The present scenarios show companies that are characterized by their competitiveness, innovations, creativity manifested in its products that are supported by its quality, in addition to satisfying the demands of the needs of consumers. To achieve such results, management should know to lead its human resources efficiently, so that each individual of the organization is fully identified with their responsibilities, functions in order to provide a productive performance that favors to the team, to the objectives, plans. Management remain vigilant if the work performed is appropriate to achieve levels of productivity that laying down, revealed a true quality assurance, that this fully qualified personnel according to modern requirements enabling to achieve efficient, effective performance. Manuals of work according to the abilities, skills, knowledge that the present demand, provide the worker must have well-defined all the necessary assistance in their performance pro, training necessary, properly handle the talent of the staff that is not wasted human capital that has. You must be a participatory, entrepreneurial management, strategist, motivating, able to achieve a good integration of the members of the Organization, productive, fully identified with the modern administrative, technical language teams, all that the present demands, in order to give way to favourable results.

It should involve the worker in inlets of decisions, incentives in favour of which incidentally to their creativity, innovations, skills, proposals, models, methods that promote productivity. Management, especially in SMEs, and particularly in the case of Venezuela, should know manage the reality of work, what this demand according to the technological development, innovations, production processes, skills, abilities and knowledge. You must give way to the necessary restructuring of the the job functions to perform, ergonomics, which favours the satisfaction in work, communications, interests, motivations that enable the worker to deal with their responsibilities unhindered, objections. It must be very watchful of the performance of the worker, of the obstacles that arise and affect your productivity, performance, providing the necessary attention, knowledge, tools, enabling it to perform efficiently their task.