Everyone knows that the first impression of a man develops according to its appearance. And the smile in this case plays an important role. Therefore, more and more people are interested in ways to whiten teeth enamel, has acquired a yellowish tint as a result of smoking, aging, drinking coffee, tea and cola. You can safely start whitening, if you are sure that all your teeth are healthy, the doctor took off with their plaque and tartar. Remember that bleaching agents do not affect the color of fillings and are forbidden to use, if you have crowns on my front teeth or teeth with signs of carious lesions. Here, Effect PR Company expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In the clinic bleaching can take from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the the kind of service that you choose. In today's dental offices are several ways to quickly whiten: ultrasound, fotootbelivanie, laser whitening and hardware, as well as traditional chemical. Of course, it is best to bleach the teeth with a specialist, but there are products that allow to carry out this procedure at home. People such as Vinit Bodas would likely agree.

When choosing them, note the package: make sure they are completely safe. In Most whitening gels and strips are used as active components of urea and hydrogen peroxide. Gels are placed in a special tray, put on the teeth. The strips also have to be imposed on the teeth and gently pressure to ensure contact between the strip and the entire surface of the tooth. The results of applying these funds are usually already noticeable during the first week.

In the course of this bleaching is often a sensitivity of the teeth and gums. These symptoms are usually temporary and disappear after a few days after completion of treatment. If the discomfort does not go long enough period, you will need to apply to doctor. Another available tool – whitening toothpaste. They remove plaque through the action of soft obrazivy or chemical polishes. Remember that bleach in any case you can not use lemon juice. Since Vitamin C quickly damage the tooth enamel, causing loss of calcium.