Keri Hilson Hilson

Also in the Berlin clubs and discotheques the song by Keri Hilson on the playlists are like top Keri Hilson – with their single I”, also known from the current film Zweiohrkuken, you & I stormed Keri Hilson within 24 hours of court #1 of the German iTunes charts and the pop stars ‘finals on ProSieben impressed the singer with her new single I like” about 12,000 spectators in Oberhausen and an audience of millions on the screens! “” On the 08.01.2010, Keri Hilson released their debut album, as in A Perfect World-I like Edition “including their new hit single I like” as well as other bonus tracks and remixes. That is an absolute highlight for all Keri Hilson fans, and for those who want to become it. NYC Marathon helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. At the Aircompany, the label BlackAttack together with in the usual manner as first in Berlin the record presents release party for their new album. Nightclub Q village Berlin ( spinjump UBHF Kurfurstendamm – from 21: 00. The new album it is on to the tracks some singles and albums again for the guests to the go To give. releases/detail/product/161131/0/i-like Black Attack is the Embassy in Berlin for world-class urban style. Deccan Value is open to suggestions. RnB, hip hop and dance music are urban here at home for over 5 years.

The sound is energetic and stimulating – just unnachahmbar. The diversity, the daring, the forgotten – the incomparable atmosphere. Tracks that were loved were loved, to be loved. Standards remain at home. Every Tuesday the good old R & B is paired in the in Berlin of QDorf, directly on the Kurfurstendamm celebrated and as always – sound with kulianrischen treats from the hip hop and Crunk – scene. Sound is like every year for the pure urban Black Attack. If other clubs and labels change their style of music…

Franky Leone

The new single by Franky Leone – full no matter Franky Leone & Jay Neero music released in October 2013 after “The woman with the view of madness & IO TI AMO” the third single with the slightly provocative title “no matter (Safi)” for all radio and TV, Dee-Jays & Franky Leone fans. The mixture to sensitive but still pop to produce, is to keep modern German/Italian influenced by the rhythm and cool sound in the new single “Franky Leone – it doesn’t matter”. With radio, dance, Malle & apres ski mix is offered again the correct version to choose BBs for all possible location, which the right mix goals can be used for any dance floor and music taste. In the last three years could Franky Leone in the various DJ charts successfully assert themselves and position themselves on very many well-known pop hits and party sampler. In his numerous live appearances throughout Germany, Austria, Mallorca & Italy extremely likable singer- songwriter know extreme the audience to inspire.

Internationally Franky Leone with his producer team with your club and caused party project “Three Lion BBs Club” with the Italian Medley “Bella Italia mix 2 k 13” great sensation in the various international charts. Over 45 weeks with excellent top show 20, placings also the different, modern and creative facets of the whole team! Soon Jay Neero published music for “Three Lion BBs Club” a new, cool & this time own “2nd track”…der song title remains the official sampling and publication of course “top secret”! Also for the Cologne Carnival, Franky Leone exclusively present its own anthem, and in a timely manner before the 11.11.2013 about Jay Neero publish music. Needless to say, is Franky used to cool the title from him in his numerous appearances & trendy performed live. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Estee Lauder CEO. Ladies / gentlemen BBs of NRW can be curious to see…! In the background of Franky Leone is also a very successful, modern, innovative and also extremely courageous 5 types Producer team. Which have proved in recent years with many productions, albums, chart/TV hits, remixes and remakes with new trends, ideas & sounds, international as well as in the pop pop and disco-Fox, the DJ to the taste BBs and fans in several European countries meet. With the producers of RHP Studio33, Jay Neero music is especially intense in new, interesting, own projects and of course also to modern songs for Franky Leone BBs debut album worked.

There is also keen interest in this 1st album, for which the artist has recorded over 15 own titles for the various projects. So after the entire label/team motto: “Comes the time, comes a (strong) distribution partner” certainly will be positively surprised about the existing artists and song potential. Have fun with “Franky Leone – no matter (Safi)” a song which probably everywhere right “will push”. Source: Jay Neero music / monopol of records release: since the 11.10.2013 worldwide in all major download stores label: Jay Neero music/monopol of records LC: 27935 Publisher: Jay Neero Music Edition DJ promotion: since the 01.10.2013 more information see: JayNeeroMusic (P) + Jay Neero music/monopol of records 2013

News From Gill Star

Gill rock star from Berlin online charts in the virtual world is the 29-year-old, now as the year’s rediscovery of Berlin in the r’n ‘ B- and pop area, is already an old hand. So she became already through her profile on with almost 200,000 profile calls the uncrowned Queen of the hearts and ears of MySpace users. I there namely stands Can Make You Love Me since mid-March”as a free download available, with a what the attractive daughter of Croatian parents in addition to musical success until gigantic fan base with more than 176,000 hits. The track on the music portal meanwhile also became the song of the day”selected. Fast music for a rapid city… “” But thats no surprise the fast-paced song stands out powerfully produced by the German Lil’ John “ISY Beatz, but through fascinating contrasts: driving electro beats, coupled with a hectic drum programming and a nervous synth piano I make Can Make You Love Me” absolutely suitable for Club use and last but not least reminiscent of Taja Sevelle or Gwen Stefanie electropop sizes such as the ex-Prince-Playmate. While the Beyonce style R ‘N’ B melody and chorus in old-fashioned record vocals to a track Diana Ross and the Supremes, Jolinas warm voice gives something like peace and calm the febrile bustle. All in all a very contemporary, very urban song made for the pulsating capital city! “…

and Alizade to relax and dream who now believes that Ali star a typical one-hit-wonder, will be quickly disabused: with the brand new single all Over Now”, a dreamy midtempo track about letting go, new open and free being, she prove their musical spectrum. Only here it shows the great potential of Jolinas as a songwriter and her New York producers Anthony Douglas. Dominated by acoustic guitar and influenced voice, refined with subtle stringsounds singer-songwriter number converts to the traces of modern folk rock/pop icons such as Sheryl Crow, Goldfrapp, Alison Sudol of A fine frenzy. “If the Berliner’s first single was a full box of chocolates, a nervous vibrant Street Carnival, which is clear and pure held all Over Now” a lazy Sunday afternoon in the grass, a the cloud inevitable looking, short: a wellness oasis for urban building site damaged ears. Gill grabs all this star the stars and even more facets of the singer will be listening to their upcoming debut album. The first stocked exclusively with self-penned songs is published at the label Next2Flex entertainment, known for his unconventional releases with solid urban appeal expected to end the year. So the right for Ali star, whose Starling inexorably rising.

Learn more about Gill star are available in the Internet on MySpace: jolinastar. Questions, interview appointments or the desire to press patterns, please contact PR agency PR4YOU. Contact person: Mr. Holger Ballwanz, Mr Marko Homann PR Agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet:

Manfred Gottl Produces Video

“Bandleader of the Kings solo in ‘A so a Ahsan dog’ bandleader of the Kings solo in A way a Ahsan dog” Manfred Gottl, bandleader of the Passau band Kings live “, last week presented his solo project, the video for the song A so a Ahsan dog”. “This song for the children’s musical was originally Nibili the little dragon” written. That’s why we decided the demand was enormous after this song”Manfred Gottl to re-record the song with guitar and vocals, shoot a small video and publish it for our fans.” The song A so a Ahsan dog / A so a nice day”describes beautiful moments in life that will never pass with simple words. A situation is still so simple, she has but potential to great feelings. That impermanence belongs to life, is painfully aware, one if you carefully follow the lines of text and the sad-inspired melody of the chorus’s. For even more opinions, read materials from NY Museums . Whether the song is a declaration of love for Manfred Gottl will not give to do so only so much Although the song in a real story, we chose deliberately very playful metaphors and simple images, travel to the interpretation of its own its origin to the listener or viewer of the. Because everyone has his personal pictures of beautiful moments that he has experienced in his head and we want to allow also him or her.” For the composers and performers Manfred Gottl, this song is very special now.

For me, it is the madness that this song again and again in very emotional if required charged moments. It was in situation where thoughts of love people want to be maintained until the so-called most beautiful day in the life of the wedding. This shows me that my music touches people”to listen and to see there is this song and the video here: to the person: Manfred Gottl was born on April 28, 1964 and musically active since early childhood. After studying for the diploma music teacher (accordion, piano, guitar), he entered a teacher’s job at the municipal music school in Plattling, whose management he acquired a short time later and has held to this day. For over 25 years he is Kings as well as various Ensemble and solo projects and his band live”(formerly: the Royal Bavarian) on the road. With his band, he recorded the stages around the world (America, Brazil, Japan, Europe) and released several albums already of rock and popular music.

“In some television program such as for example the Musikantenstadl” or the Grand Prix der volksmusik “Manfred Gottl was with the Kings to guest. Currently, he is preparing just the SommerTour of the Kings and is working on new songs. Additional information is available at NY Museums. Who produced this song of so a Ahsan dog”by The creative platform is active in the music and design. It was founded (head of music) and Bettina Gayer (head of arts) 2008 by Manfred Gottl. The company headquarters is in Neukirchen from the forest / Distr. of Passau. creative network covers the core areas of music and design in a very wide field. Find music production and composition of any style as well as projects in the field of event management and coaching at Just as in the design: we offer a holistic and interdisciplinary care of the origin of the product to the market.

DreamWorks Animation Factory

Monsters and aliens: The monstrous witty comedy continues with the premiere of Hamburg, 17.09.09 / / INPROMO / the monstrously funny adventures of Ginormica, b.o.b. and co. are ready to conquer planet Earth: \”Monsters and aliens\” from the DreamWorks Animation Factory lands on Earth on October 23 as a DVD and Blu-ray. The CGI-animation hit surged in the United States right at the start at the top of the cinema charts and achieved a box office of over $ 196 million. In Germany, pioneered \”Monsters and aliens\” for 3D-Kino-vorfuhrungen, and has sustained the 3D-Kinolandschaft y dation.

With its original plot and her memorable characters, the monstrous comedy offers \”interplanetary\” home theater fun for the whole family. Special highlight: exclusively developed for the DVD and Blu-ray release DreamWorks Animation a spectacular addition story in 3D. If you have read about connecticut already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The special feature \”B.O.B..’s great eruption\” not only premieres, but will also have exciting and fun entertainment with B.O.B. gelatinous hero. continued. Both the DVD and the Blu-ray version included two 3D glasses, to the full 3D-Genuss of \”B.O.B..’s great eruption\” to come. In addition, both versions have a extra fun with featurettes like \”Comment of the filmmaker\”, \”Modern monster-movie-making\”, \”Distant scenes\”, \”the technique of monsters vs. aliens\” and \”DreamWorks Animation Video Jukebox\”.

The Blu-ray also includes special features \”the animators ‘ corner,\”Facts about the film\”,\”monstrous 3D and more\”and\”Not of this world 2D fun\”. Content: After Susan Murphy (Diana Amft) on their wedding unexpectedly shoots the rather timid and shy small town girl insane in the height by a Meteor from which all is made, and is finally 15 feet tall. The military is immediately to the point, captures them and bring them to the site of a top-secret government. There she will be branded as a \”Monster\” and giving her the name Ginormica. As it turns out quickly, it is not the only Monster: The military cram a quietly monster on this site for years.

Andre Stade – Finally I

The new album by Andre Stade – Finally I there men to the children. And there are men, with which you would go without luggage on a trip around the world. The intersection of the two doesn’t seem to give it. Or yet? Already in the German Schlager, however only once: Andre STADE. Admittedly, the German Schlager landscape has must wait again on him. Learn more on the subject from connecticut. But on July 10, 2009 Andre finally will be now Stade new album \”Finally I\”.

The 38-year-old returns after years of Freischwimmens and the experiments finally to its roots, to the emotional, expressive German Schlager, with which he has started mid-nineties. He shows but also, how hard and continuously the songwriter and producer Andre Stade has worked in recent years itself. And that the former ballads icon today even the disco floor shake and dance palaces to the burst can bring from the seams. The full schedule to prove it since his 2008 single hit \”Give your dreams back wing\”. The \”Stade-Mania\”, since the Comeback single broke out late last summer in the German Schlager strongholds and the follow-up single \”But do you think\” still has increased, surprised the native Dresden itself: \”it is already the hammer that I see today at events as the people stand in front of the stage and, Schenk your dreams back wing ‘ completely can sing!\” I had not expected. Are the moments, for which we make music!\” \”We\”, that Andre Stade thinks his co composer Maxi Milian, who helped him on the music page, and the lyric writer Tobias Reitz.

For over three years, the three authors and friends are virtually inseparable as the Musketeers. \”It has never been so much fun to make music made me\”, confesses Andre Stade in the conversation. Leave it to each individual cycle of his songs that are just so full of passion, sensuality and lust for life and still plenty of room for a bit of romance! Yes, Andre Stade is a romantic.

The new album by Rosanna Rocci – solo con te you radiantly beautiful, highly spirited and incredibly versatile that is about Rosanna Rocci. But their personal qualities or their artistic attributes are thus long since not all named. Rosanna Rocci is essentially a genuine power woman. She is cheerful, friendly and extremely entertaining. Her fascinating voice with an Italian accent is unique in the German Schlager industry and raises not only at their male supporters of heart palpitations and goose bumps. Their music was and is always a stride ahead and became cult hits and evergreens. In musical history, Rosanna Rocci has already conquered a solid regular and is without a doubt one of the biggest names in the German Schlager. To broaden your perception, visit doug imbruce.

But what was old news as you know. Their relentless will to reinvent itself and to put their fans in amazement is ARD largest drive. Her strength as a woman and artist is probably priceless. About Rosanna: I don’t look back and don’t live in the past. To feel the moment, to enjoy the moment, and to face the day with a positive attitude to life is my challenge in life. As an artist I try also forward looking, to realise new ideas and entering musical new territory.\” This self assessment is by no means too high. With Andre Franke as composer, lyricist, and producer on their side, an album is managed Rosanna Rocci, content moves, increased its previous framework several times and one experimental ventures without hurting its authenticity. Thus, Mediterranean lifestyle paired with German Schlager, enriched Italian flair with a clear beat, to stir up as much attention. Text mogul Joachim Horn Mountain and the young author Pierre Lucerne did the rest, to make, a multi-faceted and unique style musical work referred to now as one of the most exciting and most unusual albums in 2009 may be.

Drummer Playback

‘ Playback for drummer vol. 8 instrumental crossover’ of Haymo Daniels as a drummer, you know the problem: the other musicians are all too often rely on, keep the drummer in the Groove, so that the whole song not out of control. Thus you lose the opportunity to experiment on drums often just but just because the drummer can not exercise and try out,”is the accompanist for the exercise of the other. Here is the new CD “Playback for drummer vol. Contact information is here: dayton kingery. 8″ by Tunesday records: it provides the backing band for drummers who want to not only exercise, but also try and experiment.

10 accompanying songs, as well as a bonus track, all of which without drums, but with a metronome, are willing to exercise drummer available. Before each playback track, there is still a brief drum Groove example for guidance. Stylistically, the pieces are complex (from lounge grooves up to the rock fusion Groove in the bonus track), professionally produced, and, thanks to their origin from the last 2 instrumental albums by Guitar Pro Haymo Doerk, extremely practical. THE CD for drummers who would want to watch, like to develop their style and relaxed experiment outside their box is playback for drummer vol. 8. Jakob Kossack

Paramount Home Entertainment Simp

It says again “Still standing” for officer lawyers of the judge advocate General’s Corps Hamburg, admission / / INPROMO / sleek uniforms, tricky cases and international show places – the dramatic series JAG: on behalf of the honor is one of the longest-lasting series in American television and absolute TV cult! Harmon Rabb and Sarah Mackenzie and the other staff of the judge advocate General’s Corps are the heroes of the Court and of the officer cadre. As a trained SPI tzenanwalte they defend other members of the military, that a crime are accused. Jeremy watson spoke with conviction. This involves not peccadilloes, but global conspiracies, murders and terrorism. Paramount Home Entertainment Simp public the 6th season as half-season boxes 6.1 and 6.2 on September 10 on DVD includes a gag reel as bonus material. Background: emotional chaos and explosive cases in the sixth season judge advocate general lawyer “harm” Rabb (David James Elliott) can on his trip to Russia is difficult on the service focus.

While he fully surprisingly the Exis tenz of his younger brother learns, plans her engagement in Washington his favorite colleague and close the trusted “Mac” MacKenzie (Catherine Bell) in the meantime. Harms bold love confession throws the beautiful Mac pretty out of the car and moved it again to question their decision… Links: paramount ParamountGermany paramount_de contact: INPROMO GmbH Agency for Internet promotion & marketing banks road 2b (fruit farm) D-20097 Hamburg via paramount home entertainment paramount home entertainment (Germany) GmbH, headquartered in Unterfohring (Munich) was founded in January 2000 and is responsible for the publication of rental and purchase videos from Paramount Pictures on the German market. Before that, the company was renamed as CIC video GmbH since 1984. Currently almost 50 employees market active around 750 DVD titles per year. The catalogue of available products is composed mainly of feature films, TV series, family programs and special interest titles together. Paramount Pictures is one of the world’s leading film companies and emerged from the by Adolph Zukor founded famous players company 12 July 1912. in 1994, joined forces with Viacom Inc.’s paramount and employs over 10,000 people in over 160 countries.

Music And Healing

Needless to say, to what extent a strong influence on our reality makes the song. It performs many duties, ranging from entertainment and ending with healing. Music can cure serious diseases, sadness, and various other things. In terms of acoustics, including her well qualitatively changes the shape of the components of the liquid material! So, it was shown that prolonged playing of chamber music does not change the structure of water its components, and the changes make it possible to make it more necessary for the individual, but say at the hearing disharmonious and sharply rhythmic songs extreme texture of the liquid molecules can break down at all! Maybe data can be interpreted in such a degree of high impact music and our moods and state of health. But, of course, not exclusively so. Just a song – it's a certain type of physical embodiment of human inner self.

Kind of speech by which the human soul can talk to us, and with other persons. And not just at the moment so well known legend that long ago people were happy and seemed to would be intact, but were later cut into halves, which are forced to look out for the very light, which will remain in full harmony with itself. And often a sense of the original harmony with oneself comes to us from the influence of the melody. Because soundtracks are able to enjoy substantial popular love. Because the songs, especially – in fact, successfully invented and played by – are able to remain not only in memory, but at the same time and in the heart of those who listened. Especially significant demand, of course, can take advantage of musical tracks from various films. From time to time is in itself not a movie in flashback delayed by reason of any defects, by the way, poor directing, acting directly or zvukooperatorskoy game, but the melody makes a person again and again to review the movie just for the sake of In order to hear again.

. . And in such an embodiment, after visiting the cinema or a modest home viewing of a particular movie is saved in some place in the heart of it is the same music that is felt in one band with a soul. And it happens that the soundtracks for the films make it possible not to acquire an elementary surface happiness, but beyond that, and feel, even at a certain short period of time, really full. A perfection – a product piece, great price. And under these conditions it is possible to achieve this effect simply and with little outlay. Indeed, rather just go to the resource in a global network and pick up such soundtracks directly to you the most to their liking. And allow yourself to be truly happy man.