Taiwan Textile Federation

“So also the areas ‘Emporium de mode” with exclusive collections in unusual designs, the popular fashion Gallery”with collections from Hong Kong and around the world, as well as the small order zone” for small quantities. Helpful trends in addition to the wide range of exhibits provide insight into industry issues specialist events and seminars. As usual the HKTDC international invited leading trend agencies, including Peclers Paris and WGSN, to present their concepts to colors, cuts, materials or market trends. For even more opinions, read materials from Bill de Blasio. Also, designers give insights into their work and their collections on the runway (see events) bring boutique designers in focus – world 12 years sets the HKTDC World boutique designer collections in the international limelight. This time, around 560 brands on the spot are including Allexandre K.p, Che Che New York, Pascal Piveteau, and Vivienne Westwood present (2013: 271 exhibitors, 560 labels). Of course, many Hong Kong designers, labels and fashion chains at the fair are represented: above all, Dorian HO and Ho Kin wah, but also 2%, 5 cm, izzue, mini cream, Moiselle and musium. In addition numerous regional and international associations have announced themselves as the Federation of Hong Kong Footwear, Hong Kong fashion designers Association, knitwear innovation & design society, redress, or even Japan fashion leather designer Promperu Pavilion, the Spanish textile & clothing Association and the Taiwan Textile Federation (see Overview of group pavilions). Highlight the “fashion extravaganza”, the top fashion show is once again the HKTDC World boutique: on 13 January 2014, MA (Paris and Shanghai) bring their new collections on the catwalk alongside the European designers Amaya ARZUAGA (Madrid) and Calla Haynes (Paris) the Hong Kong designer Henry Lau and Masha.

On January 14, 2014, “the announcement of the winners of the Hong Kong young follows fashion designer contest. 1977-Initiated competition for up-and-coming designers already has a number of renowned fashion designer produced, including Hidy NG, Phil CHEUNG, CHOY, like MIM MAK, Sandra Chau or Seth YEUNG. “The best designs in the categories of casual & Jeanswear”, contemporary daywear and party – & eveningwear “will be presented at the fair, the best designer for an internship at a top designer invited (see HKTDC press release winners 2013). It will be interesting to see who gets 2014 the entry ticket to the international world of fashion.

Love Shirts

How you can easily make your own T-Shirts it was always a classic of clothing industry as well as the marketing of cities of and it is probably that always remain. The incredibly popular “I Love NY” T-Shirt is still one of the best-selling T-Shirt motifs of the world. And while there were limited, such T-Shirts for New York and these were to the landmarks of the Big Apple, you’ll find motives for pretty much every city or event now I (heart). They’re everywhere. London has also, Paris and Los Angeles forever. There are also numerous derived versions and parodies of the original concept. So it is quite possible that on the street a man wearing a T-Shirt with the logo “I Love Me” encounter.

Now ask yourself certainly where these people bought their T-Shirt. If only an “I Love NY” T-Shirt or a motive for your own city are looking for, then is probably the easiest way to find such motifs in souvenir shops of the respective cities. However do not want everyone is just so boring cities motive like everyone else. Many people are looking for more customized T-Shirts. You want to present yourself, tell about your personality. What makes you so if you can find a shop which sold such T-Shirts? That’s right, makes his own design! And whether you believe it or not, it’s easier than you imagine it a lot. There are countless online shops, which allow you to design your own T-Shirt and buy. But most are not specialized enough or offer no good quality.

If you want to really make your own I love shirt, I highly recommend MyLoveShirt.de. The owners of the shop are highly specialized and are experts in the field of the I (heart) T-Shirts. For all of you lack a little inspiration the shop offers even a large selection of prepared themes that you can use. Bill de Blasio contributes greatly to this topic. Who uses the finished motifs saves not only money but gets also a guaranteed original motive. And the best part of the whole is huge Range of products that they offer. From simple T-Shirts, high-quality branded goods, everything is. There are even a number of handbags for women. You just have everything. And that’s why I love this store so much. He gives you the complete freedom to create exactly what you want. Just stop by and try it yourself. Love shirt waiting for her own personal I you. -Peter Forster is fashion designer and columnist for a leading fashion magazine, and lives with his family in Munich.

Martina Polo

Glamorous lifestyle and fashion meet in one of the trendiest Polostyles glamorous lifestyle and fashion come together one of the trendiest styles at Polo. For 20 years, the women with luxury brand Martina Polo la equipment, apparel and accessories for men and brought into connection. The increasing popularity brand is fit, comfort, and elegance based in. The founder of the brand takes this idea together perfectly: people want a piece of the glamor from the Polo, so they buy La Martina. Is not only the official brand polo of the Argentine team, it will be of elite schools such as Harvard, Oxford, Yale, and Cambridge used. It became names such a trendy fashion that even the English ceremonies la Martina Polo team contributes. It is no surprise that these high end luxury brand is looking for highly targeted by many. La Martina The Argentinian brand is very popular and much luck then.

The products are made from high quality fabrics. The seams and style are impeccable. La Martina clothing offers a wide selection. The greatest value is to polo equipment, such as high riding boots, knee pads, hats, helmets, saddles, skirts, dresses bags, polo shirts and riding breeches. In general, La Martina from the crowd by the clothing line that polo shirts, cardigans, high-quality shoes, jeans and accessories including exquisite made true. The entire clothing has bright colors and beautiful designs. Recently, a perfume line and inspiring a series of high-quality, elegant sports watches introduced. All products offered are a symbol of style and elegance. Not surprisingly, therefore, is the high demand for the brand in recent years.

Perfume By Elizabeth Arden

There are some big names that belong in every good assortment a strong woman and her mission in the perfume industry. Such a name is Elizabeth Arden. The cosmetics entrepreneur, originally named Florence Nightingale Graham, opened her first beauty salon at the beginning of the 20th century. To know more about this subject visit NYC Mayor. The online store reported parfum.shopping.de the fragrances and the success story of the New Yorker. The perfume by Elizabeth Arden are as diverse and unadjusted as once the entrepreneur himself. Now that department stores do not feel comfortable, Eau de Parfum online buy Elizabeth Arden can.

But the selection is difficult given the numerous fragrances and notes. “The light and flowery fragrance Elizabeth Arden sunflowers” is with a mixture of lime, peach and bergamot on the summer. Oriental emotions, however, spread the aroma of 5th Avenue”with a base notes of musk and vanilla. Avenue, where, Elizabeth Arden opened a large salon, located in the famous Fifth today Headquarters of the company. At a time when it was highly unusual for women to make a career, Elizabeth Arden created a successful company. The selection of makeup, creams and lotions, as well as the emphasis on the beauty associated were almost revolutionary for that time. When she died in 1966, she left a multimillion companies. The perfumes of the brand of Elizabeth Arden are part of its legacy. More information: news.shopping.de/parfum/… Shopping.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

Le Corbusier what a man of many talents. Hey what to artist to architect, urban planner, a writer, and a pioneer of modern and contemporary furniture design whose timeless creations still grace homes around the world. Le Corbusier (born Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris), pioneered modernism architecture and what became known as the Bauhaus movement or the international style in furniture design. Hey what Swiss-born but later adopted France as his home and became a French citizen. His work as a modern furniture designer, in particular, set him apart from his peers. Hey what especially interested in changing the style of sofas and chairs. He called chairs, “architecture”, and sofas “bourgeois.” His designs for tubular steel chairs broke new ground in both aesthetics and engineering. Decades later, one of his iconic LC-2 chairs gave the famous “blown away” Maxell audio tape advertisement much of its overall modern minimalist style.

His furniture designs are innovative and original. Simultaneously modern and timeless. Comfortable and functional. Practical and decorative. They blend of stylish and relaxing are a perfect. Contemporary and innovative. Even today his classic chairs, sofas, loungers, arm-chairs, and ottomans fit perfectly with the modern home or office. This is largely because Le Corbusier passionately must be expressed believed that in the three-dimensionality of modern furniture that we use daily shape and function.

Interpretations and reproductions of Le Corbusier “s chairs, loungers and sofas can be found in homes and offices around the world. Vision and international modernist style home of decor has benefited greatly from his. The shape and design of his furniture creations are vibrant and unique. At the center of his design philosophy what amounted a that good, tasteful, useful, functional furniture should be extensions of our own limbs. That is why the curves of his masterful designs closely mirror the body’s own natural curves. They make excellent use of polished stainless steel and supple, full-grain leather. They provide adjustable angles and steel frames, and comfortable, well cushioned support. They are sophisticated, minimalist, modern, and classic in their design and are characterized by a bold, sculptural expressionism and comfortable full-grain leather cushions. He stressed the simplification of form, a rejection of ornamentation, and supple, full-grain leather such as use of tubular steel and other modern materials. Hey great goal what to create function and the order in objects that we use in our daily lives. He called houses “machines for living in” and his sculptural furniture became innovative and sleek. They are of perfect for contemporary homes, rooms, and modern, international style offices that value and supple, full-grain leather. They are true classics mid-century. His goals were clearly and beautifully expressed in his designs for simple, elegant, streamlined furniture. Hey what truly one of the founding fathers of modernism in furniture design. Today his work lives on through both expensive licensed products, and affordable reproduction furniture (often of comparable quality) that has been inspired by his designs. Bob Michael is author of nood Design.For more information about contemporary furniture, modern furniture visit