Now the thing is different, is in the month of March, almost to close the first trimester of the year and can say that there is more PACs of those than many we hoped, we do not know if they are sufficient for all the country, but of there are which them there are, them. The service of these companies much more are regularized that in both first months of the year and the costs will begin to lower as the law of supply and demand is having its power, meanwhile the pie is in the hands of a few, those that have managed to fulfill all the regulations of the SAT. Then, what can make the SMEs Mexican to confront these new rules of the game? , how to take advantage of the benefits the electronic invoicing and not to have to spend to as much money nor time? I am going away them to put in six simple steps: 1. You do an analysis of your business. It thinks about what tools you used and it writes in paper the pros as much as cons of them. This will help you to as much identify areas of opportunity at the office staff as in the operative thing of your business. 2.

It looks for consultant’s office of an expert in the subject. Unfortunately all the accountants did not update in the subject the sufficient thing like clearly explaining the options to their clients. In counterpart, the SAT has delivered a great attack to inform by means of courses into qualification but the quality of these not always was the best one. And who sell x or and product always will deal with convencerte to acquire their product or service, ethical lack in the businesses. He is better to invest a little in obtaining the consultant’s office of an expert to spend unnecessarily in solutions that are not the best one for your business.

Remunerated Surveys List

All we know that since the world lives this economic crisis thousands on people they have left to look for new sources of income. Some look for a second use, others invest their savings to raise businesses or of realising investments. Nevertheless, everybody does not have money in the pockets to have the initial money. Then, how it is possible to be made to make extra money without needing investing the little money with which it counts? One of the most recent forms and than is growing quickly in the opinion of the public is to answer remunerated surveys online. When one register in a site of remunerated surveys, the poll sends a form that must complete with its personal data, a user name, a password and a post-office box to him to which to send the remunerated surveys to him. By comfort, it agrees to him that these three are equal in all the sites to which register, and exclusive rights of the surveys. Of this form it will not have problems of confusions or forgetfulnesses of passwords, at the same time as the habitual post-office box with messages will not fill to him of surveys.

Also they will ask for an account to him in a company of electronic transference of money, like Paypal, AlertPay, Xoom, etc. In the case that uses an account of electronic mail to receive the money, the best thing is than it is solely for it, different from that one in which it will receive the post office, and with also very different passwords. Of this form the fear will be avoided of which they rob to him. Besides money, some sites of remunerated surveys will offer points that will be able to change to him by bonds to buy with discounts, or gifts that they will send to him to his house. Some sites use a combined system of remunerations. For that reason, before register it is necessary that it reads with well-taken care of the policies and the terms of use of the site, to know if its system of remunerations is adapted for you. In order to begin to fill remunerated surveys and to make money of the possible easiest way, you do Click Here.