Dusseldorf Welcomes MGMT

MGMT appear on November 29, 2010 in Dusseldorf steelworks. MGMT come next month with their unique experimental-indie-pop to Dusseldorf. The band from Brooklyn occurs on Monday, November 29, 2010, during the tour for their second album congratulations in the Dusseldorf steelworks. The album, which was released in April of this year, surprised many fans with the move away from the catchy sound of the hit debut album of the Band Oracular Spectacular 2008. The singles it’s working, Flash delirium as well as the title song but were well-received.

Some critics praised the band for the new sound that differs from the concept of the first album. The three catchy singles of the first album Oracular Spectacular time to pretend and kids electric feel were 2008 anywhere in the world on the radio to hear. Founding member Ben Goldwasser however in the January issue of the British music magazine NME, announced that he and songwriter Andrew VanWyngarden at congratulations differently were than in her debut album. Click Hudson River to learn more. We would prefer that He explained people hear the whole album as album and even determine which songs stand out than to listen to only the songs, which run on the radio”. You will find a time to pretend or kids on the album.” MGMTs wish for a broader sound led to a far-reaching psychedelic album. The band was supported by the producers and Spacemen 3 founder Peter Kember.

Who is Hotel at that time in a Dusseldorf, may rejoice at the concert in the steelworks on live performances of the songs from the new album. Tickets are available now online and cost 29.80 plus booking fees. Also, the band will occur on 30 November in Hamburg, before it goes to Norway, Sweden and Denmark. For more information about this event, please visit the website of MGMT.

1000 dreams far (Tornero) – Antonia aus Tirol summer hit 2009 delivers TORNERo-1000 dreams far, Antonia from Tirol, the musicians and their fans with a grandiose pop Schlager titles 1000 dreams far (“Tornero”) the original surprise with her latest work. Before us the summer has started correctly there is a song that now everyone knows, 1000 dreams far from Antonia from Tirol in the Schlager strongholds in Majorca and in the holiday resorts of Turkey & Italy. It is not the typical Mallorca song as you may think, but pure romance, which makes a sensational mood, the fashionable trend rave DJs, and there is no hour, where we are not besieged by the guests, to play this song. You agree, that is the summer hit of 2009, no matter where you are from morning till night, also on the road, the people sing this song already. “This new interpretation of the world hit of the Italian formation I Santo California” is a brilliant production and goes through the ceiling, which is the hit of the summer, has no later than in the height of summer This wave of summer romance reached the entire German-speaking world. “Antonia, which in addition to many other dates in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from May to October regularly also live in the cult venues of Upper Bavaria and beer King Mallorca can be seen, says the following about her pop song title: I am this time responsible for the party romance, Fox dancers come fully at their own expense and can this song not only dance but also dream or sing loudly in the chorus.” “This song is my absolute favorite song by all that I’ve done”, so Antonia, “therefore I am particularly, that he arrives as well, because in the newly written text some of me to find.

I love to be romantic and to dream.” Antonia has written the new text together with her producer Peter Schutti, who certainly delivers a successful production of the hit with the song with great attention to detail. Jack White, with his new label Gloriella music, distributed by Sony music, takes over the marketing of this production. Most May 2009 Antonia in the ZDF television garden wowed the audience with their new hit. More information is available on their homepage source: Gloriella music Antonia – 1000 far dreams (Tornero) Gloriella music (Sony) / Globe4Music / release date: 22.05.2009 TV dates: July 26, 2009 ZDF television garden August 30, 2009 ARD repeatedly on Sunday contact: Andreas Weber GLOBE4MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT LTD.

Hollywood Latina

Jennifer Lopez numbed the spectators at the New York fashion week on Tuesday, when she held a surprise – ‘JustSweet Show’ and it presented her latest fashion line. Her new collection “JustSweet” presented the typical “J.Lo look” with clothes in the style of the sixties. The fashion itself, however, came in the background, when rumors of an alleged pregnancy of the actress appeared. The Hollywood Latina had presented during the fashion week with a little tummy. The actress / singer poured green mini suit by her new fashion collection and a poppy lime bearing, “I love to create things and I loved the clothes, because I was a little girl.” Picture: AP Lopez named their new line of “Fantasy, classic inspiration but with a new, mistaken twist,” adding, “girls who are young, will wear it to feel cultured, because it transmits a chic kind of feeling, but also people who are older, it shall, if is” young, flirty and funky feel. It really has a nice mix”so the Latino multi talent.