Use Morning Exercises

One of the wise Indian saying goes: "The best remedy is not – do exercises to old age." Indeed, morning gymnastics, or charging and helps to awaken the whole body, creates a good mood, gives a charge of vivacity and finally flexing the joints. But despite this, we often neglect the morning exercises. For its failure is a wide variety of reasons, ranging from employment, and ending statements about the usefulness of the imaginary charge. But the main reason, even if we do not admit it, always turns out to be lazy. Accustom themselves to the morning exercises is not so difficult, most importantly – a creative and positive approach to this process. First of all, let's understand why it is so useful morning exercises? Probably everyone knows that during sleep the body is resting. Slows the rhythm of breathing and heartbeat, lowers blood pressure in the vessels.

Blood for body circulates slowly thickens. Is in relative peace and nervous system. NYC Mayor might disagree with that approach. After waking up in the body continues to operate the process, delaying the work of bodies. In humans, reduced performance, reaction rate sensitivity. To move the body to normal "working" state, it takes about two hours. Or fifteen minutes, if you're doing exercises. Here are a few rules that everyone should know. In no case be difficult to carry out a complex exercise in the morning.

The purpose of morning exercises – the awakening of the body, rather than pumping up the muscles. Prepare to charge more in the evening. Going to bed, imagine how enjoyable will be your awakening, as you perform your usual morning things, doing morning exercises, breakfast, in high spirits go about their business. Configured in the evening of the brain itself will push you to perform charging. Starting the morning always have a smile and the thought of his good mood. Not necessarily perform delivered once and for all set of exercises morning exercises. You can come up with something, even just to dance. Do morning gymnastics together with someone and your favorite music more fun. Hold charge better in fresh air or if it is not possible, then an open window. There are many different exercises, but should start charging a walk, it is warm up the muscles and prepare the body for subsequent lessons. By following these simple rules, you can easily accustom themselves to the daily charge and save time on awakening.

Discover Thalassotherapy

And, perhaps, no one refuses to cleanse the body and relieving stress, which has become, unfortunately, the constant companion of the inhabitants of large cities. Experienced professionals with medical education will select the best for you set of procedures allows us to obtain the maximum effect in just a few days. Thalassotherapy is used to treat diseases of bones and joints, respiratory system, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism, various injuries and their consequences. It is effective in violation of thyroid function, with a number of gynecological diseases, obesity, cellulite, stress states. Thalassotherapy is suitable for almost all, but like any other therapeutic measures, it has some contraindications. Among them, acute infectious and inflammatory diseases, cancer, or certain cardiovascular diseases system. NY Museums has much to offer in this field. However, most visitors to holiday homes "Bekasovo" can safely enjoy the thalassotherapy – one of the most enjoyable treatments of diseases and their prevention.

Discover Thalassotherapy While in office by special bathroom and a comfortable couch wraps and massages, you get complete relaxation and feel energized. Careful skin care will make it more supple and clean with no exposure to chemical drugs and the effects of algae and mud will get rid of cellulite – the eternal enemy of the beautiful half of humanity. In addition, the saturation of your body's minerals and trace elements will significantly improve your immune system, which is especially important during the cold season. Thalassotherapy help you not only look great, but to be healthy, to resist stress and easier to endure exercise. Rest in Suburbs can bring you no less joy than a trip to the seaside. In this case, you save time and guarantee you will not suffer from the acclimatization.

Come to "Bekasovo" can be a family or company of friends, but you can dedicate this time only to yourself. After vacation in the resort – one of the best ways to spend a weekend. No problems, no work, only nature, only pleasant emotions, sports, and, of course, . Separate program in the Bekasovo is a children's holiday – for young guests boarding house has its own therapeutic and restorative procedures. Kids do not understand the scientific terms and justifications, but they appreciate your care and attention, and they like to just splash about in the comfort of the sea water, especially when the season of swimming in open water has already ended. Rest in "Bekasovo" – one of chance to combine business with pleasure, have fun and take care of health. Try to go for a weekend in Moscow, this charming holiday home, and you will not regret his decision!

Federal Institute

Employers Association and German University to develop the ‘ DIN SPEC 91020’ involved in employee health against the backdrop of the impending shortage becoming a decisive factor for the success of the company developed. This BGM is a management task that requires integration into the structure of a company. That requires a quality-oriented approach, which relies on standards. Particularly in the field of small – and medium-sized enterprises lacking yet often standardized, universal standards for own BGM concepts. Against this background, a working group of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) e.

V. deals with a uniform standard for BGM in German companies since September, 2011. As a representative of German fitness and health industry, the employers Association of German fitness and health equipment (DSSV e. V.) was involved from the outset in the development of the DIN standard. With the German University of prevention and health management and their sister company, BSA-Akademie ( are in This process also two educators with years of experience in terms of qualification for the growth market of prevention, fitness, sports and health integrated. According to the Federal Institute for occupational safety and health (BAuA) e.g. costs incurred alone in the year 2007 by outlandish production amounting to 40 billion euro, or costs due to unusual gross value of EUR 73 billion.

Despite this enormous economic importance, health promotion has not the importance that would be to him due to his relevance in the business environment in practice yet. Currently health promotion and prevention with around 4.5% make up only a small percentage of public and private health care spending. What was missing long time back the implementation of BGM, especially for small – and medium-sized companies within reach, is a single standard. With the development of an own DIN for the theme BGM by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) e. V., therefore an important and forward-looking task is now shortly before her successful completion.