No one would deny that fishing – is a fashionable hobby nationwide. Newspapers are published, beautiful glossy magazines, publish books, is multiplying the information on the Internet. Nevertheless, the information is still needed search for hours. All's not about the quantity of information, but rather its quality. Often have to meet in the books published only a year ago, terms such as 'bar', 'timber', 'hair', pointing to the obsolescence material and the complete incompetence of authors in modern fishing. Most often, this is a great compilation of articles Sabaneyeva DP, who has lived and worked in the nineteenth century in our country, whose writings are very common today. Many contemporary authors know probably only the latter.

Today, sport fishing methods has now become a lot more. Among them: fly fishing, spinning, bottom fishing, float, trolling, winter fishing, etc. Some of them are quite common, others – less. For some types of fishing competitions are held even! Trolling – a modern, technologically rich method of catching predatory fish, since April 2009. permitted in our country. It originates from the Old Russian 'tracks'. And if the latter used a heavy jig called 'track', then trolling is used a lot of different baits, lures of up to wobblers. That can deliver the trolling? Any predatory fish – perch, pike, perch, chub, chub, catfish. Amazing restaurateur can provide more clarity in the matter.

There are unusual for this method of fishing trophies – carp and bream. This theme is still little coverage in the fishing media. However, something that sheds light on the aggressive behavior bream fishing and devoted his young rider and trolling, has already appeared. We focus on the most exciting topic – catching catfish trolling. Along with the traditional Russian method – Kwok, trolling has become extremely popular in recently. And the reason for it not only the soma, which perfectly caught by this method, but a lot of trolling crankbaits that have appeared on the shelves of our Russian stores. Due to the volume of supply in the topic spinning lures is quite difficult to navigate. The problem is compounded also due to the mass of material which will give the wrong advice on catching catfish. Starting from the use of the mythical 'heavy' wobblers, to chicken giblets cast somewhere deep in a river. Similar recommendations say more about the blatant incompetence of the authors and do not really have any relation. Catfish habitat – deep river holes with a strong course, common in large rivers – the lower Volga, Kama, Oka, Dnieper. For successful fishing in such difficult circumstances need a good understanding of strategy and tactics of catching catfish, to be able to choose specific fishing grounds. Necessary will also be some knowledge of modern baits and how to feed. Superfluous to prove some ichthyological knowledge. Ichthyology and special catfish catfish baits – a very large topic. Today the third millennium. There are new gear and powerful engines, lighter boats. Change fishing methods, increased equipment of fishermen. Do not change just one thing – only a deep knowledge can lead to success!