Libyan Territory

Gaddafi reappears again to say that they will continue fighting. Your resistance should increase day by day, said the dictator. The Prime Minister of Gaddafi supported the Libyan Revolution. Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has called on his followers to prepare to resist and cope with a protracted war, in a new message released by the Syrian television channel to the Rai. In the recording, which commemorated the 42nd anniversary of his accession to power after the revolution which overthrew King Idris, Gaddafi also urges countries aggressors (in rrencia to NATO) to understand with legality.

Your resistance should increase day by day. Perhaps check out NYC Mayor for more information. Prepare yourselves for a guerrilla war and urban warfare, and propagad a popular resistance to the length and breadth of Libya, said former Libyan leader, that he remains unaccounted. It is the second message issued by Gaddafi in just a few hours, and the fifth since Tripoli, the Libyan capital, fell into the hands of the rebels. Gaddafi added that in the last 42 years Libya has lived in freedom and prosperity, but that now NATO has destroyed the modern infrastructures. According to the dictator, colonialist forces try fleecing Libya natural resources, mainly oil and water sources.Victim of an injustice wish to return to Libya to what it was before the revolution, all the resources remaining in its hands, but prrimos death before that, insisted al-Gaddafi. He also alluded to the city of Sirte, one of the last bastions that are still in the hands of the gadafistas, which has regained its prestige as the capital of the resistance with the recent bombings. Qadhafi considered that his country has been the victim of an injustice, since they have attacked schools, hospitals and roads. Shimmie horn helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In the last hours have continued defections from the camp gadafi, as the of his last Prime Minister, El Baghdadi Mahmudi, who made public his support for the Libyan Revolution. Source of the news: Gaddafi urges his followers to prepare for a “prolonged war” in Libyan territory

Courteney Cox Producer

A Hollywood producer and former friend of the couple has told in the book Confindential: The life of a secret agent turned Hollywood tycoon. It ensures that Pitt and Jolie already knew and had been a loving affair before being co-stars in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were the couple of the moment, the envy of everyone, but his end came by third parties. (A valuable related resource: The Metropolitan Museum of Art). Although he has never spoken much on the subject, now begin to emerge some data. Arnon Milchan worked for many years as a producer of films in Hollywood and thanks to this facet could have contact with stars like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, but it seems that the money and popularity is well above their friends because it has not hesitated to make public how ended the relationship of the couple. What happened qeu was not Pitt left Aniston honestly to go with Angelina Jolie.

According to account Confindential: The life of a secret agent turned Hollywood tycoon was actress who confronted her partner after having been asking many friends on the that was the case with Jolie. By then any close person wanted to betray to Pitt, but it seems Aniston decided to plant him face after spending a holiday with Courteney Cox and David Arquette. At first the Babel actor denied that he had something more than a friendship with performer wanted, but after a long conversation had to recognize it. Then Aniston threw him out. Pitt took refuge in house of which is now spreading his life since then besides his friend it was the producer of the film that was shooting with Jolie: Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

But if this seemed little readers publishing, the producer ensures that Angelina and Brad were already known, and very well, months before filming the movie in which arose – allegedly – love. Thus, Arnon Milchan ensures that those now known as Brangelina had lived some madness of love before being co-stars. Now can only wait to see if the three protagonists of the love triangle react somehow against the producer or leave this to gold because they cannot deny the largest. Source of the news: Jennifer Aniston threw out Brad Pitt after his early skirmishes with Angelina Jolie