The Key

It spends the time that you can make some exercise that you like and that benefits. People such as Bill de Blasio would likely agree. Itself you have 5 min, in agreement, but hazlo every day. 2. The daily certainty to secure results. As you see, the philosophy that I suggest is very simple. One is to introduce newness in your day to day through small stimuli. Please visit Fabrizio Freda if you seek more information. The key is TO BE CONSTANT AND TO DO IT EVERY DAY. 3.

The images and the color: resources for one more a freer and creative mind.When you notice that you are repetitive and boring, with obsessive ideas that they block to you, I propose the following exercise to you in two steps: 1 writes it arises what you in a paper. You do not judge it, only writes. Later you break and it strips. It will help you to relax your mind. 2 color visualizes (the one that you want) and associates it to an image.

For example: green – a meadow of fresh grass. Blue: the sea. Orange: the sun in a dawn, creates your own associations, if nothing is happened to you watches some magazine for inspirarte.To visualize images of your affability they will help you to nourish your mind and to harness your capacity to generate freer and creative ideas. You can begin with nature images: the sea, a daisy cascade, mountains, sky, field, Acostmbrate to create images of stimulus or relax. Our head usually is full of repetitive thoughts, words, phrases, the image and the color provide one more a mind to us more creative than it thinks of freer and clear way.As we are not customary at the outset costs a little, you practice but it every time will be easier to you.

The Samaritan

Mateo 7:21 23 This rejection, hard rejection, that Jesus demonstrates, by that their lessons interpret as if these were a legacy, something congealed in the time, that needs necessarily, to be subject to the changes that the evolution of the human thought has had throughout centuries, these inconsultos usurpers, if on them it depended, to him would maintain nailed in the cross; they need his image and influences, but its presence inconveniences to them tremendously. The writings tell us, that leaving Jesus, of Judea course to Galilea, it decided to do this trip happening directly through Samaria; it comes to the case of remembering, that the Jews despised to the Samaritan ones, such point, that they preferred to realise a long roundup, not to step on Samaritan earth, in his trips from Judea to Galilea. The story says the following thing to us: Vino, then, to a city of called Samaria Sicar, you inherit next to it that Jacob gave to his son Jose. And it was the well of Jacob there. Then Jesus, tired of the way, sat down thus next to the well. He was like the hour sixth. – hour that indicated noon A woman came from Samaria to remove water; and Jesus said to him: Dame to drink.

Then their disciples had been going to the city to buy to eat. The Samaritan woman said to him: How you, being Jewish, ask to me to drink, who I am Samaritan woman? Because Jewish and Samaritan they do not treat to each other. Jesus responded and he said to him: If you knew the gift God, and who is the one that says to you: Dame to drink; you would ask to him, and he would give alive water you.


The systems, for control of attendance and schedules, have been present by more of a century and have played a role important, in the pursuit of the employees of any business. With the fast proliferation of the devices of the digital era, of the Nineties, these mechanisms were improved in several aspects. This way, they were left back the card clocks, that were perforated and it went to the use of passwords and smart cards. Also it was ended the use of attendance lists. Unfortunately, still with the new designs it was not possible to solve two great problems, that continued martyring many organizations. On the one hand it was the inadequate security, in the work site and on the other, the lack of honesty whereupon some employees made use of the attendance controls.

The developments of the biometric technology, for the industry of the handling and control of attendance, put attention to these factors. In addition, also they focused in the design of solutions that could to work of independent way, without the necessity of constant supervision. The first designs of innovating biometric clocks had form, but they had several problems, reason why it was not worth the pain to implement them and the companies continued using classic methods. As answer to this designs were created, with terminals for the analysis of the complete hand, which produced the results that many wished. Besides their precision, these systems are easy to operate and their memories can file a great amount of information. Also, a system of these does not require of constant monitoring and causes that the processes, of liquidation of devengados wages, are much more simple. In order to use these apparatuses, the workers only must digitar a simple password, to place their hand in a reading plate and the system verifies and registers the taken information, of automatic way.

As it is possible to be perceived, the passwords continue being used, only that in company of a method of infallible identification. The hand of each person is different and is for that reason that it serves like identification method. With this system the possibility that is eliminated the employees commit frauds and causes that these increase their levels of productivity. Consequently, many companies have begun to use biometric clocks, to obtain better dividends and for, of step, to increase the levels of security. With these devices also it is possible to constitute better systems, for the access control.

Remunerated Surveys List

All we know that since the world lives this economic crisis thousands on people they have left to look for new sources of income. Some look for a second use, others invest their savings to raise businesses or of realising investments. Nevertheless, everybody does not have money in the pockets to have the initial money. Then, how it is possible to be made to make extra money without needing investing the little money with which it counts? One of the most recent forms and than is growing quickly in the opinion of the public is to answer remunerated surveys online. When one register in a site of remunerated surveys, the poll sends a form that must complete with its personal data, a user name, a password and a post-office box to him to which to send the remunerated surveys to him. By comfort, it agrees to him that these three are equal in all the sites to which register, and exclusive rights of the surveys. Of this form it will not have problems of confusions or forgetfulnesses of passwords, at the same time as the habitual post-office box with messages will not fill to him of surveys.

Also they will ask for an account to him in a company of electronic transference of money, like Paypal, AlertPay, Xoom, etc. In the case that uses an account of electronic mail to receive the money, the best thing is than it is solely for it, different from that one in which it will receive the post office, and with also very different passwords. Of this form the fear will be avoided of which they rob to him. Besides money, some sites of remunerated surveys will offer points that will be able to change to him by bonds to buy with discounts, or gifts that they will send to him to his house. Some sites use a combined system of remunerations. For that reason, before register it is necessary that it reads with well-taken care of the policies and the terms of use of the site, to know if its system of remunerations is adapted for you. In order to begin to fill remunerated surveys and to make money of the possible easiest way, you do Click Here.