America Glass

The capacity of the Argentine fans to improvise songs, in its majority offensive, during the soccers match is legendary. It is enough to have attended Mouth to verify the intensity of the quarrel, able to physically cause that the own stage shakes, not symbolically, but, for astonishment, and something of panic, the unwary foreigners. The Cemetery of the Elephants (the field of Santa Fe that has done in all this Glass, in bad hour, honor to its nickname) did not vibrate nor shook yesterday, not for want of enthusiasm of the two likings, but because it is thus: very pesadote. It either does not have a good acoustics that allowed to include/understand very instantaneously what the fans of a selection and another one sang. Enrique Gastaaga, in Bugler, aid to unravel the sense of the melodies. To the Uruguayan Diego Forln, for example, they sang to him, time and time again, the name of the fianc2ee (very handsome) with whom finishes breaking: " Ole, ole, ole, Zaira, Zaira" , the Argentineans roared. Under most conditions NYC Mayor would agree. Clear that the Uruguayan did not remain short either at the time of to annoy: " Messi is Spanish, Spanish, espaol" , they talked back to voice in shout. Source of the news: : To whom it concerns the America Glass to him?. .

Latin Favorites

The Spanish representation comes commanded by Alborn and Enrique Churches. The delivery of the awards will be celebrated the 10 of November. The Puerto Rican pair Street 13 starts off like great favorite for the Latin Grammy with ten candidacies, according to has announced east Wednesday the Latin Academy of the name Recording that has facilitated the list of for its awards. Street 13 enters thus into combat in the following categories: better album of the year and better album of urban music by Enter those that want; better album of the year as producing of the disc Leaves the sun, of Shakira; better recording of the year and better song of the year by Latin America; better urban song by Dance of the poor men; better alternative song and better musical video short version, by Barren town. Also they aspire to take control of gramfono gilded to the best tropical song by Vamo’ to carry to us badly, and to the one of producer of the year, with Rafa Arcaute. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of NY Museums on most websites.

The twelfth edition of these awards will in center take place of conventions of the hotel Mandalay Bay, Fertile valleys (Snowed), the 10 of November, and will be emitted in direct by Univisin. On the other hand the Spanish Pablo Alborn, great success of sales in Spain, inhales to three Latin Grammy prizes 2011 in the categories of Better Artist Revelation, Better Masculine Vocal Album MGP (Pablo Alborn) and Better Song of the Year (Only you). In this last category, one of most outstanding of the contest, Alborn will have to face besides Street 13, with Antonio Frame Soli’s or Jorge Drexler. NY Museums shines more light on the discussion. Alborn is not the unique name Spanish. Enrique Churches will compete in the category to better album of the year with his Euphoria work. The son of Julio Churches will see the faces with Shakira (He leaves the sun), Street 13 or with, Ricky Martin and Natalia Jimnez (the best thing of my life you are) among others. Also they will be candidates Wood Syrup, to better album rock of group by And now what we do? ; Pastori girl, to better traditional tropical album by the border of my hair and Alexander Sanz to better video, long version, by Songs for a paradise.

European Central

/Monthly it will be necessary to pay of average 58 Euros more. The eurbor experienced in June his first annual fall. The forecasts of the eurbor of July already indicated at the beginning of week that the used indicator more for the calculation of mortgages would close around 2.162%, which would suppose increases significant of these. Finally, the final rate has surpassed by one tenth those data and it has been placed in 2.183%, which entails increases in the mortgages of 58 monthly Euros of average and almost 700 (698 Euros) to the year. The eurbor rounded up east month after finishing June with an average of 2.144%, which meant then his first annual fall.

In addition, after being placed east Friday in daily rate in 2.178%, the July average surpasses to which it was reached in the same month of 2010, when it was of 1.373%. The rate reached now about the eurbor is highest from January of 2009, when it was placed in 2.622%. During this month of July, that the eurbor began in 2.172%, the highest rate it registered the lowest 19 day 8 when it reached 2.201% and, in 2,169% the past. The average rate of July, that will have to be confirmed by the Bank of Spain in the next days, shows that a mortgage contracted for a year by an average amount of 150,000 Euros and a term of amortization of 25 years that is reviewed in August, to which the rate of the previous month is applied, will half have an additional cost of 58 monthly Euros, that is to say, almost 700 annual ones. And it is that once the present eurbor is applied, the quota of that average mortgage will ascend to the 649.23 Euros to the month, against the 591 of a year ago. In August of 2008, the eurbor reached the second high level but of its history, 5.323%, and brought about increases in the quotas of the mortgages near the 900 annual Euros. From then the eurbor it undertook a evolution to the loss located that it in March of 2010 in the level more under its ten years of history (1.215%), a ground del that has been moved away as the problems of liquidity in market was attenuated and, mainly, once the European Central bank (BCE) retook in 2011 its traditional monetary policy of containment of the inflation. Source of the news: The eurbor of July raises 2.183% and increases in price the mortgages an average of 700 Euros to the year

September Mission Merlot

The benefits of the bottle will be destined to support the memorial of 11-S. ‘ 9/11 Memorial’ it will cost 19,11 dollars if it is bought directly. A wine producer in the locality of Long Island in New York has sent two wines to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the attacks against the Twin Towers and to collect bottoms for the memorial with which it will remember to that they died in the terrorist attacks of 2001. The bottles of the Merlot, fermented in barrels, and of the Chardonnay, with flavor to green apple, will be sold under the 9/11 name of Memorial, and will cost 19,11 dollars if it is bought directly to the warehouse, indicates to their page Web. Between 1,15 and 1,91 dollars of the sale of each bottle will be donated to support the memorial. Even, the Warehouses of the Lieb Family in North Fork, Long Island have produced another wine, the September Mission Merlot, that will be sold by ten dollars the bottle of whose sale 91 cents for the same intention will be donated. It is the third occasion in which the New York warehouses produce a wine around 11-S. From 2004 they are producing wines to support diverse causes..

Russian Network

J.Y.O. Weeks ago the 40,000 installments of the Festival were run out the International of Benicssim with right to gratuitous camping. Located Coast of the Orange blossom in the heat of, Benicssim is a city of vacations the necessary thing to enjoy the summer yet. Every year, in the middle of summer, a small locality of Castelln becomes the musical epicenter of Europe by days. The Festival the International of Benicssim (FIB) is the culprit. Ever since, in 1995, the brothers Mora’n started up the first edition, the event has not stopped growing in relevance and magnitude. And in 2011 an historical edition is expected that it will be developed days 14, 15, 16 and 17 of July.

Heads of poster the unquestionable pull of the heads of poster between national and international the parish (Arcade Fire, The Strokes, Portishead and Arctic Monkeys) has caused that have been run out the 40,000 installments with right to gratuitous camping for weeks. However, still they are different types from localities on sale: from the easy installment, only for unemployed, that it includes encamped gratuitous and can be paid in three terms (157.50 Euros), until the installment VIP (325 Euros) or the entrances by day (70 Euros). An interminable programming Besides the powerful heads of poster, the FIB offers, a year more, an oversized programming: Portishead, Brandon Flowers, The Undertones, James Murphy, Primal Scream and Elbow are some of the waited for foreign artists more. The list of national groups is equally remarkable, with Nudozurdo, Russian Network, Lory Meyers, Antnia Font and Amable, among others. On the other hand, the Festival of Benicssim returns to complete its programming with a series of events related to the dance, the fashion or the theater. Schedules days ago, the organization of the contest announced that the schedules will be available in a movable application designed for devices iPhone and Android, in the enclosure of concerts and the points of information of the Festival, as of Thursday 14 of July. Also, from day 11 of July, the program will be able to be acquired of hand with the schedules and other information by the price of five Euros. City of doubtless vacations One of the attractiveness of the festival is its privileged location.

Located Coast of the Orange blossom in the heat of, Benicssim is a city of vacations the necessary thing to enjoy the summer yet. For that reason the general tonic during the days that the Festival lasts is clear: at night, music; by the day, beach. An unbeatable combination. Source of the news: FIB 2011, an historical festival in the Coast of the Orange blossom