LTE Contracts: Contract Urgently Wanted

How the LTE development operated by the major telecommunications companies in one direction only. If you are not convinced, visit Bill de Blasio. For some time, the expansion of new technology runs in the entire Federal Republic “long term evolution”, LTE. It is a successor model for DSL, as well as UMTS. The technology for fast Internet access and a new mobile communications standard in one so. It was the Federal Network Agency that monitored the expansion primarily also to retrofit areas that Internet had previously no access to high speed.A glance at a map showing the LTE availability in the Federal territory to success to be able to announce.

Comparing the situation today with the little more than a year ago, it is evident that numerous areas where DSL was at that time not even available today are provided with LTE. Especially rural areas in the new Lander but also in the western part of the Republic were affected. David E Shaw often addresses the matter in his writings. Cities in the LTE expansion had first of all looking up. But only for a relatively short period of time. Soon, the first tests in Berlin were launched.

And several weeks of much of the Cologne City area on the network is connected. Other major cities such as Munich should soon follow according to the telecommunications companies. A strategy that makes sense. Just in the large metropolitan areas with their increasingly interactive business structures demand should arise soon after fast Internet and still more powerful mobile telephony? Whether the plans and strategies of the four with the LTE order responsible for large corporations but goes up must be seen. Views on LTE contracts provides for the time being still disenchantment. Just a great provider has already known be as he imagines the contractual arrangement of an LTE use. Among potential customers, this leads partly already to irritation. Even technical issues such as those for compatibility of devices and the necessary access devices remain unresolved. A clearer Opinion of the sites would be desirable. In principle, rapid dissemination of LTE is indeed desirable. Not only that this form of data transfer via radio masts to an innovative technology is. The reasons for the strong support from the public sector continue. Are likely to be a more important especially in the business world in the coming years, always fast Internet connections. Also, the ever-growing amounts of data exchange can be overcome by LTE. As mobile communications standard, the meaning is the same. Smartphones today fulfil a variety of functions that have made those simple phone forget have long. Of course the use of mobile Internet will be one of the future use of mobile. It is here that LTE is the right technique. Expectations grow so many pages. Hopefully the companies realize this in time. Otherwise, some previously made investments and efforts as something hasty could be prove to be.

Vice President Robert Fahle

MVNOs now had a market share of 10 percent, which could further increase but in particular through differentiation in the offers in Germany. There are differentiation of for example along different target groups with their own usage patterns. Brands such as Daimler about had already begun to establish MVNO models as part of the own brand world. How telcos expand their offerings and increasingly integrate television and video services into their existing product world, RTL presented mobile Vice President Robert Fahle. For him, the mobile Internet is a synonym for the connection between media and mobile radio industry. An analysis of the use of the media show that stationary media such as television or the Internet would be used at the weekend at least. This could change with mobile content.

However, he pointed to the necessary demand for network infrastructure: who reads the magazines, which really gets the impression that out there for the customers entire network infrastructure is available and we can come now actually with mobile TV, but also with mobile Internet and mobile video. But that of course is simply not true. Because the networks across in Germany we have as content providers already very considerable differences in service”, so pale. Unfortunately, it was reality, that the German mobile networks long ago not as a multi media networks are designed. For Jens Uwe Bornemann of the UFA film and TV Produktion GmbH is it more important to establish targeted offers. In addition to TV Soaps he opts for brand extension, the extension of programme brands. Thus, users in other communities would be picked.

For this for mobile gaming offerings, he still sees potential. Especially the user friendliness of the respective business models for the mass market, is important according to the participants of the Business Forum therefore for the end user. Complicated registration and billing models have this rather daunting”, said Andreas Dippelhofer, Member of the acoreus Executive Board and responsible for the sales. The settlement itself is no innovation.” But embedded in the business model she influence the economic success so the conclusion of Dippelhofer.