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Without policy of insurance Most of the market of the OPI has been following just as for one decade and many of the practices that caused controversy are still effective. Traditionally in a OPI, a union of investment banks it places action between institutional investors and retail clients. Some actions go to runners distribute who it between the clients and the banks obtain commissions on the basis of the value of the sold actions. In a dispute on the bubble " puntocom" , the investors protested by practices that favored to the colocadores. One of those practices asks the investors of a OPI to buy more action once the papers begin to quote. You may wish to learn more. If so, Rudy Giuliani is the place to go. The critics assure that artificially creates high prices that allow to sell in better conditions and for increasing the commissions of the banks. Another questioned practice was that the banks would have pressed the analysts to fix prices little realistic objectives to the titles of companies that were to the doors of a OPI. In the 2003, then the general prosecutor of New York Eliot Spitzer reached civil agreement with 10 investment banks that prohibited some questioned practices and ordered an investigation of independent analysts.

The banks did not admit to have acted inadequately. Although changes in the industry have been applied to avoid the conflicts with the analysts, still are pending stricter prohibitions of some of the questioned practices. Legal experts say that the investors could face a new legal battle if this new wave of withered OPI later. That is to say, partly, because practical that they seem to be unjust they can completely be legal under the federal laws of values. " All the law says that if you sell values, you must provide to the investors all the information who need to make a decision informada" , professor Michael Perino of the St. John&#039 said; s University School of Law. " There is no an insurance policy against the losses of mercado" , it added. Source of the news: The ghost of the bubble of Internet wakes up

Latin Americans

” My country is especially sensible with the victims of the terrorism. Unjustly forgotten sometimes, its invocation does not have to be limited a mere rhetorical mention, but a commitment ctivo to guarantee the recognition, the memory and the attendance and support that necesitan” , it emphasized. The crisis, subject to debate in the UN the global economic crisis and the importance of actions also coordinated has been a dominant subject this week in the UN. Jimnez Trinidad considered an action indispensable arranged global and it emphasized that the might of the Latin American economy is essential for the overcoming of the crisis and the conformation of new gobernanza economic international. He is inescapable, it said, to impel and to consolidate an ample dialogue with Latin America that includes all the great subjects of the global agenda, as the design of a financial architecture international ambitious innovator and, the climatic change, the energy, the security or the migrations.

The female leader of the Spanish diplomacy also remembered the dramatic situation in the regions of the Horn of Africa that described as ” intolerable” and she considered that the humanitarian action is only a first passage towards the development. The commitment of Spain with the objectives of United Nations is also reflected, said, in the missions of maintenance of La Paz and the security in diverse parts of the world, with near 1,200 Spaniards who at the moment participate in operations of peace. It also remembered that Spain announced in 2005 its candidacy to a member position no permanent of the Security Council for period 2015-2016. The Spanish minister finalized in New York an intense week of diplomatic contacts in which, among others, she has met with his homologous Latin Americans to prepare the Latin American Summit of November in Paraguay.

September Mission Merlot

The benefits of the bottle will be destined to support the memorial of 11-S. ‘ 9/11 Memorial’ it will cost 19,11 dollars if it is bought directly. A wine producer in the locality of Long Island in New York has sent two wines to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the attacks against the Twin Towers and to collect bottoms for the memorial with which it will remember to that they died in the terrorist attacks of 2001. The bottles of the Merlot, fermented in barrels, and of the Chardonnay, with flavor to green apple, will be sold under the 9/11 name of Memorial, and will cost 19,11 dollars if it is bought directly to the warehouse, indicates to their page Web. Between 1,15 and 1,91 dollars of the sale of each bottle will be donated to support the memorial. Even, the Warehouses of the Lieb Family in North Fork, Long Island have produced another wine, the September Mission Merlot, that will be sold by ten dollars the bottle of whose sale 91 cents for the same intention will be donated. It is the third occasion in which the New York warehouses produce a wine around 11-S. From 2004 they are producing wines to support diverse causes..

Russian Network

J.Y.O. Weeks ago the 40,000 installments of the Festival were run out the International of Benicssim with right to gratuitous camping. Located Coast of the Orange blossom in the heat of, Benicssim is a city of vacations the necessary thing to enjoy the summer yet. Every year, in the middle of summer, a small locality of Castelln becomes the musical epicenter of Europe by days. The Festival the International of Benicssim (FIB) is the culprit. Ever since, in 1995, the brothers Mora’n started up the first edition, the event has not stopped growing in relevance and magnitude. And in 2011 an historical edition is expected that it will be developed days 14, 15, 16 and 17 of July.

Heads of poster the unquestionable pull of the heads of poster between national and international the parish (Arcade Fire, The Strokes, Portishead and Arctic Monkeys) has caused that have been run out the 40,000 installments with right to gratuitous camping for weeks. However, still they are different types from localities on sale: from the easy installment, only for unemployed, that it includes encamped gratuitous and can be paid in three terms (157.50 Euros), until the installment VIP (325 Euros) or the entrances by day (70 Euros). An interminable programming Besides the powerful heads of poster, the FIB offers, a year more, an oversized programming: Portishead, Brandon Flowers, The Undertones, James Murphy, Primal Scream and Elbow are some of the waited for foreign artists more. The list of national groups is equally remarkable, with Nudozurdo, Russian Network, Lory Meyers, Antnia Font and Amable, among others. On the other hand, the Festival of Benicssim returns to complete its programming with a series of events related to the dance, the fashion or the theater. Schedules days ago, the organization of the contest announced that the schedules will be available in a movable application designed for devices iPhone and Android, in the enclosure of concerts and the points of information of the Festival, as of Thursday 14 of July. Also, from day 11 of July, the program will be able to be acquired of hand with the schedules and other information by the price of five Euros. City of doubtless vacations One of the attractiveness of the festival is its privileged location.

Located Coast of the Orange blossom in the heat of, Benicssim is a city of vacations the necessary thing to enjoy the summer yet. For that reason the general tonic during the days that the Festival lasts is clear: at night, music; by the day, beach. An unbeatable combination. Source of the news: FIB 2011, an historical festival in the Coast of the Orange blossom