And of course, Understanding what a cheap or free, you can do this either by themselves or simply to be cheated (if not directly then indirectly sense where you will be back in the consulate of your country of citizenship for non-relevant documents). Before you search for 'freebies' Think about that in the state. bodies of law do not think over the most stupid people, and migration services and ministries are people devoid of the personal problems of your … Calculate how You will need it all? Are real than what to do in Lithuania? Is it enough for that you have the resources (self-energy and the initial financial) – that would not have wasted his time and the time those people who will be your advise. And even if you clearly outlined goals to go until the end of five years and get a permanent residence permit to live in LITHUANIA, keep in mind that without a language exam and the exam on the right you do not succeed. Therefore, it is necessary to learn, to change, try … Are you ready? Then the law to help you and senior consultants! That brings me smoothly to the topic How to detect unauthorized persons or potential cheaters? Why do all the same have to pay? Let's talk about it: once it is possible to begin with, if the advertisement or in the interview you promised to train something from above (residence permit when buying property in Lithuania, the purchase of the form residence in Lithuania for some money, a guarantee of obtaining a residence permit, visa guarantee, fast acquisition of citizenship, permanent residence, short deadlines, suspicious cheap services a residence permit on the basis of ownership of a legal entity with a zero balance or suspension of activity, ownership of shares with par value company less than 15 thousand euros, or ownership of shares nominal value of up to 15 thousand euros and without any obligation of employment in Lithuania and in the absence of taxes. .