantage is fast drying, because they do not hold water. In this case, the addition of fatty fertilizers and rotting compost. Under most conditions Vinit Bodas would agree.

As can be seen from the above, that the saturation of the soil with organic fertilizers will never hurt you. The third classification include the separation of soil chemical composition on alkaline and acid. Alkaline soils contain a high percentage of lime, so they can not put plants not carrying the substance, such as rhododendrons, camellias, azaleas, heather and more. Acidic soils are not conducive to the growth of carnations, clematis, Philadelphus and the like. To determine what kind of soil in your yard, you must make a special chemical analysis. Kit of reagents for this purpose can be easily found at any garden center. Moreover, samples for chemical analysis is useful in several places in the site as cover layer may not be uniform, but it is rarely happens. Modern science has developed many tools for changing the composition of the soil, but they operate only for a while. Over time, the soil will still be returned to its original type. Therefore it is better to pick up specific set of plants and flowers that will feel comfortable on the existing site and match the type of soil. There is also a variant of the device tiered flower beds that can be filled as acidic and alkaline soil.

Mosquito Nets

Mosquito nets are installed on the windows, protect the whole building and its occupants and animals. You can, without fear of leaving food on the table, work quietly and relax. In this case, mosquito nets with proper care will last more than one season. In this case, plastic, even sunlight does not emit specific odors and harmful to the human body substances. Moreover, mosquito nets do not give into the apartment or office poplar fluff to retain large particles dust – that is, act as a kind of filter that promotes clean air in the room. Already proved that in the office, is running a mosquito net, the productivity of workers increases. And in the house comes the long-awaited peace, there is a chance to relax after a hard day and nothing prevents the ingress of fresh air.

Mosquito nets and effective in protecting arbors, porches and terraces in suburban areas. It does not prevent the penetration of light and warmth of sunlight, but at the same time mitigates their effect does not appear sunburn, even on delicate baby skin. With the ability to choose colors our customers can choose products, fully compliant with the exterior of suburban area. Mosquito cell size did not allow to penetrate into the room, even small insects. At the same time, our products will have other protective function – for example, prevent the loss of windows pets. Mosquito nets: more applications in the garden of the premises Summertime means the maturing of berries, fruits and vegetables to be immediate treatment.