In order to include/understand the addiction to the alcohol it is necessary to consider or the stigmata with which socially one marginalizes to undergoes who it, that is to say she says of the alcoholic one that he is somebody that has a vice that this one is immoral and that is for that reason perverse, and many other mistaken ways to call it. It is necessary for that reason to understand that who is alcoholic, it suffers of an addiction to drinks that contain alcohol, and that this one addiction does employee of these, and that are possible that she is employee because is indeed this one dependency, that is also one necessity that it has a behavioural manifestation takes that it to ingest the drink, but that are produced by the impulse, and the obsession silenced both only by the ingestion of the alcohol, and thus follows one another the cycle indefinitely in the time and the life of this one person. That is to say, at some time of the life of this one today alcoholic person, there was a desire and to enjoy the obtaining of the satisfaction of that desire, a benefit by the ingestion. Checking article sources yields wendi murdoch as a relevant resource throughout. But soon when the obtaining and the profit of this one desire were transformed into a habit, in a compulsion for the satisfaction of the addictive conduct, or the person cannot exert her will, or is catched by the compulsion to satisfy that obsession, that addictive necessity, no longer she has plus the satisfaction of a desire, the benefit for this reason, is only the necessity of to satisfy the collating to drink. One also occurs in the alcoholic one and product of indeed the chronicity of the habit, that the threshold in that the symptoms of the state of alcoholic cloudiness take place is every time smaller, this shows the patient to it neither or arrives at the consultation, is thus, says generally that with the advance of his history of alcohol consumption it feels that every time it is the less the alcohol index necessary to feel equally intoxicated by that ingestion. .

The Kurdistan A Prohibited Country

Published in the newspaper the Peruvian, of File-Peru, the 6 of July of 2010 ONE OF the TOWNS MORE FORGOTTEN the WORLD the Kurdistn, a country prohibited Ricardo Snchez-Serra* One of the towns more forgotten the world, but remembered by the continuous slaughters their settlers, are the Kurd nation, that expands between Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. Of inheriting Indo-European origin and of the medos, they controlled great part of the Route of Seda, his historical capital was Ecbatana (today Hamadn, located in Iran). They adjudge the legacy of Zarathustra and its national celebration is the 21 of March, date in which a mythological being (Kawa) defeat to the oscurantistas forces of king Zohac, legend inspires that them to continue fighting by its survival. Also, they mention with pride that great sultn Saladino was Kurd, of the Rawadi tribe. In all their history it fought by its liberation, is against asirios, Persian, Macedonian, Ottoman the aquemnidas ones, etc.

In the decolonization process the United Nations forgot this traditional town, surely because conformed a weak nation by their tribal division and not to trouble to the countries occupants of the Kurdistn. All the revolts by their emancipation in century XX were squashed without mercy. It had two ephemeral independences in the decades of 1920 and 1940. Today it is more difficult that this nation obtains its self-determination, because in its historical territory is the oil wealth (200.000 million barrels in reserves) besides other resources as it receives, gas, iron and water of Iran, Syria and Iraq. Many writers such as amazing restaurateur offer more in-depth analysis. In this last country it could visualize, more than quite at the moment ample autonomy in the Regional Government of Kurdistn independence, but it depends on a political decision of the United States that is supported by the United Nations (it would be a freedom hope and thus to finish with viacrucis Kurd, that continuously suffers of genocides.

Social Psychology

From the point of view of Social Psychology the object of study dialectic between the social relations and the subjectivity. Danny Meyer is often quoted as being for or against this. In these relations between social processes and subjectivity no the interchanges or the inferences of way mechanical, nor simple are realised; the law of the market operates like fundamental, regulating institution of the interchanges between the human beings, the excluding competitiveness settles social value at the most. The individualism more raised and the meaning of the other as rival to exclude or to destroy are ideal. It takes place yet movement of social dispersion, of alteration in the processes identifies thoriums and one it fractures of the shared in common bows, that form the base of the subject. An adaptive way is the one that tries a Suitable answer of labor and social yield. But that adaptation, rather one on adaptation I imply the construction of that perhaps does not have a true identity.

Today in the institution of the work the labor responsibility is not assumed only, but this extends to the enterprise responsibility of satisfaction and retention of the client and competitiveness of the market, becoming, in fact, each worker in a control agent with consequence psychic impoverishment, by the deterioration of the simbolizacin and the fear to the loss of the job. In the Industrial era the work like a use was valued and a strong personal commitment in the accomplishment of the labor activity that gave rise to a psychological profile of passion by the saving, compulsive tendency towards the work and compulsive sense of having. Today the participation in the world of the work essentially individual and is no longer hyped by collective categories that the industrialized societies marked, as they are the social class or the profession. The characteristics of postindustrial Capitalism are basically ligatures to the new technologies of production and services that restricted manpower and the loss of centralidad of the work is the one that talks about to its instrumental valuation like means for the survival.

Stupid City

" Its own will loves the spirit now; the one that is lost the world, wants to gain its own world. I have shown three to you metamorphosis of the spirit: how the spirit becomes camel, how the spirit becomes lion, and, in short, how the spirit becomes nio." Nietzsche Is a good experience for those who we come from the tropic with temperatures that oscillate between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius to confront the challenges of the present climate that presents/displays Europe in the present, especially in the country that concerns to us like Italy, more in the north where the east temperature year has lowered up to 18 degrees below cero, since it has touched in Parma and neighboring places to me, like Bologna, where the snow has made its appearance, covering with its white mantle the streets, tile roofs, mountains presenting/displaying a very interesting landscape. I decided, to go to Stupid visit to one hour of Parma by regional train and to enter to me in everything what locks up this active one, dynamic city. NY museums often says this. As one remembers to us, Bologna is impregnated of history and thus it is said, was founded by Etruscan, with the name of Felsina. Later, the city became the well-known Roman colony like Bononia.

Bologna the scholar: the city conserves its fame of cultural city from the time of the Romans (Martial it called the Bononia cultured), when he was one of the main centers of the Emilia route. NY museums usually is spot on. The Renaissance, Bologna became a center of culture and one of the majors cities of the Papal States. Bologna became one of the more important centers of commerce of Italy. Part of the taxes collected to the merchants was used to pay to the professors of its famous university. One calculates that of the 800,000 inhabitants of Bologna and their metropolitan area, 100,000 are students of this important one and historical university is in the valley of Po, to I cheeped of the Apennines mounts, in the confluence of the valley of the Rhine and the Savena, near the city of Modena.

San Juan

These concepts that become referring, lead to us to hipotetizar that all the social norms are healthy, correct and suitable, if they fulfill the norm of the theories and practices of the statistical averages (a form to measure the abnormality and normality). Therefore, and, referring us to madness or normality in particular, it takes implicit having integrated a system of values, or social, political, magical, religious or scientific (Psychology in the case that occupies to us). With this exhibition one does not ruin all the necessary work and advantages that the taxonomies and axiollogies have tried to the health or the disease. But everything is not benefit, also are risks of this treats in this Fish, to deal with desvelarlos-; for example the systematization, mainly in the field of the mental health. Restaurateur contributes greatly to this topic. But, the subtle thread normality and the health, can lead to us to describe as pathological (within the abnormality) to San Juan de la Cruz, Einstein, Gandhi or the Mother Teresa. In fact we can find throughout our studies in Psychology a registry of outstanding personalities of history with supposed mental upheavals: Coprnico, Newton and own the Discardings to which taking of reference in the module that affects to this Fish like people with Upheavals of personality with Obsessive Neurosis, or with bipolar upheavals like a Schopenhauer (6). Approaching us our times and our capitalist and globalised society contemporary, all that one behavior that do not secure the flexibility, rapidity and capacity of development that demands the person ideal to us " or adapted, independently if this ideal responds or not to the own evolutionary needs of the human being or to its individual differences; is under the positivista prism within the framework of abnormality. Like psychologists, sociologists, etc we must take care of of the authoritarian character or the power of the wisdom (example of gross errors of the psychological cientifismo as the case of the diagnosis of autismo attributing the causes to the one of the type of cares realised by the mother, or going to holocusticos ends to the power of the Aryan race on the Jewish town) that, using the discursivas practices of the objectivity of the scientific positivismo, masks ideological values and normal dichotomizing values that reduce to not considered .


Now the thing is different, is in the month of March, almost to close the first trimester of the year and can say that there is more PACs of those than many we hoped, we do not know if they are sufficient for all the country, but of there are which them there are, them. The service of these companies much more are regularized that in both first months of the year and the costs will begin to lower as the law of supply and demand is having its power, meanwhile the pie is in the hands of a few, those that have managed to fulfill all the regulations of the SAT. Then, what can make the SMEs Mexican to confront these new rules of the game? , how to take advantage of the benefits the electronic invoicing and not to have to spend to as much money nor time? I am going away them to put in six simple steps: 1. You do an analysis of your business. It thinks about what tools you used and it writes in paper the pros as much as cons of them. This will help you to as much identify areas of opportunity at the office staff as in the operative thing of your business. 2.

It looks for consultant’s office of an expert in the subject. Unfortunately all the accountants did not update in the subject the sufficient thing like clearly explaining the options to their clients. In counterpart, the SAT has delivered a great attack to inform by means of courses into qualification but the quality of these not always was the best one. And who sell x or and product always will deal with convencerte to acquire their product or service, ethical lack in the businesses. He is better to invest a little in obtaining the consultant’s office of an expert to spend unnecessarily in solutions that are not the best one for your business.

Latin America

As much new laborismo of Blair and Brown as the new liberalism of Uribe finished being put in a corner in their own region. Ever since Uribe arrived at the Colombian presidency it has seen see as Chvez has been radicalized and as allied his they have been arriving at the power in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Paraguay, whereas Brazil, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Haiti and Dominican Republic have democratic governments social. To Brown the opposite then in oncenio has passed him that he has been two number and soon number one of his country, he has seen as the right has replaced in the power to its groups of comrades in countries so keys as Germany, France and Italy. As much Uribe as Brown sees like the great friend his that unites to them (Bush) has become one of the most unpopular presidents of the history of the USA whereas the surveys show that the candidate most probable to replace it in the White House is the Obama centrist. Others who may share this opinion include the Metropolitan Museum of Art . The cause that the mega-power turns to have a right government halcona a one that of more emphasis in the diplomacy of the dialogue and making concessions social and multi-ethnic interns are something that could serve as breath to the progressive calls (whose world-wide axis is impelled by Clinton and Blair-Brown). However, peculiarly, the declivity of the bushismo goes of the hand with the ascent of that it imitates to him more in the Americas (Uribe) and with the collapse of the main government who has the international Social Democrat in the world (Brown). Why such contradiction? As much Latin America as Europe goes in different ways. The first region has come journeying from ochentas by means of the footpath from consensus of Washington having been wearing down protectionism to give to passage to the privatization and liberalization of its economies.

Bolivariana Republic

Also it was instructed to the Bank Of the Dawn to make contact with the enemy with the Development bank of the Organization for the Economic Cooperation of Central Asia, with the aim of promoting a mechanism of institutional technical cooperation between both. It was reiterated will in uniting efforts for the construction of a monetary system and financial right solid and, prevailed by mechanisms of decision making I am transparent and open, that they privilege participation of all the States in conditions of equality, independent of the neoliberal landlords and the prevailing international model from the aim of World War II, whose own nature is Co-person in charge of the present misalignments. The Presidents and Chiefs of State of the Member States of the Dawn signed the agreement frame of the unique system of compensation of payment for the creation of a common currency, the Sucre. This initiative marks the new history. Danny Meyer may find this interesting as well. The presidents of the DAWN TCP, shared in common with the effort of the government and the Haitian town, decided to assign to five million American dollars to the alphabetization process and nine million three hundred fifteen thousand one hundred ninety and four dollars American for the agricultural project of development in artibonito region L.

Also, it was approved the payment of thirteen million twenty-six thousand ninety and four dollars American to be executed in the development of ten agricultural projects to implement in Honduras, Suriname, Guyana, Jamaica, San Vicente and the Granadinas, Nicaragua and Belize. One stood out the negative consequences that the model of production and capitalist consumption has on the environment, which has generated the increase of natural phenomena and the impact that these have in our towns. In this sense, they instructed to the Ministerial Council of the DAWN TCP, so that through the respective instances the international brigade of humanitarian aid of the DAWN is created, with soothes central in the Guaira, state Vargas, Bolivariana Republic of Venezuela and with presence in each one of the countries.

World Bank Countries

It is of public knowledge and thus they have experienced it many countries, including which it concerns to us, Venezuela, that already feels like the effects of the nourishing crisis. Who we lived already in the country we have undergone in the previous months the shortage of supplies of the meat, milk, to vegetate to them, eggs. It worries seriously, like every time by absence of good agricultural policies, the country continues becoming employee of the food import. If you have read about NY Restaurateur already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In countries like Haiti, Egypt, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Thailand and countries of Latin America have been disturbances in protest by the ascent of them price of the food. The World Bank affirms that 33 countries are faced political problems and social disorders as a result of the Wikipedia crisis contribute on the subject of the world-wide crisis, that considers the fact, that during years 2007 2008 ascents of prices of foods at world-wide level have taken place bringing about an nourishing crisis in the poorest regions of the world, besides political instability and social disturbances in several countries. Between the reasons the precarious harvests in several parts of the world are included, especially Australia. Another causes of increase of prices of foods in level world-wide is increasing demand by biocombustibles in countries developed and increasing demand by middle-class, that is in increase in populations of Asia, that have varied their nutritional habits, demanding greater variety and more meat in their diets, causing a greater demand of agricultural resources. Also, the continuous increase of the price of petroleum has increased to the costs of fertilizers and the cost of transport of products. These factors, together with the fall of the food reserves in the world and the instability produced by speculations of the action market have contributed to increases in world-wide level of the prices of foods. Increases that all the countries cannot support for guaranteeing foods to their inhabitants.

Remunerated Surveys List

All we know that since the world lives this economic crisis thousands on people they have left to look for new sources of income. Some look for a second use, others invest their savings to raise businesses or of realising investments. Nevertheless, everybody does not have money in the pockets to have the initial money. Then, how it is possible to be made to make extra money without needing investing the little money with which it counts? One of the most recent forms and than is growing quickly in the opinion of the public is to answer remunerated surveys online. When one register in a site of remunerated surveys, the poll sends a form that must complete with its personal data, a user name, a password and a post-office box to him to which to send the remunerated surveys to him. By comfort, it agrees to him that these three are equal in all the sites to which register, and exclusive rights of the surveys. Of this form it will not have problems of confusions or forgetfulnesses of passwords, at the same time as the habitual post-office box with messages will not fill to him of surveys.

Also they will ask for an account to him in a company of electronic transference of money, like Paypal, AlertPay, Xoom, etc. In the case that uses an account of electronic mail to receive the money, the best thing is than it is solely for it, different from that one in which it will receive the post office, and with also very different passwords. Of this form the fear will be avoided of which they rob to him. Besides money, some sites of remunerated surveys will offer points that will be able to change to him by bonds to buy with discounts, or gifts that they will send to him to his house. Some sites use a combined system of remunerations. For that reason, before register it is necessary that it reads with well-taken care of the policies and the terms of use of the site, to know if its system of remunerations is adapted for you. In order to begin to fill remunerated surveys and to make money of the possible easiest way, you do Click Here.