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For prolonged storage in the package is not observed losses Nitrogen – chemical fertilizers. Environmentally friendly sapropel no adverse toxic effects on humans and animals – the date of payment and methods of sealing sapropel in the soil do not differ on the timing and methods of making other organic fertilizer – when you make sapropel “scattered” over the area before plowing nitrogen loss is not observed even after prolonged delay plowing – sapropel has a long useful aftereffect equal, at least 3-4 years. At application rates of 15-20 kg per square meter duration of sapropel can be traced to 14 years. – When you make sapropel in the soil – it improves its mechanical structure, and moisture-holding desiccant ability of 2-3 year yields an increase in soil humus, activates soil processes. Due to the slow solubility of the active substances in sapropel balanced diet provides all the elements of plant supply. – Introduction of sapropel increases the yield of grain crops, vegetables and root vegetables 15%, sugar beet, in 40%, increases the number of proteins and protein products in the crop.

In addition, the dry flour from the sapropel used as a preservative during storage harvest of potatoes, vegetables and fruits. Stocks sapropel in Russia of billions of tons. The main focus of the territorial dominion of notes central regions and the Far East. Technology for producing fertilizer from sapropel include the extraction of natural raw materials of natural moisture dredgers or special equipment on the lakes, delivering it to the shore, dehydration up to a certain humidity to further granulation and drying. Types of fertilizers produced from sapropel can be a loose, granular and liquid form. The most common types of products – loose and granular sapropel. Solid sapropel use at point and area making for crop production, urban greening, a breakdown of parkland, recreation and natural forms of small park landscape.

The largest fraction of bulk sapropel is used for reclamation of desert lands, landfills, dumps, etc. The greatest effect of the bulk sapropel krupnofraktsionnogo can be obtained by extensive use of it. Granular sapropel has a long acting properties of the plants and fertilizers used for growing vegetables, flowers, cereals and root crops. It is the most rational for long-distance transport, heavy use of land in the collection of several harvests per year. Appropriateness of this or that kind of sapropel-specific soil and farmland is defined agro-technical calculations and economic performance impact from this application. Used for packaging of fertilizer – open and valve bags, corrugated boxes, plastic buckets, plastic bags, soft containers (big bags). In the wholesale distribution network and to export sapropel comes packaged in bags and big bags under the European standard – in film or termousadnoy packaged under the customer’s order. In Retail sapropel packed into a smaller container for 2, 5, 10, 15 and 50 kg. For deliveries in bulk sapropel focuses on the conservation properties of this type of fertilizer to transport and store. Characteristic parameters that affect the pricing of fertilizers sapropel, it is ash, the amount of organic matter and moisture. In addition to the use of sapropel as a fertilizer for cultivation of agricultural products, it is used in international practice and as pochvoobrazovatel ameliorator (rekultivant) to restore damaged land man-caused, recreating the productivity of soils in erosional effects, radiation contamination, exhaustion. Sapropel allows you to create oases in the desert, to increase the yield of 2-2.5 times, the transfer of lands unsuitable for the discharge of abandoned crops in high-level.

European Commission

The establishment of such a post shows that the climate and environment are top priorities the new European Commission. Recall that at the same time the European Commission retained the post of Commissioner for the Environment, who will take the representative of Slovenia, Janez Potocnik. Bill de Blasio pursues this goal as well. Abnormally warm November the greater part of the European in Russia now that the week is abnormally warm weather for this time of year. For example, the temperature in the suburban town of Kolomna, November 25 rose 7.6 degrees plus values, thereby breaking the record 30 years ago. A week before the onset of the winter calendar in the Moscow region established so warm, even in the woods turned green grass and mushrooms grew. Reflected the abnormally warm weather and the lives of slum Moscow Zoo: Some of them were able to stay longer in open cages, and brown bears and does not yet intend to sleep because of this warm weather. Because of this abnormally warm weather is increasingly remember global warming. theme tops the list of records in the world and Russian blogs, which discuss the atypical weather for November. Enhanced protection of spruce and pine trees began on the eve of New Year Every year the holidays approaching Christmas holidays leads to the fact that many Russians, wishing to put in the house or yard beautiful, festive smell of pine needles green beauties – spruce and pine, not on the go Christmas bazaars, and straight into the woods. To protect the forest from encroachment beauties ‘softwood’ poachers have to strengthen the protection forest area of coniferous trees, to prevent illegal felling trees and fir trees to New Year holidays.

Environment And Health

West Antarctic ice melting causes the great concern of environmentalists, marking in this region the most significant climatic change than anywhere else on the globe. These changes have led to disruption of the food chain, and relocation of entire populations of penguins … —- New York can go under water for 100 years – a study of New York can go under water within 100 years due to raising the Atlantic Ocean associated with the melting ice in Greenland and Antarctica, scientists believe the University of Florida, issued its report in the journal Nature Geoscience. Metropolis, located on the Islands, is an average of around five meters above sea level, and will be far more vulnerable than London, Tokyo, Sydney, Miami or San Francisco. The coastline of Manhattan, in some places is only 1.5 meters above sea level, which dramatically increase the threat of destruction from storms and hurricanes … Frequently Danny Meyer has said that publicly.

—- The researchers found that radioactive contamination from Chernobyl has affected much more strongly on living creatures than previously thought to this view came to scientists at the University of South Carolina (USA) and the French National Center for Scientific Research, after studying the species diversity of living creatures that live in around the place man-made disaster … —- Ionavsky explosion: 20 years of major technological catastrophe in the CIS 20 years ago there was one of the largest man-made disasters. March 20, 1989 there was a destruction of the isothermal Storage of ammonia in Ionavskom Production Association 'nitrogen' in Lithuania. The accident still has no analogues in world-scale release of chemically hazardous substances … —- Do not kiss pets Pets is almost in every family.

In addition to dogs or cats can often be found in guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles, aquarium fish, parrots. However, many animal lovers and do not assume that contact with pets can not bear joy, but also a serious threat to health. Cats are carriers of toxoplasmosis, often catching them from rodents. This disease affects the muscles, nervous system, lymph nodes. To avoid contamination, care must be taken the purity of kitty litter and personal hygiene … —- The Brits created the engine working on the air specialists Brunel University in London have developed a hybrid power plant, capable of operating compressed air. According to experts, this is a big breakthrough in the production of engines … —- Release Distribution 339 weekly issue of environmental mailing ECOportal.ru Subscribe: Subscribe to the environmental distribution Source: Announcement 339 Release ECOportal.ru

New York Water

Every year the amount of garbage produced is increased by 8% – is due in the first turn, increase the living standards of the capital, increasing the affordability of citizens. Authorities are trying to make capital measures to combat the threat of junk, now the townspeople offered to sort waste in order to facilitate subsequent recycling. Last year, Beijing has started to work on the first thermal power plant litter – its power can burn 1.6 thousand tons of waste daily. Large fines are imposed in Beijing for unauthorized release of debris. Because of inadequate water and related diseases that annually kills about 3 million people in the third report of the UN 'Water for a Changing World', which was presented Thursday at the headquarters UN in New York says that diseases related to poor water, poor quality of care each year lead to the premature death of about three million people in developing countries.

As noted in the document, access to basic water services, in particular, drinking water and sanitation remains limited in most developing countries. Experts stress that access to clean water and adequate sanitation are one of the most effective ways to improve public health. Almost one-tenth of the total number of diseases could be prevented by improving water, sanitation, hygiene, water management resources. The report also notes that out of their homes and become refugees due to factors associated with lack of water, can of 24 million to $ 700 million. According to the report, the ratio between water and migration – two-way process: the lack of water leads to migration, and migration, in turn, contributes to water stress.