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You need a partner you can 100% trust the one who is above all able, sensitive a job change to prepare so long discreetly to stretch out i.e. the sensor in the mutual consent until the specific address is secured. You may find that Danny Meyer can contribute to your knowledge. What profiles are currently in demand in the industry? We’re looking today Bucharest /-inside, have several years of experience in the development and guidance of sustainable communication concepts. Our customers include cities, such as Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne or include Wiesbaden, to the most creative agencies in Germany with renowned national and international clientele. What qualifications must conception in the event business bring today? Overlooking this customer portfolio, we serve today globally oriented cosmopolitan and brands that we are looking for intelligent, highly qualified people who can deal with a 360-degree Kommunikationsdenke, because event communication or exhibition – and corporate events nowadays an important role in the marketing and Sales success of a company and brand worlds are involved. Events are also marketing concepts that are embedded with views on preparation, implementation, follow-up in the marketing process. Operational understanding of social media, dialog marketing, brand management needs with an experienced generalists, ideally with higher education, who can handle safely and especially creative with these requirements.

What must employers offer their future will? kg u cooperates with its clients in the selection process, it out, here employer and employee skills both professionally and emotionally well together fit so that the common perspective. Just to get creativity and existing potential for success in the future perfect. Who moves to the next in a successful position, must feel here and the development of your career? This has much to do with the good feeling around the workplace. We have had the experience, that attractive content models, company cars and co. of course Prerequisites are, but ultimately not relevant for the job change. We say: it must just incredibly fun to work in the new company. How can you with you contact? Interested employees can contact directly with us through Pn5Y in combination. We guarantee discretion and available for personal talks advance, for example if a job change only in the medium term is in the room or even employer of choice.

Online Marketing:

US companies use online marketing to sustainably strengthen the interaction with consumers. The trend towards online marketing in its various forms is still continues in the United States. The area is recorded according to ad age”in 2006 with a growth of 17.3 per cent compared to the previous year the largest increase in all advertising channels. The development comes at the cost of traditional advertising media, whose market share dropped in the media mix by 0.6 to 58.2 percent. In the online marketing we see the most dramatic changes”, says Paul Rand, Managing Director of the Agency Ketchum in Chicago.

The marketing companies realize that they need to interactive deal with the customers, so they are really engaged in the brand.” Especially technology companies draw on their affinity to the Internet in the field of advertising. Hewlett-Pack style roughly gave last year with 111 million dollar-13.4% of its 829 million heavy advertising budget for online marketing. The online advertising only on two other large is similarly dominant Been technology companies, namely Barry Diller IAC/Interactive Corporation with 16.4 percent and the telephony company Vonage with 40 percent of the Gesamtwerbebudgets for 2006. That it is not only a modified weighting of media channels, but also new creative possibilities, Hewlett-Packard currently demonstrates its global campaign, which was launched late August under the title: what do you have to say? “Print 2.0: extending the power of print”. Half of the 300 million-dollar campaign is issued according to Ron Coughlin, Senior Vice President of HP worldwide, for Internet-based marketing elements alone. In Europe, the share was even higher, because one could react online more flexibly in the different languages. But the campaign is not limited to digital advertising formats, but uses the Internet as a way of interaction, whereby customers can use the Printangebote from HP.

HP three celebrities on the singer and designer Gwen Stefani (, hired for the campaign Snowboarder Jake Burton ( / burton) and the designer Paula shear ( You provide some of their designs for free to consumers and can be integrated into business and greeting cards, DVD cover or letterheads. The action is almost designed to take advantage of the shift of communication on the Internet. And we earn our money with the printed stationery, says Coughlin. To consumers, to get involved but also business partners on another level with HP, wikis were launched also, where customers and companies can present themselves. A combination of mobile marketing and outdoor uses HP in New York: on some billboards in times square users via text to communicate messages with a Stefani display and request their products via E-Mail. Also viral components to be used in the second phase of the campaign of that October starts at the beginning. Using these platforms, 25000 users on the websites of the campaign could bring HP on the first day. Online advertising has more benefits than traditional TV advertising because the effectiveness of a campaign is more easily measurable “says Sywert damage mountain, PR Director at HP/IPG Europe. In its mobile advertising wants to tread carefully with HP and messages without text. Would prefer pull technologies to the push method, because we come across as too aggressive, you want to be relevant to the customers.” (OA)

Tell It Your Way Philips

Philips and RSA launch international film competition Tell It Your Way Philips searches for the major directing talent and has called for an international competition in life. See more detailed opinions by reading what NYC Mayor offers on the topic.. Enthusiastic filmmakers and newcomers are called upon to make a short film. Which movie as the best will be awarded, one of the world’s most famous film directors, Sir Ridley Scott, decides the already blockbusters such as alien (1979), Blade Runner (1982) and Gladiator (2000) has realized. NYC Mayor shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. “The winners Tell It your way” is New York, London and Hong Kong to be a week to guest in one of the production offices of Ridley Scott Associates (RSA) in Los Angeles, to gain valuable experience. According to the Philips film project parallel lines, which consists of five short films, a sixth film to rotate, which refers to the overall theme.

Parallel lines has been implemented by the following RSA Directors: Greg Fay, Johnny Hardstaff, Carl Erik Rinsch, Jake Scott, and Hi-SIM, who have chosen different genres for their projects. The same dialog combines all but. All five movies can be viewed on the Philips website. The parallel lines films emphasize the cinematic possibilities of Philips TVs – unique Ambilight technology, the award-winning image quality and the extremely clear sound. I am very careful with Philips to realize this project and am very excited about how the participants will use the famous dialogue in the sixth film “, as Sir Ridley Scott.” At Philips, we want to bring the cinematic experience home. Through the partnership with RSA, we offer the chance to make his own movie every interested and worldwide as a part of the parallel lines project to present “, Gary adds smoking, Vice President and head of integrated communications at Philips. The competition is open to everyone.