Northern Capital

The efficiency of delivery of housing for rent in St. Petersburg is located below the depreciation of money. However, for the inhabitants and these rates are very high, for this reason they are hiring more and more residential properties in clubbing. NYC Marathon usually is spot on. The future market is uncertain. June 2007, the most affordable price for single-room apartment in a prestigious area of the repair is 12 000. In affluent areas – 14 thousand rubles.

When the house nice and renovated – in area of 18 000 rubles. For example, "odnushka" in the heart of the Northern Capital will tenant in a tidy sum of 20,000 to 40,000 rubles per month, depending on quality. Although the prices begin to rise, still remarkably quiet summer in terms of demand. Always in August intensified seasonal rise, but now it is not visible. It is predicted that increasing the number of tenants will happen in August. Experts agree that in September, prices increased at least than 20%. During the same period of 2006, they grew up in the same proportion: at the beginning of last summer in "Peter" is quite realistic to find a version for 9000 rubles per month. In the early fall below 12,000 rubles per odnushku was not found.

In early December, the number of Tenants fell, slightly decreased and average rates. As a result, they fluctuate up and down, depending on the season. This is despite the fact that the average annual price considerably from year to year increase. Gap increases, however, recent market situation has changed dramatically.

House Companies

Think about what the construction of walls: how raise the necessary amount of materials for the walls on your floor? How much will lift tons of bricks on your floor? If you agree with the crane operator or superintendent in advance when an object is still under construction? And if you decide to construct interior partitions after the 'box' buildings will be closed? Lift you will not be allowed to use, and manually? Despite the current practice of supply of apartments "without interior walls" Rostov construction companies, some companies are still not "greedy" for partitions, so the best you can find the right one. The company, evaluating all the difficulties faced by the client in the regeneration of the apartment, gives the buyer the opportunity at no additional cost to agree a draft plan with the architect, the leading consulting in the sales department. As a result, house for rent is including all the wishes of the owners, and the client receives exactly the apartment where he would live, that minimizes the cost of housing in the finishing process. 4. Weigh the pros and cons of existing proposals.

Must pay particular attention to presence in the house underground parking and, in general, to assess the infrastructure of the region to continue to not spend time and money for extended travel from home to the park or to the closest of decent shops. Many small developers, cut off the remarkable nine acres in the heart of the city (minimum required for the construction of a multistory building and deployment of the site) do not care or simply do not have the opportunity to build according to its own technological reasons, the parking lot for tenants. Do not forget that miser pays twice. If time does not care about buying a parking space will have to leave the car in front of the house or look for guarded parking in the area. And as if to feel the comfort of living in the city center and the benefits of 'elite' or even a modern, comfortable accommodation? There are several factors that significantly affect the price: location of the object, the quality of design and construction, the reputation of the builder / investor, but they better not to save. It is important that the authority of the developer was well documented. Find out what objects have already been implemented by how long it exists in the construction market, working on what at the moment. Very often the little-known companies are starting construction on interesting sites, but due to immaturity or savings they are not able to create adequate draft, and ultimately, your purchase, your investment in a new apartment – this is your investment, less successful companies simply have a smaller capitalization, and, accordingly, your investment will be less profitable.