A few years later became a visible result of this work, which exceeded expectations – the percentage of people who have freed themselves from dependence to rehabilitation centers for evangelical churches, significantly higher than the state substance abuse clinics. To say that this work hard – to say nothing. The centers help to various people – with complex characters, deep problems of life, often to visit the places not so remote, hardened by different defects. Each of them must be to find a way to convince that the drug and committing crimes – it is bad and help radically change your lifestyle. How many today who want to engage in such work, even for big money? And to be a volunteer? With respect to dissatisfaction with some rehabilitates who left these centers, everything is understandable. In all the rehabilitation centers and clinics in a certain percentage of people are undergoing rehabilitation and return to the previous lifestyle.

This happened with the publication of a hero, “Who and what recruits flock of drug addicts” suffering from alcoholism, who did not expect that in a rehabilitation center will be a certain internal rules and occupational therapy. For even more details, read what NYC Marathon says on the issue. By the way, after this interview, Dmitri gave the camera and another – quite the opposite, in which he stated that at the center of social and spiritual assistance “Exodus,” it all arranged, any claims he has not, and previous interview given to a state of psychological stress. According to testimony, Dmitry, the police and prosecutor’s office has been audited by the Center where he was a few months.