Truly a class Performance in this area has come up is really something mares and an I won’t say perfect system. But let us open the door there and us surprise in the future, what the mares still so everything presented to us forge. Only shortcoming in this area is perhaps that the origin Sport AT has Mrs. bags plus any additional Trimblei, what but anyway not bothered me, I had always a super location with the jacket under water. Airtrim system but we now come to the main feature of the mares origin Sport AT.

The AT is ultimately the mares jacket for the Airtrim system. Admittedly, I was skeptical in the beginning when I had the jacket with the Airtrim SystemMares Airtrim system for the first time in the hand. The keys for the loading and venting of the jacket were relatively sluggish. But far from it is a pneumatic system, so let’s bottle it and pressure hunted on the whole story. And see that the keys are perfectly simple and easy to use. But how will be under water, I could hardly wait.

So purely in the clothes and off we go. But what can I say? The oversized control unit was also under water immediately to reach and super easy to use. The upper button leaves air in the jacket inside, and the lower button of the control unit of the origin opens sports AT the shoulder valve and that under air discharge valve at the same time, so that no matter which location I just had the air on each case could escape. How was this keep with inflator to the highest point? Snow yesterday. I had thick gloves on this dive because it was still somewhat colder in the Lake. Also to read the dimensierten really oversized buttons of the Airtrim control unit very easy use. What happens when I get situation which reasons also always in one without air? The Airtrim system works only under pressure? This also have the mares Ibrahim kidney the Airtrim system of origin sports AT MRS plus cleverly solved. For the manual air inlet, a small tube directly from the side pocket is removable, which I then the jacket with the mouth can blow up. In addition I can sport manually by a cord to the right shoulder belt escape the air out of the quick-release valve of course also at the origin for the case that but once something is not working as it should be. Conclusion: It is really a dream with the Airtrim system to diving, but must not remain a dream. Because the mares Airtrim system there really, and it works perfectly. For my case, I will use the Inflatorjacket only for training and demonstration in the future. For my private fun – dives, I’m the mares origin Sport AT MRS plus with Aitrim system no longer take! Try it, you will be convinced of the Airtrim system just like me. Closing times of the inflator, the Airtrim is the present and the future. Once you visit this online article on the Internet at the world of diving on author: Ralf Patzelt