Central Cuba

The participants have the choice whether they 21 or only 14 days to travel with. The stages are mainly along the sea and through not touristically developed rural areas. Some stages lead through hilly to mountainous terrain. The tour offers a unique opportunity to experience the fantastic and diverse landscapes of Cuba in direct contact with its people. On the 3wochigen drive with 14 stages with an average length of 70 km are visited include the Sierra Maestra, Santiago de Cuba and Baracoa. A light is offered to moderately difficult guided bike tour with a support vehicle in Central and Western Cuba. The stages of an average 43 miles a day run predominantly through flat, partly hilly, partly also a mountainous terrain.

But at any time the possibility to place back sections in the escort vehicle. Some stages are completely driven by bus, to visit on this trip, not only the historically interesting towns of Trinidad and Santa Clara in Central Cuba, but also in the West of the scenic Vinalestal. More intensive learning about the West of Cuba offers the tour of Havana and the West”. This moderately difficult guided bike tour without escort and luggage transport combines landscape very attractive stages with beach and city stays. And also at this tour, where the daily driving time on the 7 stages is approximately 4 to 5 hours, days off are to the rest and further learning about places visited the planned. As for all offers of the Cuba specialists the stay in Cuba with other travel components possibility also for the cycling”or to combine an individual extension of stay. Stays at the Caribbean beaches of internationally renowned resorts Varadero and Guadalavarca are especially popular after the tour.

And of course, individual tours for groups and circles of friends are possible. For the dates and the route can be set in the discussion with the interested parties according to the interests and possibilities of the participants. Until 31 October, an introductory discount of 3% on the is valid for bookings Travel price. More information on the Internet at Dieter Spath

National Park Administration

Exclusively the DAV Summit Club offers a first ascent of a new tour over the northern ice field in fall 2009 ex-pedition to Mount Kilimanjaro. Special permission of the National Park Administration allows a powerful Steiger group the first ascent of a new route through the Northern Icefield to the roof of Africa, 5895 m expedition leader Thomas Lammle. Altitude physiologist and sports scientist has the rose is explored to the ice during a training event for local mountain guides. It is one of the last ways to reach the roof of Africa above glacial ice. Climate Scientists suspect a total meltdown of the Kibo ice cap up to the year 2020. The difficulties are an Alps mountaineering in the ice. From the edge of the ice in the ice crater wall of ice must be abseiled may have about ten meters high.

The climb to the glacier via the very rarely frequented, but scenic exceptionally sexy Umbwe route. Is to overcome the hardships of the rapid rise in the amount, to the Prior acclimation of the neighboring Mt. Meru climbed 4568 meters second highest mountain in Tanzania. The program is completed because of its unique flora and fauna as the eighth wonder of the world by a Safari in the Ngoron-goro crater,”called. The 15-day company is limited to twelve participants, will be held from 19 October to 02 November 2009 and costs with scheduled flights (Ethiopia airlines) from Frankfurt, VP, luggage transport, national park fees, comprehensive safety equipment (of the CERTEC bag up to the satellite telephone) and expedition lead by the Kilimanjaro specialists Thomas Lammle 4295,-registration/information, booking code TASOLE at the DAV Summit Club in Munich, Tel. 089/64240-117, or on the Internet: Christoph Thoma

Among the top 10 of most booked stimulus objectives above all cities were chosen of Cheapflug users especially cheap flights in major cities. If your next city break is and you easily with the selection, Cheapflug has listed the event highlights of the top 10 destinations for the next few months. London: The British capital, which seems to be affordable again for the first time after years is located at number one. The reason is the current favourable exchange rate. This year London is dedicated to the 500th anniversary of King Heinrich VIII with a series of exhibitions such as the tower or Hampton Court Palace. The BBC Proms are perfect for lovers of classical music. \”\” From mid-July for two months more than 100 concerts with different composers and musicians instead of New York City: the motto of Holland on the Hudson \”to the NY 400 week\” opened with a huge Harbour party from September 8 to 13.

Because the Weltmotropole was exactly 400 years ago by the Dutch discovered. Feasting at low prices can be from 12 to 30 July at the summer restaurant week 2009 \”. \”Total more than 250 top restaurants participating in the promotion Istanbul: can the annual biennial biennial on Sept. 12 under the motto because how a living man?\” be seen in Istanbul. The ideal position for the international art festival seemed the city due to its unique location as a bridge between East and West in his Berlin: the 13 Berlin Beer Festival takes place from August 7 to 9 and 1800 offers beer specialties, culinary treats from regions off dishes and live music. \”For the long night of the museums, the main city museums open their doors – concerts, readings and plays, on 29 August the is all the subject 20 years fall of the wall\” twist, Izmir are included: the Kemeralti Bazaar in Izmir is ideal if you want to experience the atmosphere of the Orient.