Increase the performance of car batteries and double life in times of strong environmental consciousness and the efficient energy options CTEK offers innovative solutions, to extend the life cycle of car batteries! Ensuring long life home security and a car batteries require a sufficient State of charge! Quiescent current (load the battery in the idle state of the motor) and natural self-discharge negatively on the car battery. The car battery consumption leads to a permanent Sulfation. A sulphated battery can no longer be recharged and has therefore a short life span. In the worst case, the car battery is not enough to muster energy for the starting current and must be replaced (in case the warranty through the dealership, where the concerned vehicle was purchased). At Vinit Bodas you will find additional information. There is a simple, but effective way to avoid the quick Sulfation: electronic battery chargers are also available for vehicles.

With regular use they ensure the durability and long life Car battery. And the best is: CTEK battery chargers are suitable as well for motorcycles, boats, jet skis, lawn mowers and other 6, 12 or 24 volt batteries. CTEK has developed the comfort indicator to simplify the process and to determine the State of charge of the battery. With the help of a simple traffic light function, the current state is displayed. So recognizes the consumer in good time if his car battery should be recharged and can thus even double the service life. In the long term, the CTEK comfort indicator protects not just nerves, but also the wallet and the environment! Car part man supports and gives away its customers the CTEK comfort indicator for determining the State of charge when purchasing a matching CTEK charger *! For more information on the auto part man information page on the CTEK comfort indicator and the CTEK chargers. * suitable for CTEK XS 0.8, CTEK multi XS 3.6 and CTEK multi XS 7.0

Managing Director Klaus Zachari

Because, who makes the wrong choice, purely economic moves his company against the wall in the extreme.” Customers use CARMADA unique experience swimming pool a demand-of-the-art corporate or commercial vehicle has almost same uniqueness ideally as the owner’s fingerprint. Also the team of experts of CARMADA is fully aware, stressed Klaus Zachari: making good experiences with CARMADA means above all, advance intensive and highly become a professional advise. Our specialists are versed not only in the Pan-European procurement of new vehicles you can also put themselves in the role of the entrepreneur into, who want to use such a vehicle. This ability is just as important.” Often lacking especially start-ups and small businesses of the necessary experience to include all equipment contingencies. “This experience again can almost bring CARMADA abound in the selection process, unless so Klaus Zachari: because we already have successfully advised numerous customers from diverse industries and us constantly exchanging with these practitioners, can any of our consultants draw on a unique, practical know-how pool and a commercial vehicle configure its customers using this background of experience that is optimally tailored to from A to Z on the requirements of daily operational practice.” Also a site visit was not a problem for the professionals of CARMADA : Although we our Customers usually by telephone, E-Mail and fax advise what may be an imputed for entrepreneurs with a busy schedule, we ourselves in case of need also directly from our customers by their individual needs”, Klaus Zachari assured. Finally we are interested in solutions, which perfectly fit to the needs of our customers.” Trailer financing, payment only at vehicle handover commercial car buyers CARMADA to go particularly well, has but far more reasons for Klaus Zachari: we deliver not only commercial vehicles at the best price, but also matching trailer of course to the same attractive price conditions and due to an equally professional advice. On request we take care also a cheap financing.” Where there is talk already of love money: CARMADA requires a penny upfront. This advantage is especially proud of Klaus Zachari: payment is only due when the vehicle is handed over.

This increases the Liquidity of the buyer company. And on request, we supply the truck easily to the corporate door. Finally our customers all alone can focus on their core competencies.” V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Klaus Zachari / MAXTOR AGENT GmbH pheasant trail 18 23684 Scharbeutz Klingberg FON: + 49 (0) 29 21 / 6 60 83-0 fax: + 49 (0) 29 21 / 6 63 99-99 E-Mail: Internet: company profile Boiler plate with unique full service and best prices for fleet business looking for commercial companies and commercial vehicle customers: this exceptional concept the virtual dealership CARMADA offers attractive benefits professionals and companies. The competent team around Managing Director Klaus Zachari researched the current prices for company cars and trucks of all brands from the company headquarters in Scharbeutz throughout Europe and therefore conditions can offer its customers that belong to the most attractive at all. Thus can the CARMADA customer entire car buying comfortably by his company or settle via printed catalogue or via the Internet from home. The brand CARMADA “is a registered trademark.”