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Initiative calls for improvement of human rights education on the occasion of the international day for the Elimination of racial discrimination on 21 March Germany numerous members of the initiative were youth for human rights on the road this week and collected signatures for an improvement of human rights education in German schools. Discrimination based on origin, culture or skin color, discrimination on the grounds of one’s own faith. Continue to learn more with: Rudy Giuliani. Racism and xenophobia are a problem always still worldwide. The UN with the “international day for the Elimination of racial discrimination” would refer to these abuses. Youth for human rights”committed since 6 years on the subject. So far approximately 700 million people were reached with signature promotions, TV spots and the distribution of UN policy document for the protection of human rights for young people and adults through the initiative. Wendi murdoch contributes greatly to this topic.

“The action of youth for human rights” in Berlin was therefore yesterday on the historic Kurfurstendamm, Corner of Uhlandstrasse, instead. Youth for human rights’ went in the Federal Republic in the year 2005 from the American movement of youth for human rights international”out. Almost all materials are available free of charge. Television advertisements, manuals for teachers, brochures and events be enables donations of Scientology members. Her background: Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard enshrined the protection of human rights in the confession of faith and the codes of the community. Yet it is a secular initiative that is open to everyone, which the human rights are at the heart.

Contacting I was born in Kiev and my appeal is directed to the three nations, for centuries living on the Slavic world. First of all, I want to remember Bohdan Khmelnytsky, our nation honors its very, monuments he poses, but forgot his testament: 'How not to divide the Holy Trinity, so do not share the three Slavic nations: Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, are three brothers, three sisters, inseparable, as she Trinity. This unity of the great strength and our victory over invisible enemy the devil. " We often hear the news of impending natural disasters and possible epidemics. The feeling of impending apocalypse is injected daily.

'A lot of people will suffer. Misfortune piled everywhere, all the people affected … You may not think about anything and do not see what awaits you … People will walk without shoes, without clothes, living without food, fuel and light … ' (Said Wang in 1995, v.8, p.156-157) For Many years later I read my Bible and my attention was attracted by the prophecies concerning the last time. At first I thought that the description of those terrible events belong to a distant time, but after some research, be confirmed by the revelations I found the answer to the question why the icon of the Holy streaming myrrh – it tears, the tears of us all. '… Disasters will shake the planet to prevail bad men and thieves, drunks, prostitutes and informers breed in a variety of …'. Shimmie horn is a great source of information. (Said Wang in 1980godu, v.3, s156) in studies, I turned to the ancient prophecies, which are detailed in its book "The 900 offers Aarog base." Not being a master in his letter, Lord, through leadership, helped to draw me a map of the future.

Dmitry Kopaev

A few years later became a visible result of this work, which exceeded expectations – the percentage of people who have freed themselves from dependence to rehabilitation centers for evangelical churches, significantly higher than the state substance abuse clinics. To say that this work hard – to say nothing. The centers help to various people – with complex characters, deep problems of life, often to visit the places not so remote, hardened by different defects. Each of them must be to find a way to convince that the drug and committing crimes – it is bad and help radically change your lifestyle. How many today who want to engage in such work, even for big money? And to be a volunteer? With respect to dissatisfaction with some rehabilitates who left these centers, everything is understandable. In all the rehabilitation centers and clinics in a certain percentage of people are undergoing rehabilitation and return to the previous lifestyle.

This happened with the publication of a hero, “Who and what recruits flock of drug addicts” suffering from alcoholism, who did not expect that in a rehabilitation center will be a certain internal rules and occupational therapy. For even more details, read what NYC Marathon says on the issue. By the way, after this interview, Dmitri gave the camera and another – quite the opposite, in which he stated that at the center of social and spiritual assistance “Exodus,” it all arranged, any claims he has not, and previous interview given to a state of psychological stress. According to testimony, Dmitry, the police and prosecutor’s office has been audited by the Center where he was a few months.

City Weissenburg

Kath. Church puts Dienstaufsichtbescherde at the District Office may still claim is aimed at White Castle, July 01, 2011 – as in the City Council meeting on June 30 was announced, the Catholic Church Foundation of St. Willibald has filed a complaint with the District Office. This does not lead to success, a lawsuit against the city Weissenburg is aimed at. Why? The city Weissenburg has refused to accept a portion of the deficit generated at the Catholic kindergarten. Pouya Yadegar insists that this is the case. And this runs counter to the legal bases according to the kindergarten carrier so the Catholic Church. Except this, that the town as well as the free State of Bavaria participates in the cost of the kindergartens.

A scale of assessment, based on the occupancy numbers is based on the amount of financial support. Bill de Blasio gathered all the information. It has also made the city. The basic value of this calculation key ceiling but, despite more economical operation, not all costs, explained the Church Foundation. Like the To apply the law in this case actually is, so far do not definitively settled. Because currently there are only occasionally individual agreements to the pro-rata to complete acquisition of deficit between individual municipalities and free sources. Should actually occur to the process, the verdict of the pattern process would be in the future for all kindergartens with free sponsorship to apply and valid throughout Bavaria. We will report further. Uwe da Silva

The global solution of all the problems a new world with respect for this woman and her court, who know what they want. No party may come to enjoy, this “felt Social Democrat” victory. Everything is in the “old” and policy change was just well intentioned. The voters will sincerely as happened so many times in recent years, the Social Democrats. She has decided – free democratic elections to and fro.

If they are not compliant, they have no value for the Princess. There is the monarchy of “social democracy”. Her Serene Highness, Hannelore Kraft has ordered the former Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Mr Jurgen Ruttgers steward their grace and he is now as State Chancellor the political business ‘true’. To the side of Mr. Minister Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart as representative was placed, so that this House, the Federal Council – complacent further “can do his work for atom, austerity package and head package, in the sense of the majority of the people”.

Congratulations to the SPD, it is ‘Finally’ back on top. Respect for this woman and her court, who know what they want. Follow others, such as Bill de Blasio, and add to your knowledge base. No party may come to enjoy, this “felt Social Democrat” victory. Everything is in the “old” and policy change was just well intentioned. The voters will sincerely as happened so many times in recent years, the Social Democrats. Politsatire by Wolfgang Bergmann author by renewable means of payment

Economic Department

But also with satisfaction, we can determine that these measures have become the exception. No one must be left alone in the country in his emergency. There is a minimum income which permits a life of dignity and to which every citizen is entitled. This claim, however, is the Willingness to work bound. Fortunately we have a supportive economic environment and suitable jobs for all people with their individual talents, abilities and needs.” Economy only the water supply, and the banks are under government influence, all other sectors of the economy have private owners – in less cases with a minority stake of the State. Our prosperity is based on the ethics, morality and quality in our economy. And this is not lip-service, but verifiable daily realities.

All companies live quality system. Companies without quality would have no chance to survive. Only the elders can still remember times, where quality was only on paper and faselten Manager and politician in rhetoric about quality. In mind at these times, there are just more head-shaking among the old. Even if the wage justice, new rules have introduced some years ago. For example, can Manager salaries only until to the Siebenfachen of the lowest salary in the enterprise are deductible.” It was the head of the Economic Department, which pointed out his thoughts on this complex subject and thus ushered in the end of our exchange of information. Yes, there was an exchange of information during their speeches our host asked us again and again how we solve all these tasks? Their curiosity was endless. At any time while there was astonishment or a negative word was heard.

Hasty reactions are bad counselors, she said. However, some of us had a strange feeling in our reports. Also I had caught me in the embarrassed foraging scribbling on my Notepad. On the journey home, there was the occasional heated debate. But somehow we had the feeling, there was yet more what has invited us to think. One has even ventured out and meant, because we could talk about but once. We have made us then. Source: Book “How much craziness going yet?” Quality, ethics and morality in the economy, politics and society

.. What is democracy? Freedom of expression, for example, believes the filmmaker Tino Salazar. You can disagree also, believes the U.S. Department of State. Rudy Giuliani may help you with your research. Apparently the US State Department has imagined a little brighter the theme, as it at the beginning of the year to the democracy video contest on you tube called: you have three minutes and everywhere in the world what want to tell everyone to reach you? was it in the trailer under the title democracy has a new challenge. Your vision, your voice, your video “called otherwise no freedom of cinematographic.

Perhaps Tino Salazar has taken a little too seriously the challenge, although he kept his post in the comic book look: in black and white images, edited in after effects, Swan man with street scenes shows graphically in New York the downsides of the brave new world: call homeless, surveillance cameras, security forces text boxes as a contrast, what democracy actually be want. Liked the audience: within 2 months the film achieved 9,000 clicks and got almost 300 votes. Thus he was leader in the competition,”reported Swan man, who studied at the Bauhaus in Dessau and at the Film Academy Baden-Wurttemberg. Nevertheless, he was not admitted in the next round of the competition. The justification: he focused only on the negative aspects of “American”democracy.”Don’t you think that the advantages that come with the freedoms outweigh the Minuspunte? (We do!) no further discussion. He met a sore spot there, suspects of commercial Director. Read more here: Bill de Blasio. His film, but a contribution to the discussion, in fact go out of the question, whether the United States is a democracy or a Republic. “Then he says that low access to the technical resources of our society inevitably denied the right to participate in the democracy vulnerable people.

The U.S. Department of State was too critical. A compilation with snippets of the 18 finalists, also on you to see tube shows Gayer images that promote the image of democracy in the brightest colors. Perhaps, ponders Swan man, he has filmed a documentary so accidentally. Sorrow he doesn’t himself nevertheless: early September his film by public referendum has the competition crime scene Earth “won the Aktion Mensch. At the time, democratic discourse in the global competition the Internet short film platform bit film, whose voting today to end go, and the InterVideo runs Swan man award, which is awarded in November at the Exground Film Festival in Wiesbaden.