BarCamp 2 in Munich at the Sun Microsystems GmbH Munich, September 17, 2008 – at the weekend, 11 and 12 October meet in Munich Internet experts, bloggers, software developers, StartUp founders, entrepreneurs and interested to the second BarCamp, for two days to topics around to replace the Web 2.0. In addition to technical issues, it’s among others also includes data protection, political and social developments, communities, marketing on the Web and self management. The global BarCamp movement following the BarCamp Munich is unconference\”and organized as an alternative to commercial conferences. The first event of this kind was held in 2005 in Palo Alto, California. Since then, BarCamps implemented worldwide over 250 times in cities such as New York, London, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Shanghai. BarCamps are organized by enthusiasts for enthusiasts who want to learn and share knowledge in an open environment. Active participation in the event is expected by all participants. Typical for a BarCamp is the absence of a planned lecture program.

Instead, proposals for sessions (short presentations) be submitted by the participants, the final program then sets together at the beginning of the first day of the event. Participants, who themselves hold no session, participate actively in the discussions and document the event as live with videos, pictures and reports on the Internet, to interested parties, which can not be on-site to provide access to as much information. The BarCamp Munich is a symposium with lectures, presentations and discussions, but also a social event, which allows the participants in an open and relaxed atmosphere, to establish contacts and maintain networking. All important information can be before, during and after the BarCamp on found. This collaborative platform offers also the possibility to submit topic proposals in advance and disseminate ideas for your own presentations in addition to a discussion forum and the registration. Are welcome all interested parties who want to contribute to the success of BarCamps.