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Relax. Stress – the first cause of fat accumulation in the abdomen. Stress increases cortisol, a hormone that promotes the accumulation of fat in the abdomen, said Jacob Seidel (Ph.D. National Institute of Health in Bilthoven, the Netherlands). For stress relief is perfect following exercise. Sit down in a quiet and convenient location.

We collect a deep breath and slowly exhale. It clarifies the mind. Continuing to breathe deeply, focus on pronunciation of the word "one" on each exhalation. For even more analysis, hear from NY Museums . (If you were distracted, that's okay. Again, focus on the word "one.") Make exercise for 5-10 minutes once or twice a day. Forget about alcohol. A glass of wine at dinner – and you're not intermeddle in jeans. Alcohol increases cortisol levels, putting fat on your stomach, says Dr.

Seidel. Stop smoking. Shimmie Horn has firm opinions on the matter. "Smoking helps me to be slim" – says most smokers. But the fact is that smokers belly fat is concentrated more than non-smokers, according to Dr. Seidel. Eat plenty of fiber foods. This has a positive effect on weight loss (Fiber fills the stomach and therefore do not feel hungry) and it does not cause constipation, which can cause bloating, says Lawrence J. Cheskin, MD, a gastroenterologist and director of the Johns Hopkins weight management in Baltimore. Every day is enough to eat from 25 to 38 grams of fiber in the form of food grains, fruits and vegetables or supplements. Drink plenty of water. In the premenstrual period, or drink a lot of water. This will help to remove swelling, without harming the general condition of the body. Do not forget about the bones. Osteoporosis – a disease that affects the bones. Weak bones of the spine can not hold the weight of the body, and this may eventually lead to the stoop. "Stooping, there is no place for abdominal and stomach starts to bulge so" – said Vilibald Nagler, MD, a retired physical therapist at New York Cornell Medical Center.

Aegean Sea

While not completed both agree, Dario, who wished to punish Greece for its offenses, attacked. (Source: NY Museums ). After destroying Eretria, embarked on a quest to conquer Athens. However, before he must rest its huge land army in Greek and made close to the present field of Marathon, where the fight ensued. a The battle was uneven but that does not daunted to the Greeks. Undaunted, Miltiades astutely studied his enemy. He knew that his strength lay in cavalry and archers so that when both sides were seen and the Persian arrows filled the sky, the Greeks took advantage to break with its huge and heavy combat spears weak lines Persian infantry. The attack broke through the fence causing a profound impact, the Persians launched a frenzied retreat to their boats anchored in the nearby Aegean-sea – News ResultsRenowned Dissident Writer Li Hong Dies, Authorities Prevent Funeral The Epoch Times – 10 hours ago48 hours in Athens – Dec 31 02:44pmPromotional ResultsMake Yahoo! Your Homepage’>Aegean Sea. Until then followed the Greek navy, whose resounding success was a serious warning for Dario.

After the victory, the fact that the Athenian herald Pheidippides, famous for traveling long distances, was sent to Athens ended in the battle to report the happy victory. Saying we’ve won, he died. Here ends the first of three rounds of this long struggle between East and West. Medical War: The exploits of Leonidas and his 300 What happened at Marathon left a very severe lesson hitherto proud King of Kings. The facts had shown that a nation of free men, despite not having the fortune and logistics of his rival, would know how to deal with them more courage than any other nation.

SEGG Public

Thus deems the Spanish society of Geriatrics and Gerontology. By 2020, 20% of the population will be represented by older people. Makers of the Spanish society of Geriatrics and Gerontology (SEGG) reported Wednesday that elders in Spain are not receiving proper assistance since they are not always attended by professionals specialized in this matter, for what would be needed about 400 professionals. At present, according to estimates by the SEGG, there are between 350 and 400 geriatricians who work in the public health network Spanish, and would need to bend your number up to 800 so that the elders of more than 85 years, with health problems and dependent, receive adequate assistance. NYC Mayor has plenty of information regarding this issue. These are some of the demands raised by the President of the medical society, Pedro Gil Gregory; Jose Antonio Serra, Vice-President and Secretary general, Alfredo Bohorquez, who have presented at press conference a strategic plan of three-year duration in which the guidelines are marked to improve quality and good treatment to the elderly. A question anything trivial if we take into account that by 2020 20% of the population will be represented by older people, that life expectancy is over 80 years and that the vast majority of the elderly prefer to live at home, has pointed out. Members of the SEGG have confirmed that there are great inequalities in the implantation of Geriatrics in the public health network of the autonomous communities.

Quality in Andalusia, for example, according to Serra, plus there is no doctor in public centres, and in the Basque country its presence, something that doesn’t happen in communities such as Madrid and Catalonia in which elders have that quality of care plus is not evident. And its implementation is necessary, according to the doctors, because the elderly are not only people who have medical problems, chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or heart disease. In addition, they suffer from physical problems, difficulties in getting out of bed, exit to the street or simply for dressing; other, mental, like depression and even dementia, and also social, since many of them live alone.

Courteney Cox Producer

A Hollywood producer and former friend of the couple has told in the book Confindential: The life of a secret agent turned Hollywood tycoon. It ensures that Pitt and Jolie already knew and had been a loving affair before being co-stars in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were the couple of the moment, the envy of everyone, but his end came by third parties. (A valuable related resource: The Metropolitan Museum of Art). Although he has never spoken much on the subject, now begin to emerge some data. Arnon Milchan worked for many years as a producer of films in Hollywood and thanks to this facet could have contact with stars like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, but it seems that the money and popularity is well above their friends because it has not hesitated to make public how ended the relationship of the couple. What happened qeu was not Pitt left Aniston honestly to go with Angelina Jolie.

According to account Confindential: The life of a secret agent turned Hollywood tycoon was actress who confronted her partner after having been asking many friends on the that was the case with Jolie. By then any close person wanted to betray to Pitt, but it seems Aniston decided to plant him face after spending a holiday with Courteney Cox and David Arquette. At first the Babel actor denied that he had something more than a friendship with performer wanted, but after a long conversation had to recognize it. Then Aniston threw him out. Pitt took refuge in house of which is now spreading his life since then besides his friend it was the producer of the film that was shooting with Jolie: Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

But if this seemed little readers publishing, the producer ensures that Angelina and Brad were already known, and very well, months before filming the movie in which arose – allegedly – love. Thus, Arnon Milchan ensures that those now known as Brangelina had lived some madness of love before being co-stars. Now can only wait to see if the three protagonists of the love triangle react somehow against the producer or leave this to gold because they cannot deny the largest. Source of the news: Jennifer Aniston threw out Brad Pitt after his early skirmishes with Angelina Jolie


Born in Norway, which has become famous for their tradition to arrange slalom, art, skiing the mountains. Originally jumping also included in the slalom. Then stood out among the skiers so-called "miners" who were involved in skating priemuschestvenno from the mountains. Others including NYC Mayor, offer their opinions as well. They made jumping very high natural ledges, and later – with special elevations. An interesting fact is that initially the 'jumpers' landing on flat ground, a mountain for landing was tilted much later. It is not something NYC Marathon would like to discuss.

The main task was to fly as high as possible, so the length of the flight was not measured. Jump came from the mountain province of Norway – Telemark. Already in 1840 there were built a special platform for who were jumping on skis and a variety of competitions. Official registration dates back to 1868 range jumps a year, the first ever recorded results – 19 m. At first competitions were held regularly, growth results is slow. Beginning in 1906, skiers began to participate in a variety of "ski" events, which took place in the descent from the mountains to the speed and handicap. The program of such Competition was later supplemented by jumps, which used a springboard.

Gradually the 'spun' a number of separate species of winter sports – racing, slalom, ski jumping and jumping. Later, race and jumps in Norway have been completely replaced slalom. Jumping become a separate kind of skiing. Our products and the company The company "Polimervolokno" was the first domestic firm-turned manufacture of plastic artificial grass for jumping in ski jumping, and riding with hills on plastic sleds. This technology is also used for the construction of various buildings as tubing for Skating on plastic sleds in family entertainment centers, sports centers and complexes, amusement parks, water parks, at summer resorts and any other facilities that use children's slide. Reference: Summer artificial turf – the kit consists of a plastic sliding elements on which the water flows, which also includes the security plate, a plastic mesh to attach the elastic mattresses and other items. Artificial plastic coating makes it possible to conduct training and competition in Nordic combined, ski jumping and freestyle jumping (jumping in ski jumping in the water) in the summer. Artificial plastic coating consists of individual paintings brought together (moving elements) made of plates of security and polypropylene fibers, also included are polypropylene mesh and flexible mounting mats of polyethylene. Coverage is going in place. Each item is made of plastic sheeting slippery polypropylene, making it the surface water in irrigation, different characteristics slip, slip surface characteristics similar to the springboard and natal (baby) hill covered with snow. The fibers are made of artificial turf, have a wavy shape and are connected in such a way to form a flat element.

The Landing

Then the foot bends inwards from (natural Pronation), the weight of the body to absorb. Recommended shoe category: stable shoes or neutral shoes (called also support); So-called stable shoes”are recommended for normal foot runners with normal to moderate pronation and light uberpronierer. They offer a pronation support, which consists of usually at least a second EVA hardness in the midsole, and are built on a slightly curved edges. These running shoes are suitable if you with normal is a normal foot runner to moderate pronation and if one is a slight uberpronierer. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Danny Meyer. 3. arch Senkfusse have a headtube arch and leave a large footprint.

Senkfussler night of the landing roll out very much bend inward (Overpronation). Improper shoe selection often leads to injuries. “Recommended shoe category: running shoes, the misalignment correcting, motion control shoes” called (motion control). You should restrict the Overpronation. The shoes are often something harder, sure, but very durable. You have a special stability support on the inside. The midsole is polyurethane, or at least from EVA in two strengths.

The right running shoe while jogging as I already in the introduction wrote man now but should not immediately the next business to go and buy the corresponding pair of running shoes. For each relevant type of foot, there are a number of eligible running shoes of from different manufacturers. Also, there are after all still wide and narrow feet. The running shoes of some of the manufacturers than smaller, same sizes of other manufacturers. To get the right running shoe now anyway, should be finally at a running store, where it offers a free treadmill analysis, and also a Footscan. You can get matching address in the Internet. Never goes in a sporting goods store, where it offers no treadmill analysis. Recently, I asked in such a business, for a few special running shoes. The seller said that it this not in the Program would have, but take all this variety, because those are so cheap.

Chicago International

Marathon captures every year more and more runners considerations the meaningful, national international competition planning the fascination. Ambitious athletes from all over the world seeking the Supreme discipline of running. Rising numbers of participants such as the wealth of the marathon events demonstrate an unbroken boom. Today, almost every major city aligns a run; the track selection is huge. In addition to the venues, even the marathon types differ.

Mountain, desert and night marathons until to the normal”City Marathon must individual performance on varied terrain and be internationally verified. The marathon selection should be well-planned. An individual guide before starting seat booking helps to make the final decision. Top Act or family? Up to large events with nearly 50,000 runners the number vary from less than 1,000 participants considerably. Here, each athlete personally must weigh the pros and cons. Great run events, such as the Marathon majors Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York, are optimally organized due to the high number of participants, provide the best possible support and are enthusiastically accompanied by thousands of spectators along the route. Here starts the runner in an international environment with top athletes. For ambitious runners an additional performance test.

Smaller races are outfitted with a family”atmosphere. No exuberant victory bonuses, no elite runners, a manageable field of participants, less competitive pressure and inevitably less viewers. On the plus side, routes are often lovely villages and a small, but fine”local audience, which equally fires regional matadors. Shorter journey times, reduced registration fees or the possibility of a training Marathon”in favour of the barrel around the corner”. Near or far? The marathon destinations in Germany such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich are highly frequented and guarantee sustainable running experiences and an international field of participants. Anyone looking for the sporting claim beyond the country’s borders, will be shown again the many of international racing events before the election.

New York City Marathon

Five run lessons that we mortals of the running elite can learn. With the New York City Marathon the marathon autumn leaves to slowly end. A good time for a little retrospective: What remains? What can we learn as mortals? Lesson 1: take your time between two marathon runners at the New York Marathon that even at the World Championships in August in Moscow at the start were in New York relatively poorly cut. A few weeks ago not sufficient clearly to regenerate from Moscow and to build for a new marathon. On the other hand, the amount of time is too long to keep a high point. Translated for mortals: what is true for the pros, also applies to us.

If you zoom really want to run on your maximum capacity you must give enough time to prepare. Run up a spring and a fall marathon. It helps also to focus not only on marathons. The elite group of the Hanson-Marathon project takes as Guide to run three marathons in two years. So you have at least a Halbjahressaison you to focus also on lower distances and your training to loosen up a bit. If you ever just the same train, expect no new results. Lesson 2: the outer circumstances respect In advance of the New York City Marathon was (as in the last years) speculated again about new (distance) records.

Against the prevailing conditions (strong headwinds on the first half), but even the strongest runner in the world could achieve no best time. The elite field has almost closed adapted to the severe conditions and ran a relatively slow first half. Translated for mortals: also for us is that we need to adjust the weather. Even though we half a year on the new to trained personal best, it makes no sense to Devil come out to only run the desired speed then the final part of the marathon miserably to enter.

The Same

Diary on training is extremely important attribute. And here's why. It is now, you remember your training weight. And as it was six months ago? Or what would you like to overcome in six months? Analysis of this – an important motivator in the classroom. Diary helps identify the most effective training methods, the most effective for you. It is also important to describe their health in a diary. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Rudy Giuliani.

For example, the presence of FUNa or, conversely, lack of enthusiasm. It would be nice it was to keep records calories consumed. togad and you will not need months' headway>> wondering about the lack of progress, it will be enough just to look at their records and perform the analysis. Solution: Sign a organizer (Diary), and, just as in business account for all the little things, do the same thing here: Record operating weight, the number of sets and reps, as well as expose the evaluation of each. Mistake 4. Monotonous training. Simple increase in weight training does not guarantee muscle growth. The reason is that muscles are very quickly get used to the monotonous exercises and longer for them to respond.

Many years of practice are the same training schemes, and often not even aware that one of the main criteria for success is the diversity in training. In addition, this will avoid exhausting monotonous routine of training in coaching, because of where many beginners go from distance. Solution: Work out on one set of no more than three months.