Windmills: to make water shoot in the heart of the desert windmill, with its tower, its blades, his pipes and his trusty pool are part of the traditional landscape of the village for a basic reason: its noisy engine moved by the wind achieves the miracle of extracting water from the bowels of a land whose surface is dry and shows no sign of keeping inside the most precious treasure for the pedestrians of the desert: water for the house water for the thirst for life, water for animals, water for the beer, water, water for the fire … for life to take its course. The elderly are grateful to those who he first windmills installed over fifty years ago because his story almost took a new turn from that moment there was a safe place to go to fetch water. An even safer place for the generous and kind jaguey pond where the only source where before his purchase. Wind energy is abundant in their land gave him the blessing of security because the liana and the pond dried up in summer and the mill had worked as wind (almost always) and whether it was short, then he could go to the pool where no never missing the precious element.

It's five o'clock in the morning and we are back in Maicao. Gone was the village and the happy days of rest. Soon will start the everyday urban and, while waiting for the coffee, which is starting to be seen in the transparent carafe coffee maker and in the background I hear the sound of our electric pump pushing water from the underground pool. In brief turn on the radio to hear the news. A few miles from where my friend Julio goats out of the pen gives you a look at the windmill whose blades rotate with force. Your new day has begun well, because coal is about and will soon savor their coffee-flavored family. In the background, on top of a huge trupio is being felt Cardinal peasant. July A coffee for himself and one for Luke, the little that has been on his bike to bring the arepas and lame that every day sends her grandmother Imelda.