\”Self – storage’ creates durable food storage space the additional storage possibility for self – storage\” creates about 25 pallets per compartment for durable food storage space there is space. Together with self the panels call for food donations, to build up a reserve for times of scarcity of goods. Additional information is available at Central Park Conservancy. More than 5,000 people are currently weekly supported by the panels in the Untertaunus, Wiesbaden table and the Mainz table with food. Since it concerns only donated goods, the amounts may vary daily. For this reason, the boards need a filled warehouse from the staff if necessary can pick up food and supply to the dispensaries on days the scarcity of goods.

(Thanks to the cooperation between self – storage\”and previous space problem was solved the panels and three storerooms with 20 m2 in the self location Wiesbaden (Mainzerstrasse 79) involved. Should the surplus, excess or production errors Fill bearings. The boards are urgently looking for other donors. Because: The number of needy people rises, but remove the provided food and cash donations. The panels need for the camp in the long term, durable food such as rice, pasta and canned. The staff of self – storage\”accept these donations during office hours from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17:30 and Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00 for the Board personally.

Otherwise the panels like all other tenants have access every day from 6: 00 to 22:00 to their camp. All about the tablets and self – storage\”on the Internet. At the moment, our camp at self – storage is\”partly filled with baby food, but I hope that soon even more to come. For this reason, I would ask all companies from the food industry to think about us. We take everything: miscarriages and overproduction and accident products in large quantities. We are pleased when the \”Groceries are delivered, but we the goods of course also pick up\”, so Ruth Frederick root, President of the Wiesbaden table.


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What kind of Belize (formerly British Honduras) talk can be a good news for all those, which neither the Spanish are still the Portuguese, holds ready Belize: Belize is the only offshore location in Central America, whose official language is English. This alone should be a considerable advantage over other Latin American offshore locations with respect to documents to be translated, agency communication etc. already. The framework conditions in Belize also otherwise Belize counts just 335,000 people to the classic”offshore locations. The direct flight takes just 2 hours from Miami. As an independent member of the British Commonwealth, the legal system is based on the English Common Law system.

The political situation can be described as stable. Default currency used mainly on the US dollar. The common form of offshore company called international business company (“short: IBC”) is the common form of society for foreign offshore investors and founder of the company and by the so-called international business companies Act (IBC Act) from 1990, revised in 2000, regulated. An IBC can be set up by individuals or a group of founders. An IBC must have a place of business in Belize and have a registered agent (i.e. a registered representative) on the spot.

Also the IBC must appoint a Director (this should not necessarily be established on the spot). The Director may be a natural or legal person. Shareholder and Director can be one and the same person. The advantages of an IBC formation in Belize tax exemptions for income of the IBC control befreiungen for dividend payments of IBC continuing and CEO meetings can take place in third countries flexibility records, documents and accounts must be not submitted to the authorities. The documents are therefore not open to the public. Registration can take place within one day. Some restrictions on the IBC an IBC cannot Record business with residents of Belize an IBC can buy any real estate in Belize business activities as a bank or insurance company is not possible any other facts and company with authorized capital of the standard US $50,000 views pay an annual license fee of approximately US $ 300,00. double taxation agreements exist with Belize but not. Founder of the offshore company are generally welcome in Belize and the Government has taken a number of measures to provide the appropriate incentives. A comprehensive planning and obtaining information are however strongly recommended prior to a possible company. We are happy to advice and assistance available. Contact us – ems Unternehmensberatung GmbH & co. KG /

Social Recruiting Via The Internet

How does the recruitment on Facebook & co.? Social networks are useful not only for the private sector, also can be found where employees, which perfectly fit into the company. The following things should be considered here. Personnel search in job groups on Facebook there are many job groups, where looking for jobs. It involves practical focal point for recruiters seeking employees. Job seekers imagine or are explicitly looking for a suitable company. Companies need to find only a single candidate and write this. Search options with name tags who puts on his own Facebook page tags. For example, #suche work, with that keyword in the Facebooksuche shows up, if that is looking for.

As long as the profile is public. Recruiters can so play around with keywords, use the internal search function to reach candidates. What companies should note who as a company or as an employee, working is a company in social networks, should strictly private such as professional separate. Because the applicant also expects his future company a reputable presence in the World Wide Web. Some employees have Partypix, so they make the entire company in a bad light.

What private does someone is beside the point, but he must not hang it on the large Bell. Agencies, for example, which are looking for promoters for different projects, find now also some matching faces in the Internet constantly build our own network. The advantage of Facebook and co is that companies can instantly connect with candidates in contact. The larger the network, the faster there job prospects. Who is represented as a company of House on Facebook, you can start, for example, a job call directly on the employer side. Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages, who searches in social networks for employees, must separate from the litter much wheat. Apply due to the fact that a Facebook message is quickly dispatched, for many people, even those who are not absolutely suitable for the job. Try known goes over studying. But, when the own email folder, the selection is in the long run no fun. It is recommended to specify always an email address. The listing should include also from the outset any information needed. For example: Location, payment, working hours. The more in advance are indicated, follow the less demand. Seeking candidates in the social network is quite simple with these tips.

Classy spend the evening of life, of every person dreams. Hardly a person would voluntarily be deported in a nursing home. Every second person has fear of ‘Age’. Nursing homes should really ensure that there lacks the needy nothing. Extra, many families are looking for their parents a very expensive health care facility. They believe that their relatives in an expensive retirement home is well supplied.

Unfortunately, that is not so in most cases. Just in nursing homes/care homes expensive not also equally good care means. It happens very often, just helpless patients with drugs to be sedated. So they do not work and the nursing home collected much money without really touching the patient to deal with. Care Dienst24, has focused on the 24-hour care. The partner who provides the care workers, has only experienced nursing staff under contract. The caregivers come from Poland and are perfectly legal in Germany. For all caregivers Sick verse, verse of liability, accident verse.

and all social security contributions paid. The nurses are 24 hours at the care people and take care of all the activities incurred. The company care dienst24.com offers respite care, as well as long term care. This type of care is a cost-effective alternative to nursing homes and the elderly person, will remain in their familiar environment. More and more senior citizens or their family members decide exactly for these reasons for a service in your own four walls. Seniors who are lovingly provided in familiar surroundings, stay even longer mentally fit and have a dignified retirement despite some limitations. Services: senior care 24-hour nursing care for elderly M.O.Belding settlement way 1 28844 Weyhe Tel: 04203-440515 mobile: 0172-9579650 Web: