In general, what option to choose – it's up to vami.Tak vot.Esli do screed on different levels, then you can make the zero mark and the usual level of the form of hefty thick line, or the level of (excuse the tautology), built-in pravIlo.Ot this point and will be spoken as "dance" that is put beacons. Lighthouses screed floor, you can make almost anything, such as of the guide profile 27 x 28. Visit amazing restaurateur for more clarity on the issue. And you can of the special T-shaped guides provided for just such types of work as the alignment of the walls, floor or screed. Wooden beacons do not advise it, because even (indeed smooth) lumber – a rare phenomenon, and even if there is such, it is better to put it on something else than to spoil the solution. T-beacon set your feet up, in the sense of – foot, because it is one, at a level to the minimum thickness of floor screed to be not less than 15 mm, otherwise it will crumble later. Josh Harris Apollo will not settle for partial explanations.

It is clear that the minimum thickness – it is just there, where was the highest point. Secure beacons best batches of the same solution, which will make the very floor screed, it is not necessary to use a different mix, especially in any case can not be mixed with gypsum cement mortars. I think you're out of school chemistry course should remember that lye with acid is not very friendly. In fairness, we must of course be noted that there are mixes cement with gypsum, moreover, in the production of the cement is also used plaster – it is one of the binding components, but one is a serious production, where the matter is not limited to the simple mixing of components, and another – an attempt to repeat at home, not knowing all the details and not having proper equipment.