Hugo Of Leon One

Soon I touch to them to it formulates Red Bordaberry Of Leon and it is in this that I will pause to express my indignation, when Bordaberry, after Hugo Of Leon revoleo Alive the red flag shouting the Red Party like once towards with the t-shirt of national and with pride contagion to all the country more in one go, so that with that t-shirt I represent to us in glass America and Intercontinentales, being of the shield sport that we were, Pedro, knowing that then almost to all the it observed them country by TV as if was in chain of radio and television, it said that he knew to whom to vote in second return and without doubting it with smiling face I appoint Luis Alberto Lacalle, for being as he understands most apt To preside over the Country I ask myself: If Pedro Bordaberry knew beforehand that he would not be elect President, because nonretirement its candidacy and support directly to his Leader, Luis Alberto Lacalle avoiding to the Uruguayan unnecessary expenses, as is the case of the compatriots who travel very far from being able to vote and which they see once again clipped his possibilities no to find the majority with IF of the vote to epistolar, or the one of the Uruguayan that we lived in this country that as sees by convenience of leaders demagogues they want voting by ballot generating an avoidable cost yes would realize that the sum of the votes of the second and third and of fourth the together ones they would not even give to defeat to the majority. THANKS TO the SKY that a Bordaberry is nor will be never again President of the Uruguayan, since he would be able to give again and without consulting with his followers to the MILITARY with the consequences that or all we know. Wendi murdoch might disagree with that approach. If 47,5% of the Uruguayan would be fans of National and its equipment would be on the verge of happening to quarters of end of intercontinental and the result of a party disputed by Pearol, already classified, and the equipment that could make that National did not arrive, which would be its feeling then, it would swell by pearol or it would hope that this it played with dignity? And if the technical director of pearol said in press conference, that would put all substitutes to face that quipo X and still more, it would say that he is better to him to lose that encounter so that his traditional rival did not arrive at the final instances with his own chance as she would feel half of the country? Honest the serious thing to leave the best one wins. Uruguay does not need another party, ROSADITOS, needs that the honesty and the decency of the Uruguayan prevail, needs honorable people who work with pride and honesty. Educate yourself with thoughts from wendi murdoch. For that reason this Uruguayan, one more of those of 47,5% invites, you to the reflection, if you are Colorado shyly, nete to the majority of your Uruguayan brothers.

The Punishment

When the motto of: My needs are more important that yours, you like or no! it is not satisfied to cabalidad, mount in rage and outbreaks of wrath, until by the most insignificant and intrascendentes things. A good dose of crisis and judgments is aimed against the pair, that have not finished including/understanding or understanding, or she, who their needs, are of first order. It is as if a capital sin had been committed, and then, the deity, decides the punishment of an implacable way But we observed a little more at great length these behaviors, we can include/understand, that in bottom, only exists an image distorted of itself, that has it necessity to engrandecer itself, against an emptiness that does not represent anything to him in its interior. Their internal experiences always lack referring solids that can really maintain to a mature personality. Why as much necessity of admiration? The terror of not being to the height, of not fulfilling the expectations puts, it in a level of exigency for others, but especially to the pair, that it must cover his affective deficiencies. On the other hand, when this happens, they resort to the cynicism and the sarcasm as a form to silence to those of outside that are not in agreement with them, like also, and to avoid to touch his pain an emptiness.

Evidently concerning the relation in pair, all this happens in silence, without the presence of the other, guarded and in private with all their force. The pair is perplex, confused, and apparently, paralyzed. It is to be put in a double bond: yes you are my pair you must admire to me, but you are my pair also you have to reject to me. Their enchantments are not let hope, their seduction becomes evasive, but also their silencios, abandonments and lack of sensitivity against the needs of the even cobra scandalous dimensions.

President Zelaya

A clear war and backward movement to colonial eras are raised in the present hour. The political right exerts a political dominion by force of economic blackmails and exercise of the arms and constitutional transgressions, but, if that brings back to consciousness of that we spoke thought poquitn, for much short while would be in strikes, in general strike (whatever needs to him to Colombia), of fallen arms, not mattering that fed on dignity, breaking to the oligarchies, since they could move neither a screw, nor one a center rolls independently nor . Because a working class, Navy with a general strike and a socialist program? as Good Abbot points the philosopher Fernando, of whom is the previous appointment? necessarily he would be focused to strike the same gear of the capitalist model, bases of the extraordinary power of the political rights on the world. It would console the preoccupation of many of not arming us not to face us enters brother towns, by that one of to clear a master to us of above adopting another one (alluding to the Russians like means to face the imperialistic USA), and by that one ethical and moral thing of not incurring violence when exerting a pacific strike as mechanism of fight against the opresores powers; but it would not have to never avoid principles of other experiences that nevertheless sentence that the political power is born from the tube of the guns (Mao Tse Tung), understandings that tube to the same political right to quarter in their positions for the war. I finalize leaving declarations of the spokesman of the Department of American State, Phillip Crowley, given the 20 of July of current year, before the necessity to assume its customary ambiguous positions with respect to the Honduran coup d’etat; declarations that come to the hair with respect to the subject of this writing, where are tried to leave seated that the Latin American objective of the USA and its minions (Colombia, Peru, Chile) is to supplant the bolivariano spirit of social fight of the continent: We think that if we had to choose a government model and a leader model in the region so that to the other they followed it countries, the present leadership of Venezuela would not be that model. If that is the lesson that President Zelaya of this episode has learned, good, then it would be a good lesson. As so that they do not stay doubts. .

American Union

In 1978 Jastrow it published the definitive report of the NASA, making an impression to the public with the announcement of which the open model probably correct era. The 25 of June of that same year, Jastrow wrote on its discoveries in the New York Times magazine: ” This it is a strange, beside the point unexpected development by all, less by the theologians. They always have accepted the word of the Bible: ” In God principle created the sky and the Earth “. For the scientist who has lived with his faith in the power of the reason, history finishes as to an evil dream. It has scaled mountains of the ignorance; it was on the verge of conquering the highest point; and while it was pushed to arrive at the final rock, it was received by a band of theologians who been there have seated by siglos”. The Dr.

James Trefil, a physicist of the University of Virginia, independently confirmed the discovery of Jastrow in 1983. Doctors John Barrow, astronomer in the University of Sussex, and Frank Tipler, a mathematician and physicist in the University of Tulane, published similar results in 1986. Genesis Confirmed In the meeting of the American Astronomical Society in 1990, professor John Mather of the University of Columbia, an astrophisicist who serves like member of the Goddard Center of the NASA, presented/displayed ” the test more grande” of the existence of an open universe. In agreement with the reporter of the Boston Globe that covered the conference, professor Mather was received between great applause, which took to the president of the meeting, the Dr. Geoffrey Burbridge to comment: ” It seems very clear that the public is at least in favor of the book of Genesis -, the first versicle seems to have been confirmado”. In 1998, doctors Ruth Daly, Erick Guerra and Lin Wan of the University of Princeton, announced the American Astronomical Society: ” We can affirm with 97,5% of security that the universe is going away to expand by siempre”. Later in that year, the Dr.

Allan Sandage, a famous astrophisicist of the equipment of the Institute Carnegie de Washington, was mentioned in the Time New Republic saying: ” Big bang better is understood like a miracle triggered by some type of being able trascendental”. The columnista of the Newsweek magazine, George Will began its column of the 9 of November of 1998 with the following title: ” Next, the American Union of Civil Liberties or some similar group of secular litigants, is going to present/display a lawsuit against the NASA, being blamed them of which the space telescope Hubble, unconstitutionally it gives well-being him religiosos”. Permission To believe That same year, the Newsweek magazine reported an unexpected turn in the opinion of ” sometimes enthusiastic agnsticos”: ” forty percent of the American scientists now believes in a personal God – not necessarily an indescribable power present in the world, but a deity to that him rezan”. It is clear that there is mathematicians, physicists, astronomers and cosmologist whom they prefer not to believe in God. By a variety of reasons, they prefer to think in that new natural laws are going to be open pies, or that a new evidence is going to appear and to revert the present model of an open and created universe. For many, in the scientific community, the evidence is persuasive. For others, modern cosmology offers a permission to believe to them.

American Houses

Prefabricated Wood houses and Houses: A natural option to live, interiors of wood The comfortableness, the quality of life and the return to the Nature are important preoccupations for which they acquire a single-family house. Many at the moment find the answer to these restlessness in a prefabricated wood house. Ecology and respect to the environment worry to the majority nowadays about the citizens. Between all the construction equipments, the wood is unique natural and the renewable one. The process of transformation of the wood for its use in the construction is well simple and needs very little energy we compared if it with the methods of obtaining of other materials. The forests are the Earth lung. The lung on which we depend the life of all.

The fruit of a taken care of good forest is the wood, most ecological of all the materials. The wood house is a house that breathes. The wood absorbs and expels the humidity regularizing therefore the one from the inner environment. It contributes to avoid respiratory ailments of reumatismo and problems, to stabilize the humidity, to filter and to purify the air. The natural bioelctrico field of the wood provides in addition an equilibrium state in the human body. The constructions of wood and interiors of wood, in case single they act like isolation, unlike which happen to other materials. The possibility of increasing these values with greater facility than in the traditional systems, and with smaller loss of useful surface, causes that the wood is a material widely used in the extreme climate countries. We have the prefabricated option, being able to combine both, we talked about to the partitions of pladur with thermal and acoustic insulator.

The acoustic properties of the wood house are the optimum ones. The wood absorbs the waves that receives. The wood house is a quiet house, which reduces the stress of its inhabitants. And unlike which many people create, the wood is a good construction equipment. Also there are some who consider that the structures of wood only lasts decades: This is very far from the reality. Numerous wood structures of other centuries in the beautiful Spanish houses of field are conserved. And in addition the wood is one of the few materials that age naturally. The ample use of the wood anywhere in the world demonstrates that the numerous advantages of the wood exceed widely to the disadvantages. But information: wood houses prefabricated houses American houses Original author and source of the article.