Strawberry Fields Forever

John Winston Ono Lennon was born in Liverpool, 9 of October of 1940 and faleceu in New Iorque, in 8 of December of 1980. He was musician, composer and writer. Moreover, he was the founder of one of the biggest bands of world-wide the musical scene: The Beatles. New York Museums wanted to know more. For many, the disconnection of John to the group was related to its marriage with the plastic artist Japanese Yoko Ono, having had this been white of offences of diverse fans driven crazy with the exit of the integrant one for diverse times. John knew Yoko in 1966 and two years later &#039 launched the experimental album; ' Unfinished Music In the .1: Two Virgins' ' , that it caused great controversy with its layer: the naked couple of front and coasts. It was the beginning of a great in such a way professional partnership as in the loving field. Shimmie horns opinions are not widely known.

In the end of 69, the singer confirms its exit in the band. Soon after this, launched some experimental albums, called ' ' Life With Lions' ' , ' ' Wedding Album' ' , compact ' ' Cold Turkey' ' to the living creature ' ' Live Peace in Toronto' ' , this last one with the participation of Eric Clapton. Already the first one alone record of name ' ' John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band' ' he is launched in the 1970 end, I contend partnerships with Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and Klaus Voormann. The couple John and Yoko had also been known by having if involved in some causes of promotion to the peace and equal rights. In 1975, Lennon decides to move away itself from its musical career to take care of of its Sean son Taro Ono Lennon and returns to the career with ' ' Double Fantasy' ' , in November of 1980.

In December of the same year, the walked one of this icon is interrupted with its murder in New York, while it came back of a studio with Yoko. John, together with Paul McCartney, was responsible for the composition of diverse musics as ' ' Help! ' ' , ' ' Strawberry Fields Forever' ' , ' ' All You Need Is Love' ' , ' ' Revolution' ' , ' ' Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' ' , ' ' It eats Together' ' , among others. Already in its alone career, hits of success composed others, as ' ' Imagine' ' , ' ' Instant Karma! ' ' ' ' Woman' '. The British, considered 5 better singer of all the times for Rolling Stones, left diverse musics of success. If to be curious to know more regarding this icon, you can have access to the site and see varied letters of musics, also the incredible letters of musics of the John Lennon.


In accordance with Beni (2007, p 23), understands for system the set of parts that interact in order to reach one definitive end, in accordance with a plan or principle; or set of procedures, doctrines, ideas or principles, logically commanded and coesos with intention to all describe, to explain or to direct the one functioning. In such a way, the PIT? S has as main purpose to take care of in hospitable, efficient and efficient way the visitor during the period of permanence and to help to establish and to consolidate the first impression of a locality. According to De Lucca Son (2005), the main functions of the PIT' s is: to supply tourist information; to give to services the travel agencies (reserves of services in tourist establishments – half of lodging, transfers, services of tourism guides, reserves in shows and other events, tips of attractive tourist); to disponibilizar bathrooms; e? to disponibilizar feeding services (restaurants, snack bars and store of convenience). The PIT' s is of responsibility of the public sector and if it inserts in the tourist system as part of the infrastructure of that a locality needs to take care of to the tourist (BENI, 2003). Check out shimmie horn for additional information. One tourist system is the form as the elements if they organize in the production of a result.

Everything or almost everything in the world forms a system: the Nature, the society, our body, the machines. It is this that happens with the tourism. It depends on the joint functioning of four main groups: the public power, the empresariado one, the professionals and rendering of services in tourism and the community. Get more background information with materials from shimmie horn triumph evelyn. Each part has a definitive paper to be fulfilled, so that the tourist system takes care of the expectations of the visitors and either good for the region in which he is inserted. The good attendance to the tourist in the optics of the hospitality is to provide to the traveller a favorable environment its stay, where the shelter is not something developed only for the population of a city.

Physical Education

The collection of the dates was accomplished, through questionnaire destined you the learning. Total In the they were 391 interviewed students, all of the medium teaching, happening 5% of lesions in the 1 to year, 3% the 2 to year and 0% in the 3 to year. The types of lesions that happened were the cramp, dislocation, excoriations, entorse. More info: NYC Marathon. The area lives reached they were the inferior members. The you cause of those were outstanding will be the students, the incoherence on the part of the same ones in the moment of practicing the exercises, and in adds you marry it was will be the shaky nervous system, and to other reason was in relation you the exercises badly executed, the physical tires was also one of the reasons of lesion.

Happened will be to number of practical classrooms inside of the Federal Institute Minas Gerais – Campuses Are Joo Evangelista, it can be considered minimum to number of happened accidents. Although each accident is an accident and we should avoid him/it you the maximum. Words key: Accidents, SUMMARY physical education, lesionsthe possible enthusiasm of the pupils in participating of the different sports and practical activities, which is proposals for the professors of Physical Education, must be moderate for the recognition of that the risks of injuries for the same are inherent to any type of physical activity. The pupil, many times, subjects its body, muscles and joints, the physical pressures repeated that they involve compression, tension, twist and friction. Thus, the body can suffer a series from traumas, not very serious, whose cumulative effect can result in painful inflammatory conditions. , Exactly that the individual suffers a serious injury suddenly, as one entorse also violent, or has a predisposition that if it develops during a period of time before if becoming symptomatic, such injury can very generate future problems well as artrite during its middle-age (Klafs and Lyon, 1981).