Compressor Equipment

Do you want to buy a new or renovate your existing compressor? The company "pneumotechnics" 13 years of implementing the compressor equipment from leading manufacturers. The company offers excellent service base maintenance and repair of all types of compressors. To date, there are many types of compressors differ in power, performance and other parameters. It is important to know exactly what compressor is needed for your purposes. Thanks to our experts can choose compressors are best suited for your industrial or household tasks. Professional staff – this is our calling card. Recall how often all of us used to have to buy anything, and the seller does not know clearly what he sells. Filed under: Lila Snyder. At best, you leave frustrated, and at worst get a product that you do not absolutely need. NY museums contains valuable tech resources.

Such we do not exist, each an expert in our company thoroughly knows his work, he will be able to accurately determine your requirements for the compressors and advise that it is better to buy. Our employees know the benefits and disadvantages of such demand in the market of compressors, screw air compressor and a reciprocating compressor. We perform warranty and post-sales service. Knowing all the above was written, it becomes clear why every year, the company "pneumotechnics" only increases the number of orders. After such careful attention to customers as the company "pneumotechnics" can not find hardly any more in a firm engaged in sale of compression equipment. We understand how important a good compressor station for the production. We have an extensive network of offices and partners in different regions of Russia. This allows you to quickly respond to the needs of our customers and conduct regular maintenance of compressor oborudovaniya.Kompressor bought from us – it's quality and reliability at an affordable price.

Technical Regulations

What is a certificate of conformity GOST R? Certificate of Compliance – this permit, also called as a quality certificate, the certificate of State Standard, the customs certificate, a certificate GOST R and others, issued by the rules of certification systems in order to confirm the suitability of the certified products (services) the requirements applicable in the territory of the Russian Federation standards and norms. CONFIRMATION CONFORMITY OF GOODS BY ANY standards and documents specified in the certificate? Of course, all familiar GOST, GOST R, GOST R IEC, ISO, and more recently in conformity with technical regulations, which are introduced gradually replace the state standards and SNIP. Yes, there is another way to confirm compliance with the requirements of Technical Specifications (TU), a method commonly used for confirmation of voluntary certification of products. RELATIONSHIP AND HOW LONG certificate of conformity? The certificate of conformity GOST R is issued by an accredited certification body for a period of 1. 2.

or 3 years for continuous product certification, and therefore no validity to quantity of products supplied under the contract or invoice, the latter most often applies to foreign supplies of goods to Russia. What is obligatory and voluntary certification? Certification of products (services) can be both mandatory and voluntary, so for example, "yellow certificate" – issued by certification of products, which are subject to mandatory conformity assessment in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws and nomenclature. respectively "blue certificate" issued for the products in respect of which no law provides for mandatory certification, the latter form certification is often used by large business representatives and producers in order to confirm compliance with the requirements of their product specifications and other additional guests, not nomenclature provided for mandatory certification. Learn more at: Bill de Blasio.

Organization Access Control

The company has released a new module Satel INT-CR and INT-IT for managing sensor alarm system, which is a contactless card readers standard EM Marine, trinkets and other passive transponders operating at a frequency of 125 kHz. Both models can work with alarm control panels and Integra Series Versa brand Satel and provides arming / disarming of the object using a proximity identifiers, as well as used for Organization Access Control. Between a proximity readers are different versions: INT-CR designed for installation on walls of the invoice, and INT-IT – for in-depth wall mounting with decorative accessories and production Bticino Gewiss in areas with high demands on design. The case design as INT-IT, and INT-CR in classic style. In this case Proximity INT-IT can be installed using installation of decorative accessories and Biticino Italian Gewiss. In such a configuration best suited to readers of premises with high demands on design and appearance of the equipment contained therein. Moreover, Proximity Transponder series INT-IT is available in 5 different versions for use with frames of different types, which differ from each other by color and design. Wall modules INT-CR and INT-IT can carry out management regimes of different groups of alarm systems on the basis of alarm control panels Satel series INTEGRA and VERSA using proximity cards, tags and other passive transponders standard EM Marine. Thus readers proximity identifiers are designed exclusively for installation within the premises, and when installed must take into account that the distance between the proximity device must be at least 50 cm Functions INT-CR and INT-IT in the alarm system include setting the system to full protection, the protection mode A or B, that are programmed to install the reader, as well as the removal of signaling and alarms in the dropping of OPS.